The name may not exceed 16 characters at maximum. Spaces at the end of your name, numbers, symbols such as "&", names with two consecutive capital letters, and any kind of profanity aren't allowed to be used. If you see anyone bypassing the profanity filter, be sure to report them.

Strategy Edit

  • Make sure your name does not violate the rules. This can be reported and you can get get banned. (Ex: ihatejews). Additionally, offensive names can lead to Evil roles who get offended to kill you, which's not very strategic unless you're Veteran.
  • Having a confusing name might mess with the town if you're any role that's not Town, which's usually good. However, having a confusing name can backfire if you're in the town. Examples of confusing names include: a common ingame term(Ex: Roleblocked) having a name as a role, having a name that's filtered by the chat filter, having a name too similar to someone else. These names might be used as a strategy yet however they can backfire if you're a Townie.
  • You can equip a scroll for any evil role then name yourself similar to someone else, so that when you get called out it'll be harder for the accuser. For example, if you're the Godfather with the name IIIIII and there's another random person with the name IIIII, people will be confused about who the accuser is calling out, which could lower suspicion or have the incorrect person lynched.
  • Having names that do not stand out is usually good to survive the first night. An example of a name that doesn't stand out is simply "John" or "happy". Most people's eyes won't fall on this during night time and might target a name that stands out.

Default NamesEdit

If you hadn't choosen a name, one is given to you. They are "randomly" selected from the lists below:

Male NamesEdit

  • Cotton Mather
  • Deodat Lawson
  • Edward Bishop
  • Giles Corey
  • James Bayley
  • James Russel
  • John Hathorne
  • John Proctor
  • John Willard
  • Jonathan Corwin
  • Samuel Parris
  • Samuel Sewall
  • Thomas Danforth
  • William Hobbs
  • William Phips

Female NamesEdit

  • Abigail Hobbs
  • Alice Parker
  • Alice Young
  • Ann Hibbins
  • Ann Putnam
  • Ann Sears
  • Betty Parris
  • Dorothy Good
  • Lydia Dustin
  • Martha Corey
  • Mary Eastey
  • Mary Johnson
  • Mary Warren
  • Sarah Bishop
  • Sarah Good
  • Sarah Wildes

Note: If you attempt to type in any of these names, the name will be rejected.


These names come from the infamous witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts. During this time, countless men and women were accused of being witches, and were lynched over the mass hysteria. The names came from the priests, judges, and witches involved in the event. There is a play/book/movie based around the Salem Witch Trials called "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller.

More info can be found here: Salem Witch Trials.