There was a boy had known only one thing through his entire life. Strength. When he was young, he silently despised all the other kids. They had such luxury, such privilege that the boy never had. While they were all gathering around to talk about the latest toys that their parents had got them, the child watched in the distance, the only thing that his parents got him were no dinner for a week when they found out that he had failed the latest test. A neglectful childhood led the boy to find a new home, at a training camp for soldiers. The boy was addicted. Every night for ten years, he would break in, and train all through the night. This had bought him real happiness, something he had never before experienced. Eventually, the Godfather heard the news of a man who had bent steel bars and smashed cement like it was glass. He was impressed, and he needed somebody to deal with that pesky Sheriff who kept bothering him every night. He arranged to meet this ‘Juggernaut’ in person, and the Godfather promised ample compensation for the Juggernaut’s specific set of ‘skills’.

It was at that moment a Vigilante shot down the door and raised his gun to the new partners in crime. “I knew it!” the Vigilante exclaimed, staring at the plans that the Godfather had carelessly left strewn on the table. The Godfather simply grinned, assuming his new muscle would take care of this threat. But all that the Juggernaut felt when he saw that gun in his face was an immeasurable rage.

The next day, the Town mourned the loss of the former town hero, who had his own gun stabbed through his torso when he tried to fight against the Mafia head on. As the crime scene was investigated more, however, the sadness quickly turned to blind confusion. As they found, lying under his desk, the leader of the Mafia, his arms torn clean from his body.

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Mechanics Edit

  • As the Juggernaut, you become stronger each time you kill someone.
  • The Juggernaut starts off with a Powerful attack and defense level of None.
  • The Juggernaut can only kill on Full Moon nights to begin with. The Juggernaut gets 4 new abilities:
    • After the Juggernaut's first kill, they will receive a message saying: "You have gained a new ability! You may now attack every night." This enables the Juggernaut to attack on both Full Moon and non-Full Moon nights.
    • After the Juggernaut's second kill, they will receive a message saying: "You have gained a new ability! You have gained Basic defense." The Juggernaut now has Basic defense.
    • After the third kill, the message will say "You have gained a new ability! You now Rampage when you attack." When the Juggernaut attacks, anyone who visits the Juggernaut's target will also be dealt a Powerful attack (similar to the Werewolf and Pestilence). If the Juggernaut stays home, anyone who visits him will die.
    • After the fourth kill, the message will say, "You have gained a new ability! You ignore effects that would protect a player." This means that the Juggernaut gains Unstoppable attacks, which is similar to jester haunting, ignoring Powerful defense. Their attacks can bypass jailed townies' protection as well as any kind of protection a Protective role can grant to their target (e.g. a protection from a Bodyguard, Crusader, Doctor, or Guardian Angel)
  • Sometimes, when a Juggernaut kills, the manner of the victim's death will not be displayed to the players. This is a bug.
  • You have no investigative result to the Investigator. This is a dead-giveaway, as you are the only role without one, and if you are investigated, you will most likely be revealed as a Juggernaut

Strategy Edit

  • If anyone important is jailed when you have an Unstoppable attack available, attack them. Your attack will go through the jail cell and kill the prisoner, and you will also take the Jailor down with them.
  • Despite being able to kill nearly everything at certain levels, you only have Basic defense. Attacking anyone with a Bodyguard or Trapper with a trap on them will lead to your demise, as their defense abilities bypass your Basic defense. Thus, you are more of like an Arsonist that can visit, so don't go attacking revealed Mayors when known Town Protectives are around.
  • As the Juggernaut, your worst enemy is the Pestilence. This is because they have Invincible defense and a Powerful attack. If you both attack each other while fully powered up, you will die due to your defense being lower than the Pestilence's attack, even when maxed out.
  • If you have not received the Unstoppable attack yet, another role you will want to attack is a confirmed Investigator. They will automatically spot you if they investigate you, because you have no investigative result.
  • Helping the Town point out a Coven Leader without being too suspicious is a good idea. The Coven Leader can control you and make you target yourself, which would lead into killing yourself if you are on your first or second kill. Remember, if you are on your third or last kill, you gain rampage ability, so the Coven Leader making you target yourself will result in their death but will out you out for the other Coven members and even eventually for everyone in the town if the Coven Leader updated an accurate will. Be careful for other Coven members, as they will mostly likely target you if you help the Town find their leader.
  • Prioritizing on killing players claiming Survivor on the first day is usually a good idea because they don't have a defense high enough to survive an attack from you, even with the bulletproof vest. This makes it so you don't end up losing an opportunity to level up on the second night due to targets with high defense. There is also the possibility that they may not be Survivors at all, but evil roles (such as Mafia) attempting to appear not suspicious.
  • When selecting who to kill, choose roles that are likely to be not protected. This way, you can get an easy kill and gain your other abilities more quickly. Also, try to avoid attacking talkative people or townies that are drawing attention to themselves as they could be a Veteran or Werewolf baiting: always remember you only have Basic defense!
  • Your strategy should change according to the abilities you gain. For example, once you gain the Rampage ability, you should switch your strategy to that of a Werewolf. Be wary of visiting the same target as a Werewolf, however, as you will die from their Powerful attack.
  • Initially, try to avoid drawing attention to yourself. This is because the beginning of the game is when you are at your weakest, due to you only being able to attack every Full Moon and lacking any sort of defense. Once you have started to kill more players and your power has started to increase significantly, then you can worry less about being killed at night.
  • Your priorities on who to eliminate change as you increase in power. At the beginning, you should focus on taking out Townies as they are the common enemy for evils. As you gain rampaging attacks and Basic Defense, consider starting to eliminate members of the Mafia, Vampires, or members of the Coven, as if they remain alive for too long without sustaining any casualties, you run the risk that they quickly gain a majority and lynch you. Consider leaving other solo-evils such as the Serial Killer, Arsonist, Werewolf and Plaguebearer alone until you have to eliminate them. This is because not only can they help kill off Townies, members of the Mafia, Vampires and Coven members, but they also pose less of a threat to you compared to the factions.
  • Try to gain the support of helpful Neutral roles, such as any Survivors, Executioners, Jesters or Pirates. Their support could make all the difference if it comes down to you, them, and one member of an opposing faction.
  • Avoid starting to become more relaxed and careless as you increase in power. If the Town notices before that you were very silent and not participating much, but suddenly start to become more active and involved in trying to get lynches going, they may suspect that this newfound confidence is due to your increased power, and as such may suspect you of being an evil role that is becoming cocky. The Mafia, Vampires and Coven may also be suspicious of you if you start becoming more and more active due to your decreased fear of dying at night. They may attack you and expose your Basic Defense, or a Potion Master or a Consigliere may investigate you and expose you. If it is confirmed that there is a Juggernaut in the game, Townies may even suspect that you are the Juggernaut who is becoming more and more comfortable as they gain Basic Defense and as their killing power increases. Always try to blend in with the Town and never go through sudden shifts in personality, as this may lead them to become suspicious of you. This may be a good Jester strategy, although it will only work with highly perceptive players.

Trivia Edit

  • If Pestilence and a fully powered up Juggernaut attack each other, everyone alive will get the notification, "An unstoppable force meets an invincible object. The ground beneath your feet shudders." The Juggernaut will still die, though, due to their defense being insignificant against a Powerful attack.
  • Getting this notification will give you an achievement. This only works if you are in a game where it happens.
  • The Juggernaut is the only role that is accessible only by chance.
  • The only way to obtain a Scroll for the Juggernaut is to purchase a bundle that gives a Scroll for every single role.
  • If a Necromancer uses the ability of a dead Juggernaut, the dead Juggernaut will still be powered up, even though they are dead.
  • An Amnesiac who remembers that they were a Juggernaut will start at the level the Juggernaut was before they died.
  • The Juggernaut is the only role without an Investigative result.
  • The Coven Leader can control the Juggernaut into himself, which would kill him.

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