The name may not exceed 16 characters at maximum. Spaces at the end of your name, numbers, symbols such as "&", names with two consecutive capital letters, and any kind of profanity aren't allowed to be used. If you see anyone bypassing the profanity filter, be sure to report them.

Strategy Edit

  • Always choose a good name with correct capitalized letters. (If you have a bad name and you are a Jester, you may be in bad luck still, because the killing roles may kill you at night). (eg: i luv bob, joe dablawgs, lololol or i eat babies)
    • This is because names in lowercase are often noticed less - and thus a better target for killers.
  • Do not use names that are religious, racist, sexist or targeting someone in anyway. (eg: Black Jesus, girls sux, Kill Joe Bloggs, Moon Man)
  • Do not use names that are too complicated. (eg: ldhwlkdch or Dhkjdbf)
  • Do not use names that are names of Roles, unless there is a role theme. (eg: Doctor, Witch or Jester)
  • Do not use names that are names of things a role can do, it can be really confusing. (eg: Roleblocked or Controlled)
  • Do not replace lowercase 'L's with capital 'i's. (eg: Fl (L) ower/Flower, FI (i) ower/FIower) It can cause confusion in whispering or voting.
  • Do not use names too similar to another player's. (eg, Tempestral and Tempestrel or Bob, Bobb, Bobbb)
  • Roleplaying with themes can be fun, but don't do it to the point of gamethrowing.
  • If you're naming in theme or are naming after a fandom, be aware that people may kill you just because of your name.
  • If you can't decide a name and hate naming yourself randomly, you could also just name yourself your favorite color. This is also acceptable for color themes.
  • If you want to name yourself similarly with a friend, as long as it's not almost the same, it could be acceptable (like Green and Emerald Green or Purple Pikachu and Red Pikachu). Be careful while doing this, because people will be more likely to assume that you're cheaters.
  • Don't make a name saying you are going AFK or something like that, people will think you are a gamethrower, and some killers go for people with names like that. (eg: i will afk, killing all, gamethrower)

Default NamesEdit

If you hadn't typed a name, one is given to you. They are randomly selected from the lists below:

Male NamesEdit

  • Cotton Mather
  • Deodat Lawson
  • Edward Bishop
  • Giles Corey
  • James Bayley
  • James Russel
  • John Hathorne
  • John Proctor
  • John Willard
  • Jonathan Corwin
  • Samuel Parris
  • Samuel Sewall
  • Thomas Danforth
  • William Hobbs
  • William Phips

Female NamesEdit

  • Abigail Hobbs
  • Alice Parker
  • Alice Young
  • Ann Hibbins
  • Ann Putnam
  • Ann Sears
  • Betty Parris
  • Dorothy Good
  • Lydia Dustin
  • Martha Corey
  • Mary Eastey
  • Mary Johnson
  • Mary Warren
  • Sarah Bishop
  • Sarah Good
  • Sarah Wildes

Note: If you attempt to type in any of these names, the name will be rejected.


These names come from the infamous witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts. During this time, countless men and women were accused of being witches, and were lynched over the mass hysteria. The names came from the priests, judges, and witches involved in the event. There is a play/book/movie based around the Salem Witch Trials called "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller.

More information on them can be found on the informational site, Wikipedia

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