The Mafia Deception alignment is a group of roles that work with the Mafia. They are used to throw off the Town Investigative and the Town (or sometimes by extent, Neutrals) in general: by either concealing or falsifying information. While a Framer, Hypnotist or Disguiser can frame, confuse or disguise as someone infinitely until they die, the Janitor and Forger's abilities only have a maximum of three uses. These roles can be extremely useful if paired with a Consigliere

Mafia DeceptionEdit

Role Name Role Description
Disguiser Choose a target to disguise yourself as. If you are killed or lynched after a successful disguise, you will show up as the role of the person you disguised as.
Forger Choose a target to forge each night. If they are killed, your forgery will show up in their Last Will. You can forge 3 times.
Framer Choose a target to frame each night. On that night, framed targets will show up as a Mafia member to the Sheriff, and to an Investigator as Framer, Vampire, Jester, or Hex Master.

Choose a target to clean each night. If they are killed, their role and Last Will are hidden from the Town. The Janitor, however, can read their will and know their role. You can clean 3 times.

Hypnotist Exclusive to the Coven expansion only.

Sneak into a person's house to plant a memory at night, making the person think something happened without anything happening. The memory will range from the player seeing that they were healed by a Doctor to being poisoned by a Poisoner even though nothing happened.

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