The Mafia Support alignment coincides with the Mafia. Their job is to collect information, hinder others, or simply (as their name suggests), support their fellow Mafia.

The Consigliere gains information for the Mafia, the Blackmailer silences people for the Mafia, and the Consort distracts the Town for the Mafia. Their existence can potentially help the Mafia win trials by being an extra vote and/or using their skills for assistance, making them a real headache for the Town.

Mafia SupportEdit

Role Name Role Description


Choose a person each night to blackmail. They are prevented from speaking during the day, and can only say "I am blackmailed." when on trial. You can read whispers that others send during the daytime.
Consigliere Check a person each night for their exact role. If you check someone who is doused or hexed, they will show up as an Arsonist or a Hex Master, respectively.
Consort Distract somebody each night. You prevent them from using their night ability. If you distract a Serial Killer or Werewolf (on a full moon), they are forced to kill you instead of their original target.

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