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The Mafia Deception alignment is a group of roles that work with the Mafia. They are used to throw off the Town Investigative and the Town (or sometimes by extent, Neutrals) in general: by either concealing or falsifying information. While a Framer or Disguiser can frame or disguise as someone infinitely until they die, the Janitor and Forger's abilities only have a maximum of three uses.

Mafia DeceptionEdit

Role Name Role Description
Disguiser Choose a target to disguise yourself as. If you are lynched or killed after disguising, the target's role you disguised as will show instead.
Forger Choose a target to change their Last Will each night if they are killed, showing the changed Last Will. If left blank, there will be no Last Will shown.
Framer Choose a target to frame each night. Framed people will show up as members of the Mafia to a Sheriff, and to an Investigator as a Framer, Vampire or Jester.
Janitor Choose a target to clean each night. If they are killed, their Last Will and role is hidden from the Town. The Janitor, however, knows both.

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