The Keyword System is currently a system in the game. The Attack and Defense keywords replaced the abilities to have Night Immunity, Bite Immunity, and the ability to ignore Night Immunity.

Attack Edit

Attack is how strong your kill is. The more Attack you have, the more Defense you will ignore. Here are the four levels of attack:

  1. None - Your role cannot attack players directly.
  2. Basic - Your attacks will kill any role with a Defense value of None.
  3. Powerful - Your attacks will kill any role with a Defense value of Basic.
  4. Unstoppable - Your attacks will kill any role with a Defense value of Powerful.

Defense Edit

Defense is how resilient you are to attacks. The more defense you have, the more attacks that you protect yourself against. Here are the four levels of defense:

  1. None - Your role will die to any Attack.
  2. Basic - Your role is protected from Basic Attacks.
  3. Powerful - Your role is protected from Powerful Attacks.
  4. Invincible - Your role is protected from Unstoppable Attacks.

Table of Attack/Defense Edit

No Attack Basic Attack Powerful Attack Unstoppable Attack
No Defense





















Guardian Angel

Vampire (to convertible roles)

Jester (while alive)

Witch (after first attack)

Vampire Hunter (to Vampires)


Crusader (to one of target's visitors)

Ambusher (to one of target's visitors)


Vampire (to unconvertible roles)

Hex Master (with Necronomicon)

Necromancer (with Necronomicon)

Poisoner (delayed by one night)

Potion Master (when using kill potion)

Trapper (to any killers who visit the trapped target)

Pirate (if successfully plundering target)

Juggernaut (before second kill)

Medusa (when stone gazing, to all visitors, cleans victims)

Bodyguard (when counter attacking)

Hex Master (automatic, when all non-Coven players have been hexed)

Jailor (when executing target)

Jester (after being lynched, to one guilty or abstaining voter)

(Player committing suicide, overrides all defense)

Vigilantes dying from guilt (Overrides all defense)

Basic Defense

Bodyguard (when vesting)

Survivor (when vesting)

Vampire Hunter (against Vampires) Plaguebearer


Witch (until attacked once)


Serial Killer

Coven Leader (with Necronomicon)

Veteran (when alerting, to all visitors)

Juggernaut (after second kill)

Werewolf (on full moons)

Juggernaut (after fourth kill)

Arsonist (when igniting, to all doused targets)

Powerful Defense

Any jailed player

Any player healed by a Doctor

Doctor (when self-healing)

The Guardian Angel's target (when protected)

Protected targets by any Town Protective

Potion Master (any player healed by a healing potion)

Invincible Defense Pestilence

Additional Keywords Edit

  • Jail - Being in jail causes all direct visits to fail against the player. The Jailee gains Powerful defense for that night.
  • Heal - Heal gives a player Powerful defense for a night, and cures poison.
  • Control - Controlling a player allows you to choose a target for their abilities if they have targetable abilities.
  • Rampage - Causes your attacks to attack your target and all players visiting your target.
  • Douse - Doused targets will have their investigative results changed to be Godfather, Bodyguard, or Arsonist. Players will not know they have been doused in gas unless they are an Arsonist.
  • Convert - Converted players will become Vampires and join your team. You must wait one night between conversions. If the target cannot be converted, it will be attacked by a Basic attack instead.
  • Interrogate - You question your target to find out if they seem suspicious. The Godfather will not seem suspicious. The Necronomicon prevents Coven members from suspicion. Framed and Hexed targets will seem suspicious.
  • Cleaned - If a person dies the night they are cleaned their Last Will and role will only be revealed to the Janitor that cleaned them. Cleaning is exclusive to the Janitor.

Keywords that can only be found in the Town of Salem - The Coven (DLC) Edit

  • Hex - Hexes are placed by the Hex Master. Hexed players will not know they have been hexed. When all living non-Coven players are hexed, the Hex Master, if alive, will deal an Unstoppable attack to them. Hexed players will have their investigative results changed to the Hex Master's, and will show up as Coven to the Sheriff. If the Hex Master has the Necronomicon then hexes deal a basic attack when applied.
  • Astral - Your visits will not trigger any mechanic that relies on you visiting a player. This includes Lookouts, Trackers, Veterans, Bodyguards, Trappers, Crusaders, Ambushers, Plaguebearer, Pestilence, Werewolf, Medusa and Hex Master with the Necronomicon.
  • Trap - Traps will trigger on players directly visiting the trapped player, but will only harm attackers. You are told the roles of the players who visit your trapped target when it triggers. Traps are exclusive to the Trapper role.
  • Stone Gaze - Your victims' roles and Last Wills will not be revealed. Only the Medusa can Stone Gaze.
  • Purge - Purge removes all harmful effects from a player. Only the Guardian Angel can Purge their target.
  • Plague - Infected players spread the plague on visiting or being visited. Infection cannot be protected against or removed. Plague is initially spread by the Plaguebearer.
  • Poison - When a role is poisoned, they are notified with a message telling them so. Poisoned roles will die the next night unless healed by a Doctor, Guardian Angel, or Potion Master. Poison is applied by the Poisoner. If the Poisoner has the Necronomicon then the poison can only be removed by a Guardian Angel