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Neutral Benign are the group of people in the Town who are capable of winning with anyone. Because of this they can become king-makers on the right occasion - for example, when both factions know each other's identities but need an extra vote to lynch any of their opponents.

Neutral Benign roles often face much persecution from the Town, since it is easy for evil roles to fake being one of them. Many times, Survivors and Amnesiacs have been lynched, shot by a Vigilante, or executed by the Jailor for thinking they are evil. A Neutral Benign role should remind the Town that these hostile action does have an opportunity cost, however minor; that the wasted execution method could have been saved for an actual evil-doer, and that the evil-doers benefit greatly from having the Town waste time on a Neutral Benign role. In fact, It's is quite common for the evil-doers to be the more vocal voices in support of dealing with Neutral Benign claims.

Neutral BenignEdit

Role Name Role Description


Remember who you were by selecting a graveyard role. You can not select anyone who was cleaned by a Janitor or is a Unique Role. You can be role blocked from remembering a role.
Survivor Put on a bulletproof vest at night, protecting yourself from attacks. You have four vests to use. Survive the whole game to win. The vest will not protect you from a Vampire bite, Arsonist ignition, or a Werewolf mauling.

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