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Neutral roles have but one certain allegiance - themselves. Instead of wanting all evil-doers killed like the innocent townsfolk, or the Mafia to dominate the Town, Neutrals have a diverse set of goals each unique to different roles. The types of such goal further divide the neutral alignment into subcategories: Neutral Killing, Neutral Chaos, Neutral Evil, and Neutral Benign.

The Neutral Killing and Neutral Chaos alignment is special in that the included roles are all individual factions of a single role, where the Town and Mafia alignment is each a huge faction consists of many different roles. And because only one faction can win in each game, the existence of a Neutral faction could create a Mexican standoff where no single faction wishes to act aggressively against one opposing faction, fearing opportunistic strike from third parties.

Compared to other factions, the various Killers typically only has no more than a couple of members, this not only limits their ability to use lynch trials effectively, it also means they lack all the utilities that other factions have due to their supportive members. However, it would be a mistake, regardless of the role and alignment, to write these killers off as irrelevant. What they lack in quantity and variety, they make up in sheer firepower; by strategically killing the right person - or people - at night, these loners can emerge victorious among the conflict between the Town and the Mafia. The Neutral Chaos alignment are similar to the Killers in many ways, but prefer a more subtle approach, instead of nightly murders.

On the other hand, the Neutral alignments is also unique in that it contains non-factional roles, meaning they are capable of winning with a faction without being a part of said faction. These are the Neutral Evil and Neutral Benign roles. The former could win with almost anyone, but are typically detrimental to the Town; the latter can aid and win with literally anyone. This quality makes Neutral Evil or Neutral Benigns roles potential kingmakers.

Note that factional roles will always win if their faction wins, even if said role is dead. This is a luxury non-factional roles do not have. And death will impact non-factional roles differently depending on the role in question.

Neutral alignments has the least presence in most typical game modes, and some of them will only show up as an Any role in these games. Because of this, this alignment contains likely the least understood roles for new comers to the game. They are, however, prominently featured in the Vigilantics mode, Rainbow mode, and possibly All Any mode. It is thus recommended for learning players to visits these game modes to learn how the alignment works.

List of NeutralsEdit

Role Name Role Alignment/Category Role Description
Amnesiac Neutral Benign Remember who you were by selecting a role from the graveyard. You can not select Unique Roles.
Arsonist Neutral Killing Douse someone in gasoline or ignite all doused targets.
Executioner Neutral Evil Get your target lynched.
Jester Neutral Evil Trick the Town into voting against you. Haunt a person if you are lynched.
Serial Killer Neutral Killing Kill someone each night.
Survivor Neutral Benign Put on a bulletproof vest at night, protecting yourself from attacks. Try to survive to the end of the game.
Vampire Neutral Chaos Convert others to Vampires at night. Biting a Mafia member other than a Godfather will kill them.
Werewolf Neutral Killing Go on a rampage every Full Moon, killing your target and all of their visitors.
Witch Neutral Evil Control someone each night making them go to the house of whomever you choose and using their ability. Get the role of the first person controlled.

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