The Mafia Killing are the group of people in the Town that, as its name suggests, kill for the Mafia. The included roles are all Unique Roles. Thus, the category itself can never be explicitly chosen in the role list. Special to this group is the promotion mechanics -- Should the Godfather be killed, the current Mafioso (if there is one) will be promoted to Godfather. If there are no more Mafia Killing roles left, a remaining member of the Mafia will be promoted to a Mafioso, but won't be promoted to Godfather unless an Amnesiac remembers themselves as a Godfather and dies. The Ambusher can be promoted to a Mafioso.

The message a player gets when they are attacked by the Godfather or a Mafioso is, "You were attacked by a member of the Mafia!".

The message a player gets when they are attacked by the Ambusher is, "You were ambushed by a Ambusher!'.

Mafia KillingEdit

Role Name Role Description
Godfather Choose to kill someone each night. If there is a Mafioso, he will attack your target for you. You have Basic defense and Detection immunity. Your attack holds a Basic Attack value.
Mafioso Choose a target to kill at night. Carry out the Godfather's orders. If you select a target and the Godfather selects someone else, your choice will be overridden and you will attack the Godfather's target. If the Godfather dies, you will become the new Godfather. Your attack holds a Basic Attack Value.
Ambusher Exclusive to the Coven expansion only.

Choose a target to wait outside their house. You will deal a Basic attack to a random visitor. All other visitors will know your name. You have unlimited ambushes.

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