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My 5th Splatfest:Heroes vs. Villains

The poll was created at 23:48 on December 13, 2018, and so far 1 people voted.

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I have 4 alts, I don’t abuse them though, here are their usernames:

Agent No. 8

Agent No. 4

Agent No. 5

Agent Number 3

Agent No. 6

Agent No. 2

Agent No. 1

Agent No. 7

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Here’s my list of all 50 roles in ranks from worst to best:

50: Crusader. Can kill all Town, cannot kill Vampires, and only does basic attacks, and cannot protect itself.

49: Framer. Very weak, and the chance it will hit a Sheriff’s or Investigator’s target is very low. Plus, a Spy can claim the Framer’s target was framed.

48: Disguiser. I understand why they nerfed it, but really? It needs to be killed or investigated just to do work! Almost worse than Framer!

47: Survivor. It is a common claim for evils, and is just an extra vote! Seriously, at least give it a slight buff, these are almost always killed!

46: Poisoner. It’s just a delayed Mafioso and Doctors will almost always heal the poisoned!

45: Mafioso. It’s just to defend or replace the Godfather.

44: Medium. Never really useful.

43: Amnesiac. If it’s found out, it has to remember Town.

42: Spy. After nerf, only use is to bug and see who Mafia and Coven visit.

41: Medusa. Almost useless without Necronomicon.

40: Vampire Hunter. May be usually only hope in a Vampire game, but can only kill Vampires. Also only gets one bullet after becoming Vigilante.

39: Forger. Doesn’t get the target’s original will, unlike Janitor.

38: Arsonist. Too slow of a killer.

37: Executioner. Not often believed.

36: Janitor. Easily countered by Medium and Retributionist.

35: Pirate. Hard to win with.

34: Vigilante. Only basic attack, commits suicide.

33: Doctor. Not often believed due to Serial Killer. However, can counter Poisoner.

32: Blackmailer. Target can claim blackmailed.

31: Transporter. Causes too much trouble for Town.

30: Vampire. Too slow conversion, too rare in classic.

29: Serial Killer. Easily caught, doesn’t know other Serial Killers.

28: Jester. Difficult to make Town lynch you. It’s not lower because you get to cause a bit of trouble.

27: Sheriff. Results are instant, though you can only catch a few evils, and Framers and Hex Master can mess with interogations.

26-25: Escort and Consort. Can help their faction win, but can’t make the faction win.

24: Investigator. Forces evils into a “box”, though Arsonists, Framers, and Hex Masters can mess with results.

23: Bodyguard. While kills evils, it sacrifices itself.

22: Potion Master. Can kill, investigate, and even heal other Coven! You can’t heal yourself, and your potions have a cool down without Necronomicon.

21: Lookout. While you can see visitors, you cannot see astral visits.

20: Tracker. Helps counter Necromancer, but see above.

19: Coven Leader. Gives help to Coven and gives your members different things, like healing. Also helps Medusa.

18: Necromancer. Depends on roles dead, but can draw against Pestilence in a 1v1.

17-16: Plaguebearer and Pestilence. Helps create chaos in the Town.

15: Juggernaut. Helps give a suspense role.

14: Werewolf. While can only kill on full moons, this role introduced Rampage attacks.

13: Hex Master. Even more chaos in the Town!

12. Retributionist. Confirms two Town!

11: Guardian Angel. More Noot Noot Bengein! Woo!

10: Trapper. Town Investigative and Town Protective in one.

9: Mayor. Leads the Town if there’s no Jailor.

8. Godfather. Leads the Mafia.

7. Psychic. Best Town Investigative!

6. Consigliere. Helps Mafia severely.

5. Ambusher. Gives Mafia an extra kill when needed.

4. Hypnotist. Gives Mafia an extra claim.

3. Veteran. Can defend itself amazingly.

2. Witch. You can choose who to betray, and you have a sense of power.

And now for the number one role...

1: Jailor! Only role that can bypass roleblock immunity, is all Town alignments in one, and can easily confirm and can lead the Town to victory!

If you think a role should be in a different place, let me know!

TheInterestedDoge, reason: no

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