The Necronomicon is a buff to the member of the Coven that possesses it. It has different effects on different members, such as making the Poisoner's poison bypass healing. The Necronomicon is given to the Coven on Night 3, and is automatically given to the Coven Leader. If there is no living Coven Leader, then a random member of the Coven will inherit it instead. If the player with the Necronomicon dies, it is given to another member of the Coven at random.

Members of the Coven holding the Necronomicon will gain Detection Immunity from the Sheriff.

Necronomicon Pet

The Necronomicon as a pet.

Effects Edit

Role Effect
Coven Leader The Coven Leader now has Basic defense and deals a Basic attack to her first target.
Necromancer The Necromancer can now indirectly deal a Basic attack to her second target by selecting herself as her first target. She still maintains her normal ability.
Medusa Medusa can now directly visit a player to turn them to stone instead of attacking anyone who visits her. The amount of Stone Gazes she has is now unlimited.
Potion Master The Potion Master's potions no longer have a cooldown, so they can be used every night.
Poisoner The Poisoner's poison can no longer be cured by a Doctor or Guardian Angel.
Hex Master The Hex Master now gains Astral attacks, meaning she no longer directly visits her target, avoiding roles such as a Bodyguard or a Veteran on alert. She also gains Basic attacks, now killing a player with a hex. Players who were previously hexed will still remain hexed, so they will all be dealt an Unstoppable attack if every non-Coven role is hexed.

Trivia Edit

  • The Coven used to receive the Necronomicon on Night 4, but this was changed due to balance reasons.

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