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The Mafia Support alignment coincides with the Mafia. Their job is to collect information or to hinder others.

The Consigliere gains information for the Mafia while the Blackmailer and the Consort manipulate with their abilities.

Mafia SupportEdit

Role Name Role Description


Choose a person each night to blackmail. They won't be able to say anything and can only say "I am blackmailed." on trial. Blackmailers can also hear whispers, similar to a Spy.
Consigliere Check a person each night for their exact role. Sort of like an Investigator, but with the addition of the exact role instead of 3 possible roles. If your target was doused, they will appear as an Arsonist.
Consort Distract somebody each night, similar to an Escort. They function the same way, and will still be killed if the Consort role blocks a Serial Killer or a Werewolf on a full moon.

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