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A scarring past is how the jester became to be, born in the town of Salem. Once the jester became an adult, the jester was sent away from being conscripted as a soldier to fight in a bloody war. After years in the battlefield, the sight of his fellow soldiers dying, and along with the war experience had left him paranoid. The jester’s paranoia never went away and remained with him for years after when he was sent back to his hometown, Salem. Everyday, the jester experienced his traumatic memories of the battlefield, and twisted envisions that everyone in town is out to kill him. The memories of the traumatic experience and the fear that comes with it, makes it hard for the jester to bear to live, and would rather accept to be killed and be liberated from himself, than to live with his paranoia, making him become a target wanting to be lynched. (credit)

Mechanics Edit

  • You only win if you are lynched. This means if you are killed any way other than by lynching, you automatically lose the game.
  • The stalemate detector will not end the game on the day you are lynched.
  • You can choose to haunt one of your guilty voters the night after being lynched. If you do not choose anyone or deselect your target, the game will randomly choose among the guilty voters. You cannot haunt someone else the next night. If you leave before choosing a target or before the night ends, nobody will die.
    • Your haunt ignores Night Immunity or ANY other immunity.
    • If you leave the game after successfully being lynched, anyone that voted guilty will not be killed by your haunt, even if only one person voted guilty.
    • A Doctor, Bodyguard or Jailor cannot protect your target.
    • A Transporter can switch your target with somebody else, even if they did not vote guilty.
      • Bug: If the game chooses a random guilty voter, the Transporter cannot transport the guilt, even if only one person voted guilty.


  • While playing as a Jester, the role can be fun and exhilarating; however, do not flagrantly abuse the chat by spamming, posting links, or acting unsportsmanlike just to get lynched. Spamming, in particular, is against the game's rules, and can get you banned.
    • Making various people angry is a common strategy; however, it has to be done carefully in order to make people hang you whether or not they believe you are a Jester.
    • Contrary to popular belief, being mean to people in chat does NOT help your chances of getting lynched. Most of the time, you will end up either getting killed at night, getting reported, or having people think you are a Jester, causing you not to get lynched.
  • As a Jester, the greatest threats to you are usually the Jailor and Vigilante. You will generally be trying to look suspicious in order to get hanged; but if they determine you're not Town, these roles have the ability to kill you instantly at night, denying you your victory. The easiest way to minimize this risk is to try and get lynched the same day you make yourself look suspicious; but if you can't do that, you'll have to strike a balancing act between setting up later suspicions that will get you hanged, and looking so suspicious that the Vigilante or Jailor kills you the next night.
    • When pursuing strategies that take longer than a single day, you should have a plan ready in case you are jailed - an explanation you can give to the Jailor for the way you've been behaving that way will make you look like a Townie, ideally coupled with a fake Last Will. A decent claim is Veteran, as they can also act loud or annoying. It is theoretically possible to confess to being a Jester and try to side with them, but usually the Jailor will execute Jester claims without hesitation.
    • In contrast, one of the best things that can happen to you is being jailed on night 1 or when the Jailor has no executions left. Pretending to be A.F.K. (Away From Keyboard), and then claiming in chat that you didn't think you were going to be jailed on Night 1 will cast a lot of suspicion on yourself.
  • Timing is tricky for the Jester:
    • The longer you wait before you begin raising suspicion against you, the more likely you are to be lynched. The Town is generally more desperate near the end and may be more likely to hang people without concrete evidence, especially if the Investigator is dead. There are also fewer people to trick, making it easier to get the necessary votes to be put on trial.
    • On the other hand, the longer you wait, the more likely you are to get killed at night or to have information about you revealed by a Witch, Sheriff, Investigator, Consigliere, or Spy, limiting your options.
    • Remember that if the game ends while you're still alive, you lose. Therefore, while you want to get lynched as quickly as possible, you also want to avoid doing anything that could bring the game to an end; you should generally avoid voting people up unless you think it will help you get lynched. Additionally, voting up (or voting guilty on) a member of the Mafia will make the Town less likely to suspect you of being a member of the Mafia, making it harder for you to get lynched.
  • Contrary to the aim of being a Jester, pretending to defend yourself can make you appear as a member of the Mafia or a Serial Killer. If you claim to be a Lookout and the real Lookout calls you out, continue to try and defend your claim which can make people lynch you anyway, under the logic of, "If you are really the Lookout, lynch the other person tomorrow."
    • The inverse also works, by claiming a role that a Townie has claimed while on trial. When they are revealed to actually be that role via lynching, the Town will very likely lynch you the next day, out of bitterness. This will almost always work, unless an Investigator identifies you as a Jester during the night and survives to report it the next day.
  • If you mess up as a Jester, it can be very difficult to gain your win, as Investigators will likely try to investigate you, and a Jailor or Vigilante may kill you. When you do think you've been investigated, your options vary based on who investigated you; if it was a Sheriff, you need to seem to be a role with Detection Immunity (such as an Arsonist, Witch, Vampire, Godfather, or perhaps a Werewolf if the Sheriff interrogated you on a non-Full Moon night), whereas if it was an Investigator, you'll need to try and pass as a Framer or Vampire.
  • If you are framed, use it to your advantage. The Sheriff will see you as a member of the Mafia. But it doesn't help you if an Investigator investigates you, since you are in the Framer's investigation result.
  • Also, if you are lucky enough to be at the gallows, try to play dumb, but not making it obvious that you're aiming for suicide. Try claiming a role from a dead Townie and give false information. This could help, but could also ruin your chance if you fail.
  • If you are an Executioner and know that there is a high chance of your target getting killed at night (such as if all the Town Protective roles are dead), try to get somebody to attack you. Hopefully, you will turn into a Jester and the attacker's Death Note will reveal your Night Immunity. This could be your key to victory.
  • If you simply get Jester as your role, claiming Executioner is a great strategy in itself. Executioners indirectly harm Town, so if you act like a bad Executioner the Town may lynch you. A great way to do this is trying to random lynch your 'target' SHOUTING IN ALL CAPS or saying something jokingly like "He gave me a cold!" You can aksi claim a confirmed Townie is a Werewolf. Even better, because Executioners show up with the Werewolf, if a Werewolf is in your game that might get you lynched as well. Of course, you risk Jailors and Vigilantes killing you, as killing non townies that are a distraction are generally part of their job.
  • Remember that as a Jester, you want to appear to be an evil role trying to appear to be a Townie (but who makes one or two mistakes that could get you lynched.) If you constantly act ridiculous, people will conclude that you're a Jester and ignore you; or, worse, a Vigilante or Jailor may kill you at night.
  • Many strategies for the Jester depend on claiming a role. However, claiming a suspicious role out of the blue can make you look like a Jester; evil roles are rarely eager to make a fake claim, since it exposes them to being disproved. Therefore, you need to create a situation where claiming your fake role makes sense. One option is simply to call for a role-call, and hesitate before "revealing" your fake role claim when people ask you to claim first.
  • An interesting tactic is to claim that you are an evil role, and that you hate it. This works especially well when Death Notes that have been revealed hint at disliking that role, or if a Death Note hints at greatly disliking the person killed, saying something along the lines of, "They deserved to die." which almost always arouses suspicion. In most scenarios, Death Notes are often a bit troll-y, and show a bit of personality. A good tactic is trying to mimic the personality revealed in the Death Note, or use snip-its of the Death Notes, arousing suspicion about why you said the same thing. Similarly, if a Death Note is simply using emoticons, try using whatever repeated emoticon they used as often as possible (without spamming of course). Such cases where the death note accompanies your plan, however, are rare to come by in addition to the tactic being almost always useless against more experienced players, so don't always rely on it.
  • If an Arsonist is in the game, and you have been questioned, it would be a good idea to claim a role that fit's in the Arsonist result, such as Bodyguard. You will most likely be lynched right off the bat.


Make a "mistake"Edit

  • Many strategies for the Jester rely on acting like an evil role who makes a mistake of some sort, such as claiming Investigator and listing an exact role (which makes you look like a Consigliere), or listing the pre-patch 1.5.0 Investigator results (such as accusing someone of being a Serial Killer/Doctor/Vampire, or a Mayor/Godfather/Vampire Hunter.) To pull off this kind of strategy successfully, your "mistake" has to be suitable for your level of play; for example, in Classic, it might make sense to claim a role that doesn't exist (which a very new player might make), whereas in Ranked, it needs to be a mistake that even relatively experienced players might make. If your mistake is too implausible, you'll be spotted as a Jester; whereas if it's too sophisticated, the other players might not notice it.

# is dying at the first night/will die next nightEdit

  • A tactic that seems to work sometimes, is to claim a specific person is dying on the first night. Usually, if the Mafia plays their cards well, they will kill the person you shouted out loud and frame you, because of the Town Investigative roles wanting to make sure you aren't just pretending to be a Jester. Note that this usually only works on the first day of Classic. This rarely works with more experienced players, mostly because the Mafia will be reluctant to go after an obviously named target due to fear of running into Town Protective roles.
  • You can also try and ask for roles by whispering, and if the person doesn't reveal their role, tell them that they are going to die next night. This has a chance to lead the whispered Townie to freak out and call you out. However, this strategy is very risky to use, as you can become a target for the Investigator.

Failed WhisperEdit

  • Another strategy is to make it seem like you're whispering to someone, for example type "./w (persons name) we'll win, don't worry!" This will look like you are trying to whisper to a member of the Mafia you already chatted with the last night.
  • "Whisper" someone mid-game; put in the whisper wrong so everyone can see it. They will all immediately suspect you or claim you're Jester. Claim you're new to the game, and they may or may not believe it.
  • This strategy might work in Classic Mode, but experienced players will not fall for this tactic.

# is immuneEdit

  • Claim someone has Night Immunity and accuse them. People will wonder how you "knew" that they had Night Immunity and lynch you. It would help to claim being a Vigilante when there is no chance of one being alive, or in-game; if its Day 2, you can say that you shot them last night (since Vigilantes can't shoot the first night.) Alternatively, even when a Vigilante is a theoretically plausible claim, you'll often come under suspicion if there was no credible reason for you to shoot your target.

Claim a Neutral Benign roleEdit

  • Claim that you are a Survivor or Amnesiac and maintain that role throughout the game. The earlier you claim it, the better; even if it is as early as Day 1. Without conclusive evidence or any leads, the Town is likely to lynch you, especially if you claim Survivor since you are everyone's ally. This is even more helpful if a Neutral Benign role dies or a real Amnesiac remembers their role. The only flaw in this is aggressive Jailors and Vigilantes, or an Investigator who discovers you are the Jester.

Act like an evil role's allyEdit

  • If an evil role (especially a member of the Mafia) is discovered, give a flawed explanation as to why the person is innocent. Vote innocent for them if they are put on trial, and if the role is killed, stay quiet. If the evil role does manage to survive, tell him that you are the Jester and that you are on their side. The Town can detect you as Jester if you act overly suspicious, so use this within reason.
  • Also, if you act like the Mafia's ally, the Mafia and Neutral Killing roles are more likely to keep you alive, to transfer suspicion from them to you.

Obviously fake/forged willEdit

  • A few nights in advance, Write a fake "Last Will" that seems like a certain role could have written it. However, make sure the will has loopholes in it. Some examples are:
    • Writing the Last Will one night ahead - If it is Day 5, write a Last Will that goes up to Night 6.
    • Impossible mechanic - Claim you shot someone as a Vigilante on night 1, give an investigation result that is not possible (such as Godfather/Retributionist/Sheriff) or claim that you are a Sheriff and you found a role with Detection Immunity.
    • Suspicious visits - Whenever someone is killed, write in your Last Will you visited the victim that same night. This works amazingly well if you claim to be a Doctor and write that you "visited" the victims of a Serial Killer.
    • False information - Give false investigation results about players who are still alive. They will call you out for it.
    • Only one possibility - In a fake Investigator's Last Will, write down only one role for each player. Make sure the roles are correct. If you are right on all of them, the town will assume you are a Consigliere. As an alternative, try to give investigative results before 1.5.0, such as Arsonist/Transporter. Beware that some less experienced Townies might not be aware.
    • You're the [insert evil role]- in a fake Sheriff's Last Will, write down that you found the Werewolf on an odd numbered night (as they have Detection Immunity then), or simply any role with Detection Immunity, such as a Vampire or Arsonist. Again, this may not work with less experienced Townies. On the contrary, claiming to be a Sheriff but posting an Investigator's Last Will might not work.
    • Town Support roles - Claim a role such as an Escort or Transporter and write a Last Will accordingly. Since your "targets" get messages if they were role blocked/transported, they will call you out for lying.
    • Typed Last Will - Write a Last Will that looks like it was hastily typed. Make spelling mistakes and clearly false information.
  • Once you have your Last Will, use another strategy to make yourself suspicious, and hopefully get on trial. Establish your role and copy and paste your "Last Will." (to copy said "Last Will", highlight said "Last Will" and hold Ctrl+C. To paste: hold Ctrl+V.)

Unique roleEdit

  • A great strategy is claiming a unique role or a role that cannot possibly be alive. Try not to be too obvious by claiming to be a Mayor, and you will only have to say it once early on. Later, when more roles die, the Town may remember your suspicious claim and lynch you. However, claiming a unique role may end up with your death at the hands of an evil or end up causing the Jailor or Vigilante to shoot you if you aren't lynched after the Town sees your mistake. Use this strategy with caution.
  • Claiming a role such as Retributionist is a good idea, as it can be hard to fully confirm yourself, and if you never revive someone, you may be lynched. Claiming Veteran is a also good, especially if it is not confirmed that there is a Veteran in the game. As it says above however, you must use this strategy carefully.
  • If you do plan to claim Mayor, you would normally want to be lynched that day, or killing roles would usually attack you, granting you a loss. Normally, claiming to be a Mayor and asking people to whisper their roles to you is an effective strategy to get yourself lynched, especially if they suspect you are an evil role. They will become suspicious, asking for you to "reveal yourself". At this point, you must tread carefully, because if you slip up and be too obvious, they will not lynch you.

Accusing a known Town Investigative roleEdit

  • Accusing a known Town Investigative role is a quick way to get hanged. Most people will listen to the Investigator's word over yours, and you will be lynched.

[insert name here] has revealed themself as the Mayor!Edit

  • By typing in "has revealed themself as the Mayor" people may suspect you of being an evil role pretending to be Mayor and lynch you. However, this tactic could be seen as a joke or obvious Jester behavior due to the obvious coloring of the letters when the Mayor reveals. As such, this tactic should be only be used in special situations where the players are inexperienced, but not inexperienced enough to fall for this, or if another Jester is dead. This should only be attempted if you are sure you can get away with it, other wise it will confirm you as Jester without a doubt, and you could be seeing a Jailor's execution or a Vigilante's bullet soon. Also, the real Mayor may still use this strategy to act like a Jester, so this strategy may not get you lynched at all.

Keep WhisperingEdit

  • Constant whispering tends to attract attention; whispering with someone and then being evasive about what you were saying can sometimes get you lynched. Try to constantly whisper with one person, further increasing suspicions. Be careful, however, as you may be accidentally whispering to a killing role who wants to go unnoticed.
  • However, this carries a risk of getting killed by the Mafia, who may assume you're an Investigator or Spy talking to someone you've confirmed as Town.

Acting inexperiencedEdit

  • If you act inexperienced, you can ask for help on some aspect of the game that makes you appear to be an evil role. For instance:
    • You can ask what the bloody note is, by your Last Will, and claim you've never seen it before.
    • Similarly, you can act confused about your role and ask how to play it, announcing some evil role as if you don't understand that it's evil.
    • Or you can ask about the people who talk at night, implying you're a member of the Mafia confused by seeing the Mafia chat.
    • You can pretend to not know how to whisper. However, this will only work if you be obnoxious about it, otherwise people will assume you are inexperienced.
      • While using this strategy, don't whisper unless told how. Some people will notice that and accuse you of not being new. Most beginners don't know how to whisper.
  • Note that these strategies are only likely to work in Classic; it would be implausible for someone to be so inexperienced in Ranked.

I was dousedEdit

  • If there is an Arsonist in the game it might be wise to say you were doused. Since no one knows if they are doused, your claim is impossible and may get lynched for poor Arsonist play. You could easily get called out a bad Jester though.
    • Obviously, the real Arsonist will know you aren't doused, but will hardly admit it.

Staying Silent, misspelling "I am blackmailed"Edit

  • During the day, don't say anything. Then, once somebody inevitably votes you up to the stands, type out the blackmailed message, but with a slight misspelling. For example: "I am blakmailed." Once somebody sees the error, you will almost definitely be hanged as a mafia member trying to fake your way out of punishment. Works best if someone else seems like they are blackmailed, since it will make the town more suspicious.

Saying suspicious messagesEdit

  • If the town is in a very bad state, you can offer to start "random lynching." This can bring heavy suspicion on you, and the remaining town will want to get you lynched. The mafia will also know that you're not in the mafia and think you're a neutral role against them, and they will vote guilty.

Claim you were attacked, and give a bad explanation for survivingEdit

  • Night Immune evil roles are often caught when they're attacked by a night killer and then revealed. Therefore, especially on any day where the Mafia or an active Serial Killer failed to kill anyone, you can start the day by saying that you were attacked, but used your vest (implying you are a Bodyguard or an Survivor, a common claim for the Arsonist or Werewolf, respectively); or, alternatively, that you healed yourself (implying you are a Doctor, which is a common claim by Serial Killers.) Even just claiming you were healed by someone else can be effective. Ideally, this will make you look like a Night Immune evil role trying to forestall being called out as immune. (Do not, however, try to explain your "immunity" by saying you were jailed, since town will just leave you for the real Jailor to handle.)

Be annoying Edit

  • Claiming to be new, by saying "WHAT DOES THE BLOODY/RED/OTHER NOTE DO?" each day in chat, "OH GOD, I THINK I KILLED <player>, IS THAT WHAT CLICKING ON THE BUTTON BESIDE THEIR NAME DOES?" or other messages of the sort can/will eventually wear down the Town to the point where they'll lynch you, however this can have it's downsides with the town ignoring you or a Vigilante or Jailor killing you before you get lynched. Smart(er) Killers will see that you're a Jester or someone new, and thus a waste of a night.

Act like a gamethrowing Mafia member Edit

  • Claim to be a Mafia role, and say "X is GF, Y is Mafioso, I'm [Random Mafia role], town wins =D" or something similar works surprisingly well, as many towns will immediately assume you are gamethrowing, and lynch you. However, this can fail in several ways if you are unlucky: if you claim Framer, towns will often cotton onto the fact that you are actually a Jester and immediately ignore you; if a Town Investigative role visits you and sees that their results do not match up with your claim, they will inform the town; or a Jailor or Vigilante could kill you at night and ruin your plan.


Staying silentEdit

  • Try staying completely silent. When asked to speak or tell your role, say nothing and eventually you will be accused of being suspicious. The downside to doing this is you will not be suspected too much in the beginning. Another downside to this is that killing roles may suspect you of being a high priority target such as the Jailor, who would rather not draw attention to themselves. This can possibly get you killed at night. If put on trial, staying silent is almost a guarantee to get lynched, giving you the win.

Saying "Everyone message me your role" Edit

  • During the beginning of the day if the Town has a slight majority, yelling out to everyone to tell you their roles can get you lynched, especially if there is a Mayor or other confirmed Town role.

Random LynchEdit

  • Try and get a random lynch going, then simply act either annoying or suspicious enough to get yourself to be the random lynch target. When you have to say your defense, then simply either be silent and reply to the chat when they ask or get suspicious that you are a Jester. Feel free to reveal during the Last Words. If you fail to do so for one day, then simply ask the Jailor or Doctor to heal/jail you because what you said might get you killed, and that can scare off killing roles even if you aren't healed/jailed. Then keep trying to do so until you are. If you are voted by some people but time runs out, then chances are that you will either get killed at night or voted tomorrow.
    • Careful, the Jailor may decide to execute you because of your suspicious nature.

Voting Innocent on a known targetEdit

  • Vote Innocent when lynching a known evil target. This will make you seem suspicious, especially if the target was in the Mafia, etc.
  • When the town hangs a known Mafia member, vote innocent so then you'll be suspected of being Mafia as well. However, this can attract unwanted Investigative roles your way if you were the only one who voted innocent.
    • This strategy normally leads the Town to believe you are Jester. Be careful with how often you do that and claim something like: "Sorry I misclicked" when you are getting accused of being a Jester. This may encourage the Town into lynching you.

Voting Guilty on a confirmed Town roleEdit

  • If there is a confirmed Town role, such as Investigator or Jailor, you can try to get them lynched by voting them, and voting guilty. If you aren't killed at night, then you can, and might be lynched due to the suspicion. However, it is very risky, since you have a high chance of being killed at night.

Team UpEdit

  • Team up with one side and vote with them in exchange for being hung later, and then killing one of their enemies at night. Most people will be willing to team with you for the extra vote, however, the Jailor is likely to execute you. Get people to become slightly suspicious of you, then say something along the lines of: "Guys please don't lynch I am townie but I cannot tell you specifically what role I am." They will either get more suspicious and lynch you, or think you're a Jester, in which case, your plan has failed.
  • Generally, it is better to side with the mafia/neutrals than town because siding with town may make you a kill target for the mafia/neutrals. However, leave the lynching to the townies, as you have a better chance to be lynched by them, than the mafia, and the Serial Killer, as you will most likely survive the game with them, without gaining the win for yourself.
  • Another risky but rewarding tactic is to whisper to a random person on day 2 that you are a Jester, and that if they help you get lynched, you'll haunt someone of their choice. Offer yourself as a weapon! Generally despite the person's role, they will be more than willing to help you to their own advantage. This can be a very clever tactic because if you managed to ask help from a mafia member or neutral killing role, they probably won't kill you. There are a few downfalls to this strategy, though; They may have trouble convincing people to vote you up, a Spy can take notes on your whisper, or they might just expose you.
  • It might be smarter to work with the Jailor if you are jailed. Especially if the Jailor has executed a town member and ran out of executions, you can offer him a deal by telling the truth, and getting the Jailor either to write it in his last will or announce it that you didn't claim a role. Most towns will lynch you, but it will make you suspicious if the Jailor has executions left, as it will make them wonder why you weren't executed.
  • A Transporter can shift the Jester's guilt around using their ability, even using it to kill someone who didn't vote guilty. Therefore, if you can find a transporter, you can ally with them, telling them that they can vote guilty on you and then just shift the guilt onto whoever they think is evil. The downside to this is that others in the Town may not vote you up if they suspect what's going on and that Transporters sometimes aren't aware that they can shift guilt around.
  • It is usually to your advantage to signal to the Mafia that you are a Jester. This means that they're unlikely to vote Guilty on you; but it also means they're likely to help you get voted up, and more importantly, it makes them less likely to kill you at night.
    • One easy way to make the Mafia suspect that you're a Jester is to claim you were attacked on a night when the Mafia missed their kill; the real Mafia will know they didn't attack you.
    • Another option is to claim Sheriff and accuse someone you're reasonably certain isn't Mafia, which should immediately out you as a fake (and therefore a likely Jester or Executioner) to the actual Mafia.

Strategy for other rolesEdit

  • Strategy for other players: If you want the Jester to kill someone else, vote to put the Jester on trial, vote guilty (or innocent), encourage others to vote, and then pull your vote at the last second. A Jester can't kill abstaining or innocent voters.
  • As Mafia or a Neutral Killing role, allying with the jester can be extremely valuable late game. Whispering things to them like "I will get you lynched" or "I will try to help you get lynched" will cause the Jester to want to ally and vote with the mafia. This is especially useful if the jester is already revealed to the town and has no hope of winning unless allying with the Mafia. Even if you end up not getting them lynched, they will often appreciate the effort and vote with you anyway, so allying with a Jester isn't the worse idea for any neutral or mafia roles.
    • Don't rely on them not targeting you after death however. So do not vote guilty in the hopes that the Jester will appreciate your help and not haunt you. First of all, the Jesters don't care much about which side wins, so they may haunt you anyway, despite the role you played in getting them hung, or you might know them as a friend and they do the joy of getting you killed. Secondly, the Jesters will be in contact with dead townies and Mediums who will probably ask them to haunt you if your role has been revealed. They tend to listen to other dead people when deciding who to haunt.
  • Executioner turned Jester: Claim that a player of an unknown role is night-immune. When asked for role or evidence, give a brash, salty, or vague response that matches the grammar and style of the Serial Killer's previous Death Notes (if any). Bonus points if the Death Notes have even the slightest relation to your in-game name and you choose your answers based on that. Adamantly deny or affirm your guilt based on how gullible/desperate you believe the other players to be. This will cast great suspicion on you if you had been attacked before becoming a Jester and someone makes a claim that you are night-immune, whether in the chat, Last Will, or Death Note. You could whisper if you can correctly guess the contents of a highly-suspicious one. This has a good chance of getting you lynched.
  • Another scenario is that there are only three people left, and the mafia might vote you. If you don't vote, both people may vote you eventually, and you will get hung. You can also make the game end in a draw if this scenario occurs.
  • A Transporter can shift the Jester's guilt using their ability. Therefore, if you suspect a Jester, you can vote guilty on them and then transport yourself with someone you think is evil. If you're doing this (and the entire Town suspects a Jester) it might make sense to announce that you're "taking the hit" so nobody else votes Guilty. You can also shift the guilt around in any other situation where only one person votes guilty on a Jester. If someone else does vote Guilty, of course, don't transport yourself with them, since you might end up transporting the guilt onto yourself!

Claim RoleEdit

Claim your exact role Edit

  • Claiming your exact role (Jester) may forces the Town into thinking you could be Veteran or Mafia, that wants the Mafia to visit you or who wants not to be lynched, as the Mafioso (or any other evil Role except Jester) would prefer.
  • This strategy only works in the game Modes All-Any, Rainbow or Classic.
  • The bad thing about claiming Jester is that you may get more Attention from Sheriffs, Investigators or any killing role like the Serial Killer, Werewolf, Mafia-Killing, Jailor and Vigilante.


  • After a Werewolf attack, you can claim Lookout and say that you saw someone visit the victim, accusing them of being the Werewolf. Normally, any actual Lookout who saw a Werewolf attack would get killed by the Werewolf themselves, so this can get you lynched if anyone recognizes the contradiction.

Mayor Edit

  • If jailed, claim Mayor. Then explain you don't want to reveal (afraid of maf majority, etc.). If the jailor dies without executing you, or lives and doesn't execute you, at day claim a different role with 'information' against someone (preferably not the jailor). Then, the jailor or the jailor's will will convince people you may not be what you claim. On the stand, re-claim mayor but use the '[Name]: has revealed themselves as Mayor!' Trick. This will assure your lynching.


  • In certain scenarios, it might be best to claim you are a Spy. The members of the town will whisper to each other in an attempt to see if you can actually read what they were saying. Since you can't actually read what the whispers say, they will suspect you are a lying Serial Killer or a member of the mafia.

Retributionist Edit

  • When an important role to the Town dies, like a Jailor or a Mayor, you can claim being a Retributionist and that you will revive the person with said role the next night. The Town Protectives will usually protect you that night so you have a lesser chance of getting killed. The next day, when the town will see that you actually have not resurrected the one you said you will, they will suspect you. With the mafia voting for you to get you killed without risking facing the Protectives, it is easy to convince just a couple of Townies to lynch you that way.


  • One strategy is to claim Survivor early on (possibly as early as Day 1 or Day 2). If the Town has no other leads, they may lynch you immediately, knowing that you're not Town and suspecting that you might be an evil role using Survivor to explain away your night immunity, or just saying Survivor because you are everyone's ally, and should not get killed by almost anyone.
  • Alternatively, you can claim Survivor at any point by saying that you used your vest to block an attack; it is common for evil roles to do this after facing an attack, knowing they'll be called out in a death note anyway.
  • If you're lucky enough to face any sort of accusations, claiming survivor on the stand is also often a very easy way to get lynched; the town will almost always hang people who claim survivor under pressure, since losing a survivor doesn't really hurt them.
  • The downside to claiming Survivor is that it very frequently attracts attention from Vigilantes and Jailors, who will know you're unlikely to be Town.


  • Claiming Doctor is an effective way of putting yourself under suspicion of being the Serial Killer, especially if you claim, on any day where the Mafia failed to kill, that you were attacked and healed yourself; this will make it seem like you're trying to explain away your night immunity.

Unique RoleEdit

  • Claiming a unique role is often effective, since anyone who actually holds that role will know you're lying; you'll also fall under suspicion if someone else with the role dies. Avoid claiming Jailor in this way, since the real jailor will very likely kill you.
  • You can claim a Unique Role that is already dead so they think you are lying to stay alive; but be careful about this. It's less likely to work in more experienced games, since it's such a transparently false claim that you might be immediately suspected of being a jester.


  • A Consigliere will often pretend to be an Investigator; and a common mistake Consiglieres make when doing this is to list exact roles when accusing people (since Investigators see mixed results instead.) Therefore, you can appear to be a Consigliere by claiming Investigator and naming people's exact roles.
  • A different strategy, and one of pure luck, falsely give a role at daytime. People may suspect you of an Executioner and lynch you on the spot. However, if a Town member died the previous night, they can suspect you of an Executioner turned Jester and keep you away from a lynch.
  • The Investigator results were changed in patch 1.5.0, and many players are still unaware of this; therefore, you can sometimes look like someone faking an Investigator claim by claiming Investigator and accusing someone of having a pre-1.5.0 Investigative result, such as Mayor / Godfather / Vampire Hunter.


  • A Bodyguard has a very dangerous Investigative result of Bodyguard / Godfather / Arsonist; additionally, they are hard to prove. Therefore, a Town hunting either of those two evil roles will likely put unexpected Bodyguard claims on the stand.
  • If pressed for a will, you can refuse to give one, or you can give one with clear errors in it, such as saying that you protected someone the night they died, or constantly failing to protect the Mayor or confirmed Town members. Claiming Bodyguard after a revealed Mayor or Jailor died is also extremely suspicious, since the Town will wonder why you weren't protecting them.
  • You can attract additional attention as a Bodyguard by claiming you were attacked and saying you vested; since Bodyguards only have one vest, it's very unlikely for them to block an attack with it, and since both the evil roles in their Investigative results are Night Immune, they frequently claim to have used a vest in this fashion. This works best on any night when the Mafia or Serial Killer failed to kill anyone, though smart Mafia members will know they didn't attack you and may guess that you're a Jester.


  • Claiming Vigilante and saying you attacked someone only to find them immune will often attract suspicion, since Mafia killers, Serial Killers, and Vampires often claim Vigilante when they need to immediately out someone as immune. Claiming it after the Mafia or Serial Killers missed an attack is particularly suspicious. Implying that you are a Vampire by accusing someone of being "immune" like this has the added advantage that Vampire is part of your investigation results.

Sheriff Edit

  • This strategy is pretty much based around luck, but it can work sometimes. During the Day, claim you are a Sheriff and someone came up as a Mafia member or a Serial Killer. This can pretty quickly get you suspected of Executioner, and you will be (hopefully) lynched. However, if the Town member you accused dies the night before, you can be suspected of an Executioner turned Jester and will not be lynched.


  • A very solid strategy is to act like an Executioner, especially a bad one; claim Sheriff, Investigator, or Lookout round 1 and say that so-and-so is suspicious. Ideally, everyone will think you're an Executioner and lynch you.
  • If they don't, and your target turns out to be Town, the town will hopefully lynch you for revenge or suspicion of lying and setting the entire Executioner setup from the start. You can also claim Executioner outright after getting a Town member lynched; this is a frequent strategy for evil Night Immune killers, so it has a good chance of getting you lynched by more experienced Townies.
  • Alternatively, you can whisper to a townie on Day 3 or 4 "I'm executioner, help me lynch (confirmed townie) and I'll vote with the mafia." Since they are town, they will freak out and tell people you are executioner, which will probably get you lynched.
    • Note that any strategy where you pretend to be an Executioner has a serious drawback: If you don't get lynched that night, there's a huge risk that the Mafia or Serial Killer will kill your "target". If they actually are Town, then everyone will assume you became a Jester, making it almost impossible to get lynched.
    • Additionally, the Town may ignore you if they think that you're a successful (or unsuccessful) Executioner. To avoid this, stay active in the game; talk a lot, whisper, vote frequently, etc. You want to appear to be an evil role using the Executioner claim as a shield.
  • You can also claim to be an Executioner with an impossible target. Executioners can only target Town (or, in some situations, a Vampire), and can never target a Mayor or Jailor; therefore, claiming Executioner and saying your target was a dead non-Town or the Mayor or Jailor can get you lynched under the assumption that you're a member of the Mafia or a Neutral Killing role pretending to be an Executioner

A really bad JesterEdit

  • If you pretend to be a really bad Jester, the Town will sometimes conclude that you're an evil role pretending to be a Jester to avoid getting hung and lynch you; however, this carries a high risk of getting shot by a Vigilante or executed by a Jailor, since killing possible Jesters is normally considered part of their job.


A Medium claim is a hard role to prove, but can be easily disproved; if anyone returns from the dead, they'll be able to call you out, since they won't have seen you speaking at night. Therefore, claiming Medium immediately after the Retributionist revived someone will often get you lynched. If there are cleaned targets in the game, and you claim yourself as a Medium and give a little bit of evidence against so-and-so, people will suspect you of being a Janitor working with a Framer, Executioner, Jester, or Consigliere.

Last Killer RoleEdit

  • Near the end of the game, if there is only one bad role left, confess that you are tired of the game running this long and that you are the last killer role. Speak convincingly and back up your claim, but do not be too desperate, lest a smart player catches on and convinces the Town otherwise.
  • If there are three players left (You, and two other killing roles or roles like Transporter or Doctor; Ex: You, Godfather and Arsonist) claim that you are Godfather and it's a tie breaker for the non-Arsonist or Godfather role. The Godfather will assume that you are Jester and go with your bluff, hoping that you will haunt the Arsonist.

Suspicious VigilanteEdit

  • Claiming Vigilante on the second day and saying that a certain player is immune is also a possible plan. Most players usually catch on that vigilantes cannot shoot on the first night, and called you out on this. Of course, some smart players may recognize this as a tactic a jester would use.

Amnesiac Edit

  • Claiming Amnesiac means that you'll likely be lynched if an actual Amnesiac later remembers an evil role.
  • Additionally, if you claim Amnesiac, the Town will often demand that you remember a Town role the next night. Failing to do so may get you lynched. However, this could get you killed by an evil role trying to eliminate town.
  • Amnesiac is, however, generally a bad role to claim on the stand, since the Town will usually give you at least one night to recall a Town role (and you may die that night or the Town may get distracted by another lead.)

Vampire Hunter Edit

  • In Ranked, you can pretend to be a Vampire Hunter. Once people figure out that the "Any" role is NOT Vampire, your claim is impossible and the town could lynch you. Do not talk too much or be annoying, or else people will assume you are a Jester.
  • If there IS another confirmed Vampire Hunter, you should claim that also. To prove your claim, the real Vampire Hunter might ask you whether you turned into a Vigilante. Answering this incorrectly or saying "yes, wait I mean no" could get you hung.

Neutral Evil or Neutral Killing Role Edit

  • A trick some neutral evils or neutral killers use is to whisper to a random person, reveal role, and hope that they are mafia. If there is a witch in the game, and seeing as witches usually side with Mafia, this may just work. However, if you whisper to someone who is in touch with the Jailor, or are in the midst of mayor games, or are not lynched the day you whisper, you may be executed by the Jailor.

'Honesty' Edit

  • If another Jester has died, then people will not think that you are Jester.
  • Say that you are Jester on Day one. More advanced people will think you are lying or playing poorly.
  • Say that you are Jester when somebody accused you of being Framer,Vampire, Mafia, Serial Killer (If you were transported with the Killer), or is a Consigilere trying to help you out and kill another Townie.

Multiple RolesEdit

  • Whilst this strategy is not very effective against experienced players, there is a chance you can be lynched by claiming different roles.
  • If you ever end up claiming a role, either from being asked it, revealing with information, or a request to be jailed, protected, or healed, the next day claim something else. People will likely realize you have claimed to be several different roles and lynch you for it.
  • However, this is a risky move, as most people will guess that you are a Jester by the fact that you're claiming multiple roles. This strategy is most likely to work in Classic mode, although it may not even work there.
  • Another strategy that can be used in conjunction with this one for maximum effectiveness is to claim something easy to prove like Sheriff and then claim another Town essential role if you are counter-claimed, such as Doctor. You can say that you claimed Sheriff to avoid being killed but are actually Doctor. While you may actually convince some people, most people will not buy that and lynch you.

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