She waits until night falls, then gently takes out her crystal ball. She murmurs her secret words, foreign to others' ears but warmly familiar to her own. The opaque clouds swirling within the glass clear away to reveal a shining, translucent orb of clarity.

The town has called her foolish many times for meddling with "fake magic," but they know not of the true nature of her powers. They say dead men tell no tales, but that isn't true for the Medium. As she moves her hands lightly over the gleaming crystal, words from the souls of the dearly departed begin to appear before her. She sifts through their words, carefully looking for any snippets of information that may help the Town. Her eyes light up – the town Sheriff had found a member of the Mafia, but had not been able to tell the Town before being stabbed by the Serial Killer at large. The next morning, she informs her fellow townspeople of the Sheriff's final discovery. The Mafia member is hanged and the townspeople cheer, but this victory does not come without a price. She is shot the next night by the Mafia, come to seek revenge for their brother's spilled blood.

Her life may be over, but her job is not. The next night, the Medium performs her final, miraculous act from beyond the grave. She speaks to the Mayor of Salem, sharing the final pieces of information gleaned from the dead. As the night ends, she knows she can rest easy. The Town will be all right. (credit)


  • During the night, the dead will see any alive Mediums talking as "Medium".
  • When talking to the dead, you do not hear other Mediums.
    • If two dead Mediums seance the same person, the two Mediums will hear each other.
  • When you are dead, you may click the sun icon during the day phase to "seance" a living person once.
    • The seance will take place during the night.
    • When performing a seance, the dead cannot hear you, though you will still be able to hear them.
    • If your target is jailed, a member of the Mafia, or a Vampire, they will be able to talk with you and the other members or jailed target.
  • If you are jailed, you will hear both the dead and the Jailor; however, only the Jailor will hear you, and the dead will not be able to hear you nor the Jailor.


  • As a Medium, you are capable of many useful things:
    • You can relay what the dead are saying back to the living.
    • You are one of two roles (Medium and Janitor) that are able to figure out cleaned roles directly. Also, a Retributionist could revive someone other than a cleaned person, and the newly revived person can announce the cleaned role.
    • You can get the last result of a Town Investigative role just before they died.
    • You can retrieve information from anyone that has had their Last Will modified by a Forger.
    • You can find out what happened to people before they died, such as if they were blackmailed, role blocked, controlled by a Witch, etc.
    • You can discover if an Escort or Jailor was killed by a Serial Killer that they targeted with their abilities. Note that these roles receive a special message when killed by a Serial Killer they role blocked but not when the same thing happens with a Werewolf, so they cannot confirm who the Werewolf is (although they may have suspicions based on what the person said, and may be able to tell you who they targeted that night).
    • You get the thoughts from the deceased on who they think is Town, Mafia, or Neutral Killing.
    • You can talk to other Mafia or Neutral members to possibly get some more information using your seance.
      • Be careful of any dead Mafia members who explicitly reveal any other fellow Mafia, as they may be lying to throw off the Town. However, if they are telling the truth, then they are eligible to be reported for gamethrowing.
  • By giving your name to dead Townies and asking them to check the names of other people that claim Medium, you can figure out who is actually a Medium or not. This also ensures that if any Town members are revived by a Retributionist, they will know you're a confirmed Town member. And remember, always state your name in the Medium chat at the start of every night to ensure that all new dead people will know your identity.
    • You can also prove yourself by getting secret information from the dead. Ask them for the contents of any whispers they sent or received so you can use it to prove yourself to whoever was at the other end. Also, ask anyone who was jailed to tell you what they discussed with the Jailor (or, alternatively, ask the Jailor what they discussed with everyone they jailed), then use this to prove you're a Medium if necessary.
    • Be warned, however, as skyping players may use this to find out who you are.
    • You could even suggest that the remaining players whisper passcodes to each other; later, if a Town member dies, you can get their passcode from them and use it to confirm yourself.
  • Important: Your job in the Town is to carry on discussion after people die. It's beneficial having dead players discuss freely without any doubts once you're dead, as Townies can give you useful information. This role can potentially change who wins and who loses, so discuss wisely.
  • Don't always trust what a cleaned victim tells you, since they could be a Neutral character or possibly even a Mafia member. Ask the deceased for proof before you tell everyone that someone is guilty. The dead can still be wrong or lie to prevent gamethrowing.
  • You can speak to a just-lynched Jester and try to convince them to haunt your preferred target. While Jesters have no particular reason to listen to you, they often do; many of them want to have a big impact on the game and would rather haunt a Neutral Killing role rather than a random Townie.
    • Reverse Psychology also works: if a Jester just got lynched, beg them not to haunt your preferred target. They may pick that target just to annoy you, but in reality, it is what you wanted. Note that this is less effective.
  • Having two Mediums can be the key to success in a round. If one of them dies, they can take info from the newly dead and tell this to the other Medium. They can also confirm each other by the dead almost instantly, provided they say their name. A revived Townie can also tell the Town who the Mediums are, making 4 Townies (the Retributionist by announcing or confirming another way, the revived target, and the two Mediums) confirmed at once.

Using your SeanceEdit

  • If you die, do not quit, even if you are dead on Night 1. You are still able to speak to a living person once through your seance.
  • Don't use your seance immediately after you die. Save it until you have enough useful information and have identified a living person you trust to use it.
    • But do not save your seance too long. Many Mediums end up saving it until too late. Remember, you have to push the seance button the day before it happens, and the Town usually needs to still have a majority the next day or they won't be able to do anything with the information you provide. Practically speaking, this means the Town usually needs to have at least two more Townies than the Mafia on the end of the day you initiate the seance, which leaves you a very narrow window to seance effectively.
  • Using your seance on any role that has the ability to speak at night (e.g. a Jailor, or any member of the Mafia) can lead to a very confusing and often irritating conversation, since other people will be speaking at the same time as you, yet neither of you can see the other's messages. In most cases, it's a detriment to the player you're speaking to from beyond the grave. However, this can be useful as a distraction. For instance, if you have no other information to convey, seancing the Godfather and spamming the chat with confusing messages will hopefully hinder your enemies' decisions.
    • You could also use your seance on someone who is suspected of being Mafia; once the seance begins, you could take note if what they say seems to be directed towards other players. If what they say sounds like they are conversing with other members, then you just possibly found a member yourself.
  • When you are dead, you could try to lie to a dead member of the Mafia. You can claim that you have wasted your seance, and then after about 30 seconds later, ask that person who the last Mafia members are, or try to guess and ask if you are correct. You may have to convince that person that you have used your seance. Remember, he/she can still be lying or won't tell you who are the Mafia. If you do manage to get information, then use your seance on a trusted Town member and tell him/her the information.
  • If it turns out there are two Mediums, you can use your seance on a third trusted person once you're dead to ensure the Town doesn't believe the second Medium claim is fake.
  • Occasionally, if there is more than one way for the Town to access the living (a second Medium, a possible Retributionist, etc), it can be useful to seance someone who you think is evil and to try and get them to confess.
  • If you use your seance on someone with useful information, always tell them to put it in their Last Will immediately. If you've identified them as reliable Town, the Mafia probably has too, and might kill them that night; if they don't write your information in their will, it might be lost.
  • You can instruct the person you're using your seance on how to use their ability in a particular way that very night, such as telling a Vigilante who to shoot. If the dead have identified a definite member of the Mafia, it can be valuable to anyone you think may need a little push to do the right thing.

Trivia Edit

  • The "Medium's Curse" is a popular belief that Mediums will be killed on the first night when their role is basically useless, despite the player not having revealed their role. Players will usually refer to it whenever it occurs, but not mention it if a Medium stays alive for more than 2 days. But if a Medium is one of the last alive, they might say that the "Medium's Curse" has failed or finally been lifted. The Medium's Curse is similar to the less popular "Retributionist's Curse".
  • The "Hogan Scenario" is when two Mediums are in the game and their miscommunication causes a snafu during the day. The name comes from a character who was a second Medium, and the quote comes from his defense portion - "You're stupid brothers!".
  • The Medium received a buff in Version 0.3.0 which was released on June 10th of 2014. Prior to then, the Medium would use his ability in the daytime to select one person from the graveyard to talk to anonymously during the night. In addition, once the Medium was dead, he did not have a seance available to communicate with the living.
  • The Medium is considered one of the most useless roles in the game, but it is, in fact, extremely useful when you have the right roles.

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