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The sun had set already. The people of the Town moved along the paths and streets of a lamp-lit Salem after the town's afternoon meeting. One figure, his hand moving to turn the doorknob to his house, had suddenly found himself in a blindfold and handcuffs. With no chance of resistance, he was hauled away under the cover of darkness. He would not be in his bed that night, nor out doing his duty. Instead, he would find himself tossed into a pitiful jail cell. Stone walls, a small cot, and a bucket were the only material inside.

After a long and dreadful wait, the barred window of the cell's only metal door let through a voice in a sovereign tone. "What is your role in this mess?" The figure, alone in the cell, sweats and looks from the cell door back up towards the bars. The voice sounds again, compelling and potent in its ultimatum, "Make your claim, or you will die here."

Handcuffed and nervous, he calls out, "I-I'm the Doctor! I was only trying to help someone!" It didn't work. He could hear the sound of a gun being taken out of its holster. The sovereign voice of the Jailor sounds again. "...I had a visit from the Doc' yesterday." The door opens. A pistol points at the cuffed figure inside the cell.

"It wasn't you." (credit)


  • The Jailor is a Unique Role; There can never be more than one Jailor in a match.
  • Neither you nor the Mayor can be an Executioner's target, but a Spy still can.

Jailing a target Edit

Jail a target for the upcoming night by clicking on the Sun button (day ability) during the day phase.

  • You will visit your target, which is observable by a Lookout.
  • Your jailed target is role blocked. This overrides Role block Immunity.
  • Your jailed target will be immune to all attacks and visits by a Transporter, Vampire Hunter, Vigilante, Blackmailer, Mafia Killing, Vampire, Witch and Neutral Killing role. Your target is not immune to your own execution, Jester haunt or suicide.
    • Attackers will get a message as if their target had Night Immunity.
    • The Transporter and Witch will be notified that their visit failed. The Blackmailer will not be notified.
    • Your target will be notified of any of these visits, except for a failed transport and Witch control.
    • You will not receive any messages of any of these visits.
    • A Bodyguard visiting your target will not retaliate if the target is attacked. This spells tragedy in the case of a Werewolf attack, in which the Werewolf will kill both the Bodyguard and you, and the Werewolf will die from the Bodyguard.
  • If you jail a Serial Killer or a Werewolf (during a Full Moon night) and don't execute them, they will attack you and any other role blockers visiting them. This will occur even if they leave the game.
    • If a jailed Serial Killer attacks you, you will receive a different message, "You were killed by the Serial Killer you jailed."
    • Your death message will also notify you that you jailed the Werewolf
    • You can be protected by a Doctor from this attack.
      • You will not be told that you jailed the Serial Killer if you are healed by a Doctor the same night you jail the Serial Killer. In addition, the Doctor will get no notification about whether they healed a target in this scenario.
  • If a dead Medium seances you, you will listen and talk to both your prisoner and the Medium at the same time. However, your prisoner won't be able to hear what the Medium says. This is same the other way around. If a dead Medium seances your prisoner, you will not be able to hear what the Medium is saying, but your prisoner will.

Executing a target Edit

Execute your prisoner by using the night ability button. You have three executions.

  • You cannot execute on the first night, even if you are controlled by a Witch. You will still receive the notification that you did not perform your night ability even if you get controlled.
  • You can be role blocked from executing.
  • If you execute a Townies, you will lose your remaining executions.
  • If a Witch controls you into targeting your prisoner, you will be forced to execute them (unless it is the first night).
  • If a Witch controls you into targeting someone other than your prisoner, you will be unable to execute your prisoner.
  • If you execute the Serial Killer or Werewolf, this will not prevent them from killing other role blockers visit them.
  • If your prisoner is killed by other means other than your execution, it will show up the next day.


  • Keep track of your jailed targets in your Last Will and write their names in your Last Will before the night begins. If you jail the Serial Killer and die, the Town will be able to know the Serial Killer's possible identity. This also applies to Werewolves during Full Moon nights.
  • Write down any claimed roles in your Last Will immediately before the night ends, just in case you die that night.
  • If you reveal yourself, make sure that any Town roles that can protect you are doing so, since you are the highest priority target for the Mafia, Serial Killers, Werewolves and Arsonists. This includes Doctors and Bodyguards protecting you, as well as indirect methods such as a Transporter moving you (which makes you difficult to hit) and a Lookout watching you to find who visits you. If anyone else claims to be the Jailor, they are lying since your role is unique, so jail and execute them.
  • Take a neutral stance on your prisoner, do not be too trusting, but do not be too eager to execute. Stay level-headed, and don't make rash decisions. If you don't execute an evil role, not only do they live for a night, but now the Town may believe they have some credibility because the Jailor believed them. Even worse, you may die from a Serial Killer or a Werewolf. However, killing a Townies will result in the loss of your executions and your effectiveness as Jailor. Keep yourself composed, and make rational decisions based on fact. Failing that, go with what your gut tells you, not what your inmate says or what other people say.
  • Collect information from everyone, as this can help find true info for Townies and sort out people who are evil, this allowing you to execute them. Try jailing whisperers, talkative people, or anyone looking suspicious.
  • When you jail someone, make sure to ask their role. If the jailed target claims a role, ask for their Last Will unless it's only Night 1. You will get information from an Investigator, Sheriff or Spy and can immediately find bad Transporter, Escort, or Lookout claims if they claim they moved or role blocked you or one of your jailed targets that was not visited. Get all the information you can no matter what role they claim. Your target will be notified when you decide to execute them. Executing first can make many evil roles panic. However, this is not always true.
  • Consider using a code word. If you tell your prisoners a code word and you are voted to the stand, you can say this code word to win votes to save yourself and remain anonymous. If the Townies trust this person that will defend you, they will usually be more than willing to vote you innocent. Likewise, if you say your code word and you are not defended by the people whom you told your code word to, you can use that as suspicious evidence to tell to a Medium, if there is one, in the event that you are lynched. A well-hidden code word in a sentence will enable you to tell your ex-prisoners that you are the Jailor while keeping other people unknown to your role. You can use ex-prisoners and any other person's reactions to that code word and votes as a way to tell what side they are on. If you know an ex-prisoner to be an ally, bait yourself to be put up to the stand and gather some evidence! Keep in mind that evil roles you may have jailed can steal your code word, risking you revealing your role and becoming a target for killers or letting an evil role get away. Another way is to make a sentence, then give each person you jailed but not executed a word that's part of the sentence. You can use that when you're about to get lynched. Type out the sentence and those that are part of the sentence will be able to know you're the Jailor. That way, even if the evil roles get a word, they can't use it when they get lynched since they would have to type an exact sentence to be able to win innocent votes. Just make sure the sentence isn't that obvious or simple. Make it obscure enough so that people can't make up a sentence that might have enough words to save themselves. Another advantage to code words is that it can sometimes let you verify someone's claim of being a Medium. If a Townie you previously gave your code to has died and someone you're jailing for the first time claims to be a Medium, they should be able to get the code from the dead (provided they are still active).
  • An example of this is telling all your prisoners, "The code words are I like waffles." or something else random and unnecessary. Then, if you get accused or voted on the stand, say the code word again. Hopefully, the Townies you jailed will remember that and vote innocent, which is a great way to get voted off the stand without claiming your role.
  • Keep track of Mafia killings. If no one is killed, there is a good chance your target is a kill-capable member of the Mafia. Beware that if the Mafia have both a Mafioso and a Godfather alive, you will be unable to block them from killing by jailing either one of them. However, their Death Note will change from the Mafioso's to the Godfather's (If you have jailed the Mafioso), which you can use as evidence to out members of the Mafia. Many times, the Mafia will not kill in order to have the Jailor believe that the last person they had jailed is a killing role so that the Jailor would re-jail and execute or lynch that prisoner.
  • If you execute someone, be sure to state the reason or evidence for doing so in your Death Note or Last Will.
  • If the Mayor reveals themselves, you can jail them in case a Serial Killer, Arsonist or the Mafia targets them, since a revealed Mayor is a high priority to those roles due to the increased voting power. Note that if you both are revealed, a Witch could force you to execute the Mayor, or you might just be killed instead.
  • You are not Control Immune. Never state who you are if there is a Witch in game.
  • The Jailor can act as a protection role, as the prisoner is immune to being attacked. The Jailor can use this to the Town's advantage by jailing those who need to be protected, such as a revealed Mayor.
  • Executing someone if they have claimed a role that a previous target claimed is a good way to not only kill a Townie, but also to lose your remaining executions which makes you not much of a threat to anyone you jail. Rather, have a confirmed Town Invest role investigate both targets. Execute the one who has lied. Remember - it's okay to defer executions! Keep in mind that if you jail two people and they both claim the same role, the first person isn't always telling the truth!
  • If you're jailing someone and they claim to be a Lookout, you can make them prove their role by telling them who you're going to jail the next day and ask them to lookout for that person to see who visits them. Jail them again the next night to ask for a confirmation of who visited your jailed target. If the person can confirm that you visited said target, then they're a confirmed Townie. Of course, this method will expose your identity, but it's only to fellow fellow Townies, lowering the risk of you ever getting voted up on the stand.
  • There is no such thing as a confirmed Executioner or Jester (with the extremely rare exception of one who has been investigated by a confirmed Investigator, while Framer, Vampire, Sheriff, and/or Werewolf do not fit into the role list) You should strongly consider executing any Neutral Evil claims you see. The reason is that the the Godfather or any Neutral Killing role will often try to claim to be an Executioner to explain their Night Immunity. Remember that these roles are Neutral Evil; they have goals that directly interfere with the Town's.
  • If there is anyone claiming to be a successful Executioner and you are playing a mode with a few evil roles, the best example for this scenario being Ranked, execute them the next night. They may be an evil faking an Executioner after randomly accusing and lynching someone and getting lucky seeing they are Town, or they could actually be a successful Executioner. Either way, you remove an evil role like a Neutral Killing or a Night Immune Executioner, who could side with evils.
  • Be wary of people who claim Neutral roles, as these can be an evil role. However, keep in mind that they could be telling the truth. Survivors sometimes betray the Town, so keep this in mind. However, if you execute a role like a Survivor, you may have wasted an execution that could have been used against a member of the Mafia.
  • Never say what your targets have claimed during because you will attract unwanted attention by the evil roles.
  • Mafia and evil Neutral roles tend to claim Town roles such as Medium or Lookout. This goes for everyone you jail, but always ask what you have learned to make sure.
  • If you manage to jail a Mafioso and there is no Godfather, you should keep them alive, continually jailing them, while the Town safely finds the remaining members of the Mafia. Do not use this if there is a Neutral Killing role, since they can kill you at any time. Keep in mind that a Witch may have teamed up with the Mafia and they might know who the Mafioso is. They could easily force you to execute the Mafioso before everyone finds the remaining members of the Mafia.
  • In addition to asking players their roles, you may ask them to produce some proof that they are genuine. For example, you may ask a player who claims a Town Investigative or Town Support role to produce their Last Wills in jail. This allows you to not only consolidate all of the Town's leads, but you can use proven Townies' Last Wills to find the fake Last Wills and narrow down your targets.
  • One tactic is to hit the execute button at the start of the interrogation to put more pressure on their targets, and then release the execute button if the target has satisfied your tests. You should not use this tactic if you have a low-end computer prone to freezing as you will not be able to take back your decision for the rest of the night, risking the loss of all your executions.
  • Sometimes, you might want to be cautious about what you write in your Last Will; reporting claims for important roles like Doctors and Investigators could expose them to the Mafia. Generally, though, you should write as much as possible, since preserving information will help the Town more than it helps the Mafia.
    • Some Jailors like to put in their Last Will the alignment their prisoners claimed instead of the role. This has no real advantages because if they actually are evil, they get more claimspace from you. However, the exception to this is Town Killing. This helps prevent a Witch to control the Vigilante and shoot a Townie with no risk, because now they could visit a Veteran and get killed. Since these roles occupy the same role slot and have the same investigative results, this doesn't change the information you give to town too much.
  • If you jail someone who claims to be an Escort, consider telling them who you've jailed (but not the roles they've claimed, unless you trust them completely), and of course, get the list of who they've role-blocked. Since you're both role-blockers, this lets you narrow down who to jail to prevent the Mafia from killing. If the Escort is actually an evil role, the list of who you've jailed is generally not hugely useful to them.
  • A good way of finding out if someone is evil is telling them you are a random person's name. If they die by Mafia, they are most likely evil, especially if they claimed a Town Protective role.
  • If your target claims to be a Town Protective role, it's a good idea to tell them your name and order them to protect you every night, threatening to get them lynched via your Last Will if you die. The only way this can be exploited is if the Town Protective claim is a member of the Mafia has a Forger or Janitor. They can kill you without revealing that you should have been protected.
  • There is no reason to keep any non-Town role claims alive except for Amnesiac. This includes Survivor claims. You would need an Investigator to investigate them, or you could eliminate the non-Town roles and save the Investigator a precious night. However, keep in mind most Survivor claims are actual Survivors trying to make sure they live, so you could be killing off a potential ally.
  • In Ranked or Ranked Practice, be wary of Retributionist, Mayor or Spy claims if there is a Serial Killer or a Werewolf on a Full Moon night. Often, these roles will claim to be Town roles that you would be very hesitant to execute, allowing them to kill you that night instead. This especially applies later in the game, when a Retributionist should have revived someone and a Spy should have shared their information.
  • Jailors may ask a player to read off their role card to prove that they are the role which they claim. However, this is known as Metagaming and is frowned upon by BlankMediaGames and frowned upon by a large portion of the Town of Salem community; this strategy is ineffective against experienced players who have memorized the role cards. Additionally, many Townies will refuse to metagame, likely resulting in you losing your executions. The Town may refuse a metagaming Jailor if they disagree with their decision to metagame.
  • If there is a confirmed Serial Killer or a Werewolf and it is an even numbered night, you will have to make a choice if you don't have any executions. If you jail them, you will die, but the rest of the players will not be attacked. If you don't jail them, they will kill somebody, and in the Werewolf's case, might kill multiple players. However, you will live if they don't attack you, and you can safely jail someone else that might be an Arsonist, Godfather, Vampire or any other evil roles. If you have executions though, you can safely execute the Serial Killer or Werewolf without worrying about the above.
  • Unlike most roles, you can freely focus on people who are talkative Night 1, since you won't die if they're a Veteran trying to bait people in; this can both protect talkative Townies who are targeted by the {{Mafia]}} and can let you press evil roles who are pretending to be a Veteran to deflect attention.
  • If there is a revealed Mayor and you have revealed yourself as the Jailor, consider saying something along the lines of, "I'll jail the Mayor tonight." but jail a different player. This could keep them safe while you interrogate other players.
    • However, if there are more than one member of the Mafia still alive, this could be dangerous (especially if both the Godfather and Mafioso are still alive), as they will be notified that one of their members of the Mafia were jailed instead of the Mayor and may target them anyways.
  • If someone claims to be the Veteran, you might want to put them as Vigilante in your Last Will with their permission. If you die and people see the Vigilante claim, many evil roles will attack them, so the Veteran can kill them with their alert the next night. If you did this, the Veteran should continue on with their claim of being a Vigilante to prevent suspicion, unless they have claimed to be the Veteran before.
    • This can also work the other way around. If someone claims to be a Vigilante, you might consider putting them as Veteran so evil roles don't visit them.

Trivia Edit

  • If you are killed by the Serial Killer on the first day, there is only a ~52% chance that you have jailed them. Of course, you will know whether you jailed them or not. However, if there is a Medium (alive or dead with a seance), you can tell the Medium that this may have occurred. You can also tell town if you get resurrected by a Retributionist or tell a dead person before they get resurrected.
  • Prior to Version A.0.1.8, the Jailor was not a unique role.

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