This role is only playable in Town Of Salem: The Coven expansion.


  • The Medusa has the ability to Stone Gaze, which will turn any visitors to Stone. When turned to Stone, the user's role cannot be viewed, similar to a Janitor's clean. With the Necronomicon, you can visit people and turn them to stone.
  • When using your Stone Gaze, anyone who visits you will be turned into stone.
  • Your Stone Gaze is a Powerful attack, so it will pierce Basic Defense.
  • However, unlike a Veteran, you do not have Basic Defense while your gaze is activated, so you will also die if a killing role visits you.
  • You may only use your ability 3 times.
  • People who have turned to Stone will not have their wills and roles shown, similar to the Janitor.
  • Role blockers, such as the Escort or Consort, who visit the Medusa during a Stone Gaze will be turned to Stone.

Strategy Edit

  • One of the best roles to choose when trying to pick a role to claim is the Psychic, as they are the only Town role with the same investigative result as you. Although, many players might pick up on this and think you are a Medusa, Poisoner or, if there are Mafia present in the game, an Ambusher. Try to coordinate with your Poisoner to discuss who should claim what.
  • When you have the Necronomicon, get as many players as possible. The more you will attack, the more roles won't be discovered, the more chance you have to claim a role which has been stoned, as you don't get, unlike Janitor, the role of the player you stoned.
  • Like the Veteran, the Medusa relies on visits to get kills. So refer to the Veteran page on how to make the most of this ability.
    • Unlike the Veteran, however, you need to avoid being recognized as the killer afterwards. This can be a problem if you bait people, since players may look back and try to figure out who the stoned players might have visited and why.
    • Also, activating your Stone Gaze doesn't prevent you from being killed by an attacker, so try to attract investigative and support roles instead of killing roles.
  • The Necronomicon allows you to visit people and turn them and anyone who visits them to stone. Use this to kill enemy night immune roles like the Godfather, and other Neutral Killing roles, or use this similar to the Werewolf to net many kills at once.
  • The Coven Leader can force people to visit you, allowing you to kill reliably prior to obtaining the Necronomicon.
    • An added advantage to this is that the Coven Leader learns the role of the person they're sending to their doom, allowing a member of the Coven to use it as claim-space.
    • Remember, however, that you're not night immune when using your Stone Gaze, so they need to be careful to avoid directing potential killers to you.

Dealing With Medusas Edit

  • Dealing with the Medusa is very similar to dealing with a Veteran, but unlike the Veteran, the Medusa is a target to the town as well.
  • One of the best ways to catch a Medusa is to simply ask the person under suspicion their role and will, as a real Medusa will most likely claim the one town role that fits their investigative results, Psychic, or some hard to prove role such as Medium or Doctor.
    • If they do, ask for their Last Will. If they refuse or claim that they didn't keep one, they are probably lying about their role, as all Town roles keep last wills just in case. However, beware that many evil roles tend to keep fake wills in case they are questioned.
  • Don't forget that Medusa's only have 3 uses for their ability, so if you have to investigate or kill them you have a good chance of catching them unprotected.

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