The Hypnotist is a Mafia Deception role that causes players to receive false feedback. Each night you can select a player to hypnotize. Hypnotized players will receive false feedback such as a message saying that you were attacked but healed, or that you were role blocked. The Hypnotist has a special UI that lets the user choose what feedback the target sees. This role is only available in the Town of Salem - The Coven (DLC).

Strategy Edit

  • You are a wildcard to your team, with the ability to manipulate messages people receive. This can help with claiming specific roles, though that isn't to say if you select the wrong message, your presence is revealed.
  • Claiming to be a Doctor may not be a bad idea - if you hypnotize someone to think that they were attacked but healed, they will most likely say something along the lines of, "Thanks Doctor," the next morning. Whispering them saying, "You're welcome," will make them feel indebted to you and more likely to support you in the event you are accused.
  • While claiming to be an Escort may seem unintelligent because you cannot directly role block someone, your hypnosis can cover that for you. Reinforced by the fact that most people claim they were role blocked.
    • Be wary of Serial Killers, however, as anyone who role blocks them will die. Although they can hardly call you out on it, a smart SK will know you are a Hypnotist and attack you.
  • Of course, if there is an Investigator then you are fairly limited in your claimspace (same for any other evil role).
  • Claiming Transporter can be a good idea if you claim that you transported someone that was killed or claim to have been transported yourself. Usually, the town will have no idea this was the work of a hypnotist. It works even better if your target freely shares they were transported.

Trivia Edit

  • Blank Media Games has confirmed that the hypnotist will do whatever role they convinced people they were visited by once per game.
  • The hypnotist may also become a unique role.

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