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Medusa was once a promising young escort, but, like all others, she grew old eventually. Her face grew more and more shriveled until one day, upon visiting a suspicious member of Salem, they screamed when they saw her. Medusa shouted, in a fit of rage. The town did not need worry whether or not the person was suspicious- but they did need to worry about another thing. The man had been turned to stone. There wasn't a last will, no trace of evidence that could possibly reveal what the poor man's role had been. There was a new threat in Salem. And she was deadly.

Medusa grimaces at the memory of how she became the person she is today. She gives her head a slow shake, clearing her thoughts. She can hear footsteps. The sheriff. How perfect. Medusa smiles underneath her veil. The sheriff marches in, loudly. "I hope you're ready for interrogation." He grunts. Medusa smirks under her mask. Oh, how the one thing about being escort she didn't miss was working for that fool. She slowly removes her veil, and the Sheriff reacts just in time. His statue was perfect, his eyes glinting with fear, mouth wide open to form a perfect "O." Medusa quickly grabbed her quill and etched on a scrap piece of paper what would become her death note. "Behold. Vengeance has begun."

Medusa is a role in the Coven that is able to use her gaze to turn people that visit her to stone dealing a Powerful attack. Players that have been turned to Stone won’t have their role and Last Will revealed. With the Necronomicon, she can visit other players and turn them to stone. Unlike the Janitor, Medusa will not be told the role of the player that they turned to stone.

General strategy Edit

How to deal with Sheriffs Edit

  • The Sheriff is an extreme threat to you and the Coven's survival. If you ever got called out by a Sheriff in the day, try these strategies:
  • Accusing the Sheriff of being an Executioner. This will most likely not trick experienced players, but can give you an extra day, or possible even save your life. After the Town believes that said Sheriff is an Executioner, ask the Coven Leader (before Night 4, where they get the Necronomicon) to mess up the Sheriff's results. Do not attack them as there is a risk of a kill-capable Town Protective role protecting them.
  • Claim you have been transported. This has a slim chance of working in Coven Classic, considering that there's only one Random Town slot and Transporter is not included in the role list. If someone else had already taken the slot, do not use this strategy. You would have a better chance in Coven Custom (specifically if there are many Random Town, Town Support, Random Coven or Any slots.)
  • Acting like a Jester on the stand. Say something that would make the Town believe you would be Away From Keyboard (A.F.K.) This will most likely cause new players to vote innocent or abstain, as they wouldn't want risk their life from a Jester's haunt. Do remember to do this after you know/eliminated two roles that can night kill, which is the Vigilante and the Jailor.
  • As most players will only choose a variety of number in the middle of the board, always try to attack the numbers: 2, 3, 13 and 14.

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