The Mafia Deception alignment is a group of roles that work with the Mafia. They are used to throw off the Town Investigative and the Town (or sometimes by extent, Neutrals) in general: by either concealing or falsifying information. While a Framer, Hypnotist or Disguiser can frame, confuse or disguise as someone infinitely until they die, the Janitor and Forger's abilities only have a maximum of three uses.

Mafia DeceptionEdit

Role Name Role Description
Disguiser Choose a target to disguise yourself as. If you are lynched or killed after disguising, the target's role you disguised as will show instead.
Forger Choose a target to change their Last Will each night if they are killed, showing the changed Last Will. If left blank, there will be no Last Will shown.
Framer Choose a target to frame each night. Framed people will show up as members of the Mafia to a Sheriff, and to an Investigator as a Framer, Vampire or Jester.

Choose a target to clean each night. If they are killed, their Last Will and role is hidden from the Town. The Janitor, however, knows both.

Hypnotist This is a role exclusive to the Town of Salem: The Coven expansion. Each night, you will be able to select a player to plant a memory at their home, confusing said player. That player will then receive false feedback (a false notification) for the night such as, "You were attacked but someone nursed you back to health!", implying that there is a Doctor or, "Someone occupied your night. You were role blocked!", implying that there is an Escort or a Consort in play

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