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The Host is usually the first person who joins the lobby, and their job depends on the game mode. In Custom Mode, the Host picks the role list for the game. In all other modes, the Host's only role is the ability to start the game early with the Start button. Attempting to press Start before enough players join will show a notification and play an alert sound. There are no hosts in Ranked Mode lobbies.

Who is host in the lobby list of players will be marked with HOST next to their name. If the maximum number of players (15) is reached, the game will start automatically without the host needing to click start. However, the host will still need to click start at 15 players in Custom Mode or Rapid Mode.

Custom ModeEdit


In Custom Mode and Rapid Mode, the Host has the task of picking which roles will be used in the game. They may pick any 15 of the 33 roles or they may pick a combination of available random roles.

  • Because the roles are decided by the host of the game instead of by the game itself, some strange role setups may come into play. For example, one could create a game which consists mostly of neutrals, or a game with no killing roles on the Town side.
  • Sometimes there are a number of people dissatisfied with the roles the Host has picked. In that case the command "/repick" may be used. If enough people choose to use the command the Host will be randomly repicked and, to the hopes of the mob, do as the majority wishes.
    • It should be noted that groups of friends do have the ability to abuse the /repick feature so that one of their friends will get the Host and play the game they wish. But this requires several friends, so the Host is not again repicked.
    • After joining a lobby, you must wait 10 seconds before voting to repick the host.
    • The Host can repick themselves.


See Friends#Parties.

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