The elderly man sat up in his study's chair and continued to read the hate mail from all the local delinquents. All of them contained some sort of message promising death. Death? Bah!

They were just kids that hated his policies and rules that, in fact, kept them safe. Kept them safe from what, though? Why, the dreaded ruffians of Salem in fact! Those conniving killers were a pain in his run, but he knew that they were just afraid of his power. Such threats would never get to him. In fact, it would only strengthen his resolve to better secure the Town.

He knew he had support, from the day he would reveal himself as Mayor, he knew he would have the town behind him. Until then, he'd just let those no-gooders laugh at the Mayor's "cowardice."

No, he wasn't a coward. He was simply waiting for the right time, and when that time came, he knew that those who opposed town would tremble. Oh, how he would savor victory! (credit)


  • The Mayor is a unique role; there can never be more than one Mayor in a match.
Mayor reveal

Example picture of someone revealing as Mayor. Notice the text color is different than any other types of chat.

  • Click on the sun icon during the Day Phase to reveal yourself as the Mayor to all players.
    • Once revealed, your vote will count for three. These three votes refer to both the Voting and the Judgement phases.
    • You cannot be healed by a Doctor once you reveal yourself or cured from a Poisoner.
    • You cannot whisper to other players or be whispered to once you reveal yourself.
  • Neither you nor the Jailor can be an Executioner's target.


Deciding to RevealEdit

  • Don't reveal unless you need to prove your role, need the additional votes, or plan to direct the Town early on. However, if you have a Jailor in game, you have the option to reveal Day 1 and request the Jailor to jail you for the night, protecting you from all attacks.
  • Some players discourage revealing Day 1, since it makes you an immediate target. However, while it has disadvantages, it also has several advantages:
    • It allows the Jailor to jail you on the first night and identify themselves to you so you can work together, while protecting you and possibly baiting the Mafia into wasting their kill.
    • It lets any Sheriffs, Investigators, and Vampire Hunters know not to waste time on you, narrowing down their search and increasing the chance that they will find evils.
    • It gives Bodyguards, Transporters, and Lookouts a guaranteed Town member to protect early in the game, and can bait the Mafia into getting caught by them. Since the Mayor attracts a lot of visits, it also helps the Lookout identify and verify later Bodyguard claims, or prove themselves to a Jailor who jailed you.
    • It allows the Town to immediately discount later Bodyguard claims if you get killed, bitten, or unknowingly doused, since a real Bodyguard would have prevented it from happening. This is especially in the case of an Arsonist, who has to douse you to have a chance at winning.
  • You are one of the most powerful roles. If you manage to survive until the end of the round where you are in a 1v1 matchup with an enemy faction, and it's morning, then you will win. This means that you are possibly the most powerful role being able to kill anyone in this situation by voting power alone. However, if night comes, then you are done for, except for the situation with an Arsonist (however, if you were doused before, but jailed to protect you from ignition, you will lose).
  • If you are playing a game on Ranked or Ranked Practice then you can reveal on Day 2 and find out everyone's roles - this will rarely work, since many people will be unwilling to say their role out loud, but should it be successful it will be easy to find flaws between everyone's claims: for example, having more than one Survivor and hanging them one by one. As long as the Jailor jails you, you are safe. After this, lynch the other suspicious claims one by one. It is unlikely, but not unheard of, for Neutral Killing roles to become so desperate for survival even a Werewolf will start working for you (which is amazing). However, if you do this too much, you may lynch many town who are important and trying to claim a role to keep them safe, and the town may lynch you out of annoyance.
  • Be careful if an Investigator calls you out thinking you are a Consigliere. You can always avoid being hung by revealing, but if there's no Bodyguard or Jailor, you'll probably be killed the next night. This can be a nightmare if you're not ready for revealing or you will be dead tomorrow, but always reveal. If you don't reveal yourself you may be killed by a Jailor who assumes you're a Consigliere.
  • If the role list contains some Town Protective roles, you could consider revealing on Day 2 or Day 3. This way you either bait killing roles into attacking you, wasting their kill for that night or you scare them off, because there is a high chance that you are protected by a Bodyguard. After that, you can effectively lead Town until you are eventually taken out. Don't forget to include a "lynch list" with your suspects in your last will to help the Town, even after your death.
    • Consider a Day 1 Reveal. The Jailor does not yet possess their execution power yet, and the Werewolf will not be active. This guarantees your survival until Day 2, as the Jailor saves you from all danger. Be sure to ask the Jailor his identity, as since you are revealed, he will not lie (unless he's gamethrowing, in that case, report said person). Also, seeing that you are jailed Night 1 will spook many evil roles into not attacking you until all Town Protective roles and the Jailor are dead. The first time you do this, you will get an achievement for revealing Day 1.
    • On the first night after your reveal, if you don't think there is a Jailor around and you survive the night, say something around the lines of "Thanks Jailor for protecting me." The killing roles won't attack you as often, since they don't want to attack you while you are immune and waste a potential kill.
  • When you reveal at about Day 4 or 5, someone usually has to be lynched in order for the Town to win (unless it's a Mafia majority). When you reveal, there are usually fewer than 10 players left alive, so do a large amount of deduction - it's much easier to do when there are fewer players giving roles to you. This allows for you to cross out possible roles from the players already dead in the graveyard.
  • If you are one of the last Town roles left (preferably with a Town Protective) and they need 3 votes in order to vote someone up, then reveal and lynch your suspect. Then ask the Bodyguard (if there is one) to protect you (or Jailor to jail you) and slowly eliminate the remaining baddies.
    • Being able to lynch a person single-handedly in the game makes it especially important to keep track of the clues, because your game is practically over if you're lynching the wrong person. This can make it worthwhile to copy-and-paste Last Wills to the chat so that they can be read completely later on.
  • Accusing a known Neutral Benign role and voting innocent can be helpful later in the game. The Mafia tends to vote guilty, because they think the Town will also vote guilty because they are not Town. However, this strategy may not work if the Neutral Benign is a claimed Survivor, as the Mafia often protect Survivors to gain more votes later in the game.
  • If you reveal especially early in the game, do not be swayed by a bandwagon as you might be helping an Executioner win the game or either lynching the wrong person instead.

The "Mayor game" Edit

  • The Mayor reveals and votes up players he wants to know the roles of, going through the list. Not only is it for time, but he also asks the player to claim his role publicly or else he would be lynched. Town Protective roles should protect important role claims such as Jailor, and if any Lookouts are around they should watch those Town Protectives to further their lives. The Mayor then takes his time recording and processing information due to the extra 40+ seconds he gets for each player that is voted up.
  • This tactic helps the Jester to win more easily, but could harm the Town more than it helps it if the Mayor and the Town in general are not good enough to execute the strategy. Evil roles will see all the role claims and plan accordingly on who to kill. The Mayor can also not instruct any of the Townies to do his orders unless public, revealing even more to the evil roles.
  • This used to be more common, but is now even more of a bad strategy because you cannot whisper to the Mayor. Now when people Mayor game, important roles like Spies and the Retributionist get killed more frequently when the Mayor forces them to reveal.
  • With patch, Mayor games took severe damage due to the lynching system being limited to only 3 people being voted up each day. This also fixes Mayors being able to near-infinitely prolong games, which caused a lot of chaos and frustration in a match.

Keeping Yourself AliveEdit

  • Asking for protection from a Bodyguard or Jailor after being revealed can keep you from being attacked, even if you are actually vulnerable. Also if in jail, be sure to get the identity of the Jailor so you can get to work with them and know one person's role for certain.
  • If you are jailed, always try to make a good plan with the Jailor! A Mayor & a Jailor are very strong together, and will bring chaos upon the evil roles.
  • Be wary of the Werewolf since when you reveal, since a Bodyguard, Transporter, Lookout and/or the Jailor will try to look after you. You are an easy target for the Werewolf, due to their ability to kill everyone who visits you. You shouldn't have to worry about the Werewolf if there's a Bodyguard. It's recommended to reveal when you are confident that there is no Werewolf or when the Werewolf is dead.
  • Late in the game, if you are an un-revealed Mayor and the only other roles left are multiple conflicting evils (Mafia vs Neutral Evils) a possible claim is Witch, if the remaining players don't communicate. This allows you to wait for the other players to kill each other off so you can reveal and end the game with an instant lynch. The advantage of the Witch claim over the Survivor claim is that you won't be attacked in order to check for Night Immunity, which sometimes happens to check Survivor claims. The disadvantage is that the other players could communicate with each other to disprove your Witch claim, as no one has been controlled. If, however, there actually is a Witch, this disadvantage could be negated.
  • If you don't plan to reveal early on, claim Survivor (if the role list allows you to do so). If the killing roles think you are a Survivor, they won't attack you ensuring you night survival. This might be useful to get near the end of the game where you can reveal and lynch players alone, thanks of your voting power.
    • Careful with this strategy, as a Jailor may execute you because they execute Survivors, since it's a role usually claimed by many evil roles such as a Serial Killer or Werewolf, or if the Jailor thinks Survivors are more likely to help the Mafia win. Also, watch out for a Vigilante, they tend to shoot Survivor claims for the same reason.
    • This can also backfire with trying to keep killing roles away from you, as they might test your "Night Immunity", or the Mafia could get a Consigliere to investigate you just in case.
  • A revealed Mayor has an extremely hard time hiding the fact that they were bitten by a Vampire:
    • You will only have one vote, instead of three. For this reason, if you get bitten, you should avoid voting as much as possible.
    • You will be able to send and receive whispers, which allows anyone to discover that you are a Vampire at any time simply by trying to send you one.
    • These facts can be used to your advantage if the only enemy facing the Town is Vampires; you can reveal, then immediately remind the Town of the ways to detect if you've been bitten. This will discourage Vampires from wasting one of their limited bites on you, while allowing you to use your three votes to aggressively demand roles and force people to give information confirming that they haven't been bitten.
  • If there is a Mafioso or Godfather left in the round with an Arsonist or Werewolf after a full moon night, lynch the member of the Mafia. Lynching the Mafia prevents you from being killed and having the Arsonist or Werewolf win the game over the Mafia via stalemate. If you luckily haven't been doused, lynch the Arsonist to prevent an ignition, and lynch the Werewolf to prevent you from getting mauled, allowing you to gain a solo Town win.
  • Try to reveal about halfway through the game, as long as there is a Jailor or Town Protective alive. This means that the Town will start trusting you and following your lead, along with getting any helpful people to look after you.

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