The Juggernaut is a Neutral Killing role which is only available in modes from the Coven expansion. It can only spawn from the Neutral Killing, Random Neutral and Any slots, and is described as being "super rare", which means that it will have a much lower chance of spawning than other roles of the same alignment.

In the update announcement, the Juggernaut was referred to as "Mystery Role" [1]. Its name could be seen in the Achievements section, and the Scrolls section of the Shop of the PTR for some time until its removal on the same day.

Mechanics Edit

  • As the Juggernaut, you become stronger each time you kill someone.
  • The Juggernaut starts off with a Powerful attack and defense level of None.
  • The Juggernaut can only kill on Full Moon nights to begin with. The Juggernaut gets 4 new abilities:
    • If the Juggernaut kills somebody for the first time, the player will receive a system message at the end of the night: "You have gained a new ability! You may now attack every night." This enables the Juggernaut to attack on both Full Moon and non-Full Moon nights.
    • If the Juggernaut kills somebody for the second time, they will receive the system message "You have gained a new ability! You have gained Basic defense." The Juggernaut now has Basic defense.
    • On the third kill, the message will read "You have gained a new ability! You now Rampage when you attack." When the Juggernaut attacks, anyone who visits the Juggernaut's target will also be dealt a Powerful attack (this power is also available to the Werewolf and Pestilence). If the Juggernaut stays home, anyone who visits him will die.
    • On the fourth kill, it will say, "You have gained a new ability! You ignore effects that would protect a player." This allows the Juggernaut's attacks to break through a Bodyguard, Crusader, Doctor, or Guardian Angel's defense.
    • Sometimes, when a Juggernaut kills, the manner of the victim's death will not be displayed to the players. This is a bug.

Strategy Edit

  • When selecting who to kill, choose roles that are likely to be not protected. This way, you can get an easy kill and gain your other abilities more quickly.
  • Your strategy should change according to the abilities you gain. For example, once you gain the rampage ability, you should switch your strategy that is similar to one of a Werewolf.
  • Initially, try to avoid drawing attention to yourself. This is because the beginning of the game is when you are at your weakest, due to you only being able to attack every Full Moon and lacking any sort of defense. Once you have started to amass kills and your power has started to increase significantly, then you can worry less about being killed at night.
  • Your priorities on who to eliminate change as you increase in power. At the beginning, you should focus on taking out Townies as they are the common enemy for evils. As you gain rampaging attacks and Basic Defense, consider starting to eliminate Mafia members, Vampires or members of the Coven as if they remain alive for too long without sustaining any casualties, you run the risk that they quickly gain a majority and lynch you. Consider leaving other solo-evils such as the Serial Killer, Arsonist, Werewolf and Plaguebearer alone until you have to eliminate them. This is because not only can they help kill off Townies, members of the Mafia, Vampires and Coven members, but they also pose less of a threat to you compared to the factions.
  • Try to gain the support of helpful neutral roles, such as any Survivors, Executioners, Jesters or Pirates. Their support could make all the difference if it comes down to you, them and one member of an opposing faction.
  • Avoid starting to become more relaxed and careless as you increase in power. If Town notices before that you were very silent and not participating much, but suddenly start to become more active and involved in trying to get lynches going, they may suspect that this newfound confidence is due to your increased power, and as such may suspect you of being an evil role that is becoming cocky. The Mafia, Vampires and Coven may also be suspicious of you if you start becoming more and more active due to your decreased fear of dying at night. They may attack you and expose your Night Immunity or a Potion Master or a Consigliere may investigate you and expose you. If it is confirmed that there is a Juggernaut in the game, Townies may even suspect that you are the Juggernaut who is becoming more and more comfortable as they become immune and as their killing power increases. Always try to blend in with the town and never go through sudden shifts in personality, as this may lead them to become suspicious of you. This may be a good Jester strategy, although it will only work with highly perceptive players.
Juggernaut win screen

The win screen when the Juggernaut wins.

References Edit

Trivia Edit

  • If Pestilence and the Juggernaut attack each other, the words 'An unstoppable object meets an invincible force. The ground beneath your feet shudders.' will appear.
    • Getting this notification will give you an achievement.
  • The Juggernaut is the only role that is accessible only by chance.
  • The Juggernaut is one of four roles that start with J, the others being Jester, Jailor and Janitor..

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