Death is a natural part of life, is it not? If so, then why is it feared? Why are we sad when a loved one dies? Shouldn't we be happy that they're in a better place?

A little girl sobbed as she looked at the grave of her long-deceased father. Her mother had resorted to drinking, and was very rarely sober enough to interact with her own daughter. The girl had no friends of any sort, and she wasn't really interested in anyone at school. She was alone.

The next day, however, everything changed – for better or worse. Whilst absentmindedly flicking through channels on the television, she caught a glimpse of a news article sitting on the table in front of her. Turning the TV off, she picked up the paper and began to read. It spoke of many trivial events, but there was one particular entry that caught her eye.


Her heart stopped. Come back to life? Surely that was impossible! But the more she thought about it, the more she hated the thought of someone else returning from death. What made that woman so special? Why didn't her father come back? It was so unfair! She stewed in her anger and envy, the first of many bad thoughts to come...

Over the next few months, she researched the art of necromancy. She pored over the books in her local library, often staying up all night. All she wanted was to bring back her father. Eventually, she found a lead. A simple, black-covered book that exuded evil. She almost recoiled from its presence… but it was just so tempting. She knew, instinctively, that it would get her dad back. However, there was one thing she didn't account for. Death is final for a reason…

The ritual went without a hitch, and she saw her beloved papa’s corpse dig its way through the soil he was buried in. But it wasn’t the same man she had known her whole life. He was a pawn. A minion. And the girl knew it. The Necronomicon had corrupted her, twisted her mind. She grinned ferally at the shadow of her father. It was time to repay the town for all the suffering she went through.

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  • The Necromancer has the ability to reanimate a dead player and use their ability on another living player. The corpse then rots, allowing only one use of a corpse.
    • A Spy or Lookout will not see you visit your first target. They won't see you visit your second target, but will see whoever you reanimated performing the visit instead.
    • A Tracker who follows you will see you visit your first target (that is, the person in the graveyard.)
  • The corpse performs the second visit, not you. You won't be killed if they hit a Bodyguard, Veteran, Werewolf, Pestilence, Trapper trap, and so on. Instead, you will be informed of whatever happens to them.
    • A Lookout will see the name of the corpse you used, not yours.
    • Similarly, if you control a Bodyguard, their zombie will sacrifice themselves; you'll be fine.
  • You cannot reanimate a player who has been stoned by the Medusa or cleaned by the Janitor. Also, you cannot utilize a player that has no remaining night uses, such as a Vigilante with no bullets left. Trying to make a dead Werewolf attack will only work on a full moon night. Trying on other nights will still waste the corpse.
  • You have Roleblock Immunity, meaning that you will be able to control a corpse even if a Pirate, Escort, or Consort role-blocks you.
  • When you have the Necronomicon, you have the added ability of selecting yourself as your first target to summon a Ghoul and deal a Basic attack onto your second target.
    • You will see anything that happens to your ghoul, such as if they were intercepted by a Bodyguard.
    • In this case, a Medusa will have no effect.
  • If your target was a Guardian Angel, they will protect their normal target, regardless of your choice of target.
  • If your target was an Amnesiac, the message "An Amnesiac has remembered that they were like the Amnesiac." will be displayed to the Town. This does not seem to depend on the role of the second target.
    • Therefore, as a townie, this is a potential hint that the Necromancer has the Necronomicon.
  • If you use someone from the graveyard to kill someone, their Death Note will appear, not yours.
  • If you reanimate a Godfather, and there's a living Mafioso, the Mafioso will be forced to attack whoever you target, overriding their own decision for the night. Since the Mafioso actually performs the attack, they'll suffer any consequences, such as dying to a Bodyguard or being shot by a Veteran on alert. If there's no living Mafioso or if they get roleblocked, your Godfather zombie will instead attack as usual.
  • If you reanimate Pestilence, he will kill you as well as your target and everyone who visits them.
  • The Death Note used by those you reanimate will be whatever it was at the moment they died. Further edits to it post-mortem will not be registered.


  • Only use killing roles if you really need someone dead. If you have no killers, an Escort or a Consort is a slightly less-effective alternative to keep them occupied for the night. Hopefully, it will buy you time to get a more permanent solution.
  • If you think that someone in the Coven or an ally is going to be attacked, reanimate a Town Protective role.
    • Alternatively, if you know who the attacker is, consider reanimating an Escort or Consort to roleblock them. This will buy your friend an extra night to prepare.
  • Keep other powerful roles with the abilities to kill, protect, or heal in the late game. This will serve to sustain your faction, especially when you are the only member left.
  • Later in the game, you may select yourself to summon ghouls, or you may continue to use dead corpses. Planning with the other Coven members on when to use a corpse and when to attack will help in providing the most efficient use of your role.
  • Crusaders can also be your toys to kill enemies. Using their ability to visit important members such as the Mayor or Psychic can help you kill members trying to protect or watch over them.
  • Several roles can be used to confuse the Town about the role list or to fake a claim yourself:
    • Controlling the Vigilante can be used for deception. Accidentally killing an evil role makes you able to claim Vigilante, since the message will say that the Vigilante killed them. Other killing roles, like Crusaders, can be also used for deception into tricking the Town to make them look like you did the job.
      • However, make sure your claim fits on the role list. Otherwise, you'll be spotted as a Necromancer and lynched almost instantly.
    • Controlling an Amnesiac or Guardian Angel will produce an immediate message to the entire Town, which can be useful for claiming those roles yourself, though Town members may grow suspicious at the coincidence of a second Guardian Angel claiming to protect the same target as the first.
  • You can control Pestilence if they were hanged after transforming, but this WILL kill you as well. Only use this as a last resort if you believe it will potentially push the game in the Coven's favor.
    • As with all risky strategies, discuss this with your fellow Coven first. Otherwise, they may see it as gamethrowing and you might end up being reported.
  • All actions against someone jailed by the Jailor will fail, including those you control as a corpse. If a Coven member is imprisoned, it is not advised to use a corpse against them. Instead, focus on finding or potentially killing the Jailor.
  • Your role is not very useful early-game, when not many killing or protecting roles are dead. However, later in the game, the diversity the Necromancer is capable of can swing the tide in the Coven's favour.
  • You can force a draw between yourself and a Pestilence if there are enough dead Town Protective roles.
  • Since you don't visit the target yourself, you can attack a Veteran or someone who is guarded by a Town Protective role at little risk to yourself. In fact, sending a zombie to attack someone who is guarded by a Bodyguard is an excellent way to kill said Bodyguard, removing a significant threat to the Coven.
  • If you reanimate a Godfather and there's a Mafioso present, the Mafioso will be forced to attack whoever you select. You can use this to eliminate them by throwing them at a Veteran or someone protected by a Bodyguard, or just to prevent them from attacking the Coven.
    • Of course, they're a killing role at heart. Simply using them to kill a problematic townie can be a good idea.
  • You can use the zombie of an Escort or Consort to roleblock a Serial Killer or Werewolf safely. Be careful when blocking a Werewolf. Make sure no other Coven members are visiting them, since you're forcing the Werewolf to stay home and kill all visitors.
  • If you have the Necronomicon, and there are dead killing roles whose corpses you haven't used yet, you may want to use them to attack instead of your ghoul. This will delay revealing to the town that you have the Necronomicon, leaving more ambiguity as to the composition of the Coven.
  • You can occasionally use your ability to fake a Town role. For instance, you can control a dead Vigilante and use it to kill an obvious Jester, then use that to claim Vigilante yourself.
    • This should be done with caution, however, since smart Towns will often suspect a Necromancer, especially if you've done anything else that makes your presence obvious.
    • Additionally, Lookouts that watch your target will see your zombie, and Trackers that watch you will see you visit a dead person; either of these will make your deception obvious.
  • Trackers are extremely dangerous to you; if they visit you on a night when you reanimate someone, they'll see you visit the graveyard. The Retributionist is the only other role that visits the graveyard, and their activities are usually obvious; therefore, Trackers can catch you with ease.
    • If you suspect a Tracker will visit you on a given night, you should stay home. Alternatively, you could use a dead Crusader or Ambusher to kill them, if one is available.
    • If a Tracker calls you out, your only viable options are to claim you were transported or (in game modes with Mafia) to claim Retributionist and say that you failed to revive your target because they must have been a Disguiser. It is extremely unlikely that the Town will accept either of these justifications, but they're the only explanations available short of casting doubt on the Tracker directly.

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