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Roles may have attributes, altering the way how they are affected by other roles' abilities. Attributes are integral to gameplay.

Immunity Edit

Immunity refers to one of five types of special attributes held by many roles in the game. They will prevent certain abilities of having an effect. Each of these immunities is entirely beneficial to the character.

Role block ImmunityEdit

Roles with Role block immunity are unaffected by role blocking. Though the role blocked role will see a message notifying them that someone tried to role block them, an Escort or Consort will not see any messages revealing whether their role block was successful or not.

When in jail, you are effectively role blocked. If a Consort or Escort tries to role block you while you are jailed, you will receive the message: Someone tried to role block you, but you were jailed!

Roles with Role block ImmunityEdit

If one of these roles are role blocked, they will receive the message: Someone tried to role block you but you are immune!

Roles partially unaffected by role blocks Edit

  • The Jailor will still jail their target, but will be unable to execute said target.
  • A Spy will still hear the Mafia, but will be unable to see their visits.
  • A Serial Killer will stay at home, and attack the visiting role blockers. They will receive a different message, "Someone role blocked you, so you attacked them!"
  • The Werewolf will stay at home if role blocked during a Full Moon night, attacking anyone who visits them (including the role blocker).

Night Immunity/Basic defenseEdit

Death chart-0

Night Immunity, also known as Basic defense, is a form of immunity which protects a character from being killed at night. Roles with Night Immunity must be lynched during the day or killed at night by roles who ignore Night Immunity (see below).

If you attack someone who has Night Immunity at night for any reason, you will receive a message: Your target was immune to your attack! If this message does not appear but your target is still alive, they were healed by a Doctor.

Roles With Night Immunity Edit

Additionally, anyone who is healed by a Doctor will not die at night (exceptions below).

If one of these roles is attacked and does not die, they will receive a message, "Someone attacked you but you are immune at night!"

Roles who ignore Night Immunity/Basic defenseEdit

  • Bodyguard - when killing your target's attacker
  • Jailor - when executing your prisoner (also ignores every other form of protection)
  • Veteran - when visited while on alert at night
  • Arsonist - when igniting your doused targets (also ignores healing)
  • Werewolf - when pillaging a house during a Full Moon night
  • Jester - when haunting a guilty voter (also ignores every other form of protection other than a Transporter transporting the guilt to someone else.)

Note: This will not be possible in the upcoming patch due to the Transporter's ability of transporting a Jester's haunt being removed.

Invincibility DefenseEdit

  • Invincibility is a type of defense in which a role that has it is protected from all attacks at night, which is one step up from Basic defense, where some roles could get through Basic defense. The only way to get a rid of a role with Invincibility defense is by Lynching them during the day. This is currently added with Town of Salem: The Coven expansion.

Roles with Invincibility ImmunityEdit

  • The Pestilence is currently the only role known with Invincibility defense.

Bite Immunity Edit

  • Bite Immunity is a form of Immunity which protects a character from being turned into a Vampire when bitten by one of them at night. Vampires must lynch or rely on other characters to kill anyone with Bite Immunity.

Roles with Bite Immunity Edit

A Bodyguard or Survivor using their bulletproof vest will not gain Bite Immunity.

Additionally, anyone who is healed by a Doctor will not turn into a Vampire. Note: This will no longer be viable due to the upcoming patch preventing this from happening.

Anyone protected by a Bodyguard will not be bitten. The Bodyguard will counterattack the Vampire.

Detection ImmunityEdit

Detection Immunity is a kind of immunity of some roles opposing the Town who can't be detected by a Sheriff. The Sheriff will receive the message, "Your target is not suspicious." All other Town Investigative roles, the Consigliere, the Coven Leader and Witch are unaffected.

Roles with Detection ImmunityEdit

By far, the best role who can find out roles with Detection Immunity is a Lookout. Regardless of Detection Immunity, a Lookout can still see who visits their target in the night, completely effective against roles with Detection Immunity.

Control ImmunityEdit

Control Immunity is a kind of immunity which lets a character be unaffected by a Witch/Coven Leader's attempt to control them. However, they may still be the secondary target.

Roles with Control ImmunityEdit

  • Any role without a night ability is unaffected by a Witch/Coven Leader's control.
  • The Transporter is control immune. If they are visited by a Witch/Coven Leader, they will receive the message, "A Witch tried to control you but you are immune."
  • The Veteran cannot be forced to alert or prevented from doing so (and will shoot any Witch/Coven Leader who visits them while they are on alert.)
  • Any role who is in jail is control immune as long as they are jailed. The Witch will receive the message, "One of your targets is jailed!" and their target will receive the message, "Someone tried to control you, but you are jailed!" Note: In the upcoming patch, the Witch/Coven Leader will not receive said message but instead receive a message stating your visit failed, due to your target being in jail. Contrary to this, said target will receive the same message.

Control Resistance Edit

  • The night abilities of Mediums and Jesters are unaffected by a Witch's control. However, they will be forced to visit the second target: a Lookout will witness this and a Veteran will attack the visitor. Additionally, if these roles visit someone targeted directly by the Werewolf, they will die,
  • Amnesiacs and Retributionists cannot be forced to target the Witch's choice with their night ability. They will only visit the Witch's target (including side effects) and are unable to use their ability themselves.
  • The Jailor will still jail their prisoner, but an execution will be forced or prevented.

Special Attributes Edit

There are few attributes which aren't immunities. Below is a list of current special attributes.

Role Name Special Attributes
Medium Can speak with all dead people at night
Spy Can read all whispers during the day

Can read Mafia chat at night

Vampire Hunter Can read Vampire chat at night
Will attack visiting Vampires
Will become Vigilante if all Vampires are dead
Blackmailer Can read all whispers during the day
Mafioso Will become Godfather if the Godfather dies
any member of the Mafia except Mafioso and Godfather Will become Mafioso if the last Mafia Killing role dies (excluding Ambusher)
all members of the Mafia Can read Mafia chat at night
Executioner Will become Jester if their target dies at night
Serial Killer Will attack role blockers
Vampire Can read Vampire chat at night
Werewolf (during [[Full Moon] nights]) Will attack role blockers

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