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Working as an undercover genius underneath the Sheriff, the Investigator sets off on his quest to bring the Mafia and the Serial Killer to justice. Hiding behind a mask and large fedora, he searches the night for clues towards the end of the dark days. Alone, just like how he's always preferred.

However, it seems that his time was short lived, for he never had enough evidence to convict the town Doctor of being the Serial Killer.

He had, last night, spied a large knife left all on its lonesome, on a worn wooden workbench. The Janitor had cleaned up so many bodies that he had no idea if the Serial Killer was dead or not. Eventually, he went in with all guns blazing, putting his luck on the line, accusing the Doctor of being a Serial Killer, to no avail. They lynched him, and the Investigator was surprisingly quiet after that. (credit)


When investigating someone, the Investigator receives a notification depending on the target's role.

Here are the roles that are tied together and the message when investigating them:


Surviving as an Investigator

  • Always consider if it's worth exposing yourself as an Investigator. Once other players know you are an Investigator, you will become a target. But if you know that you have Town Protective roles, revealing yourself as Investigator early and giving everyone information about suspicious bad guys can help the Town win.
    • Make sure to do your best not to reveal who the Townies are, as you could end up making them a target for kill-capable Mafia and Neutral Killing. However, simply posting that someone is good may lead experienced evil players to conclude that the said person is important (e.g. you put that someone is a confirmed Townie.)
  • Doing the math for a given Role List can give the Investigator a much greater insight. Take Ranked Mode and the result 'Medium, Janitor or Retributionist' as example: (Ignoring Any, as it has neglectable influence, and assuming the Retributionist has already been identified) Janitor can only appear as Random Mafia, as 1 of 7 roles, with 14%. A Medium can occur as one of the Town Support slots. There are 5 Support roles, so on the first role there is a 80% chance that there is no Medium. If the 'locked role' was Mayor or Retributionist, the next slot has a 75% chance of not being Medium (3/4), otherwise a 80% (4/5). This results in a total chance of 62% of 'two not-Mediums', aka 38% for '1 or 2 mediums'. If you now take the 14% of Janitor and the 38% for Medium, and scale them up to a sum of 100%, you get the exact chance that an investigated Janitor/Medium is role X. In this case, its 26% for said person to be a Janitor and 74% for said person to be a Medium. Note that his values are exclusively correct the moment you get the investigation result on Night 1. Every single revealed role changes the ratios (i.e. if a target is cleaned, the chance for a Janitor in the game raises from 17 to 100, turning the investigation odds to 60% Janitor/40% Medium).
    • A less complicated and precise version of the math strategy is simply counting the kinds of roles left and seeing which has a higher probability. For example, if someone is "Escort/Transporter/Consort". However, both Town Support roles has been already dead. Thus, there is a higher chance the person is Mafia since the slot of being Escort or Transporter in the Random Town slot and Any slot is much smaller. However, beware that the townies you accuse of being evil might be actually filling the Random Town and Any slot.
  • The Investigator is much more powerful in Classic Mode due to not all the roles being available. If you, for instance, get the Lookout / Forger / Amnesiac result, then they are a Lookout, as only the Lookout is available in Classic Mode. Use this to your advantage to ensure your survival and the cohesion of the town's votes and kills by forming a whisper network.
  • Always investigate people who claim any roles that seems suspicious. Many Godfather like to pose as Executioner, Jester, or even Sheriff!
  • If there is a Sheriff - work together. At daytime, discuss with each other about who you are both going to visit. At night, both of you choose the same person. For example, if the Sheriff's investigation says your target is not suspicious and yours says that they are the Doctor, Disguiser or Serial Killer, that person is definitely a Doctor.
    • However, this can backfire, as a Transporter, Witch, Escort, Consort, or Jailor can interrupt your plan. Also, if you both visit a Veteran on alert, both of you will die. A Blackmailer can also use your information to help the mafia.
    • This could be a waste of time in some games, because there won't be many leads for the following time, but it does work and is doable.
  • Because there may be Consigliere in the game, the Mafia can try to trick real Investigators to make townies think they are Consigliere instead. To avoid this, make sure you wrote your will properly and in the exact order of your investigation result. Writing investigation results in a different order may lead townies to think you are a poorly-played Consigliere.
  • Write the best will you can. You can make or break a game depending on your will. Consider leaving out important roles though, as the mafia will probably target them the second they get their hands on your will.
  • If you receive a result with possible good and bad roles, try to ask the person their role. For example, if you received something like "Lookout, Forger, Amnesiac", ask the person their role. If they say a role you didn't get, for example, that they are a Medium or refuse to reveal, they might be a Forger or Amnesiac keeping themselves non-suspicious.
  • You should write down any claims people make about their roles, and investigate them later; catching someone lying about their role is an easy way to determine that they're evil.

Dealing with Investigator Results

  • Even if you find a Mafia or Neutral Killing on Night one, don't immediately tell Town about it. Claims on the first two days make anyone seem like an Executioner, and even if you manage to hang the player, the Mafia or Serial Killer will try to attack you as soon as possible, preventing you from discovering more. It is best to wait, writing everything in your Last Will and whispering to known Townies. You can decide to reveal yourself on Day 3 or later, but a Day 2 reveal is generally unwise.
  • A Janitor can be the downfall of an Investigator since they wipe out wills, revealing them only to the mafia (or possibly the Spy). If this is a threat to you, try to find good roles. Finding a Spy or a protector and whispering your findings to them will allow the Town to retain your findings after you being cleaned, if the person you whisper to is trusted by the other Townies. This works especially well with the Jailor; an informed Jailor is a lethal one.
  • Remember to record the roles people have "claimed" in your Last Will, not just what you discover through your investigation; catching lies is one of your main roles. Under most circumstances, Town members have no reason to lie about their roles.
  • If someone is shown as "Framer, Vampire or Jester", remember that they might be framed. If you're unsure, you can visit them later to see if you get the same result.
    • However, know that sometimes the Framer will frame the same person throughout the entire game. If you do think that he is getting framed, tell a Lookout to check him and see if anyone visits him, as you check him again.
    • Framed people always come up as Mafia to a Sheriff. Therefore, if a Sheriff investigates someone and finds them not suspicious the same night that you investigate them and get a result of "Framer, Vampire, Jester", then they must be a Vampire or Jester; they cannot have been framed.
    • If it's impossible for there to be a Framer, it is dangerous for the Town to lynch them, since they might be a Jester. However, a Jailor or Vigilante can bypass this by executing or shooting them; provided it's impossible for there to be a Framer, there's no risk of them being a Town member.

Fake-Claiming Investigator

Investigator is a relatively easy role to fake-claim (in terms of difficulty to, it is comparable to Lookout), as many townies will out themselves and their role to throw suspicion onto someone else or even get someone lynched. It is an especially powerful fake-claim as well because people expect evils to claim easier fake-claims, and you can throw suspicion onto someone claiming Sheriff, Medium, or another hard-to-prove, easy-to-claim role, and in some cases, force mis-lynches.

Be on the lookout for people trying hard to get someone lynched, especially as Sheriff, as they may be an Executioner. If someone announces "X is mafia" in a binary fashion, they are probably Sheriff, or Executioner fake-claiming Sheriff. Pay attention to people whispering a lot, and asking for roles, as this is common for Investigators trying to narrow down results (you may use this strategy to your advantage if you prove yourself as Investigator. Claim you are narrowing down Investigative results, and they will most likely go along with it.). Silent Players are most likely the Jailor, Godfather, or Neutral trying to stay under the radar, but they may be just a player who is normally silent.

Another useful tool for Investigator fake-claims is when Townies out themselves as their role to try and get someone lynched. If the lynch is not successful, or suspicion is cast on them for bussing, you can "confirm" their claim. A problem with this is that when the person dies, though, if their role was false, you may be outed as a fake.

One way to fake claim as investigator is by using the graveyard. Use the graveyard to get their roles and scramble up when you investigated them so you can have investigated them on different nights when they were alive. Of course, smart townies will see that your will lists only dead townies and may call you out. Another way of doing this is through a mix of graveyard and claims. When someone claims it normally is what is in their invest result so you should be safe there. But if you are not sure, just list them as framed or doused.


  • Previously, before the 1.5 update, there were different investigative results.
Investigative Result Description
Bodyguard, Jailor, or Lookout Your target is a protector.
Doctor, Serial Killer, or Vampire Your target is covered in blood.
Transporter or Arsonist Your target smells like gas.
Sheriff, Retributionist or Executioner Your target seeks justice.
Investigator or Consigliere Your target gathers information.
Spy or Blackmailer Your target works with secret information.
Escort or Consort Your target is a manipulative beauty.
Medium or Janitor Your target works with dead bodies.
Mayor, Godfather, or Vampire Hunter Your target takes charge.
Veteran, Vigilante or Mafioso Your target owns weapons.
Disguiser or Jester Your target enjoys tricking people.
Amnesiac Your target does not remember their role.
Survivor, Witch or Werewolf Your target is a loner.
Framer or Forger Your target is target is good at forging documents.(Note: You would also have received these results if your target was framed)

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