When the Hex Master was a child, her grandmother was burned at the stake on suspicion of witchcraft. As her belongings were being confiscated, one object caught the Hex Master's attention. It was a worn out book. Skimming through it, she could tell it was in her grandmother's handwriting. It was a guide on curses!

Something awakened in her that day. Exploring the book became an obsession, consuming every aspect of her life. The townspeople's jeering of her seclusion only added fuel to her passion.

Only one entry in the book eluded her powers. A hex of mass destruction. Every night she sneaked to her grandmother's tombstone to attempt the curse. She knew of another sorceress who practiced at the cemetery, but she felt performing the spell at her grandmother's grave was the only way she'd ever successfully complete it.


The spell fizzled into dust. The rats' beady eyes felt as if they were taunting her. A fresh wave of grievance came over her. She grabbed one of the rats and flung it across the clearing.

It landed by the grave the Necromancer was reanimating, disrupting her concentration. Startled, she moved to where the Hex Master was working. The Necromancer watched as she raised a hand towards her furry subject and recited an incantation towards a rat. She meticulously went through this process for each one.

Upon hexing the final rat, strength began to flow through her fingers. It manifested itself as a soft purple glow. It slowly evolved to a large flame on her palm. Her hand recoiled slightly, and the flame trembled. She calmed it back to rest in the middle of her palm. Moments later, the group of rodents' hair collectively stood on end. She took a deep breath and snapped her fingers. The blaze instantly left her hand and engulfed the rats, erasing them from existence.

The Necromancer made a noise of surprise and stepped out from behind her cover. "Who are you?"

She rose from the cold dirt and turned to face the Necromancer, who stared at the ashes in disbelief.

Her devilish smile accurately conveyed the joy she felt finally executing this curse.

"I'm the.. Hex Master."

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Mechanics Edit

  • The Hex Master is a role with the ability to Hex one player each night. When all the non-Coven players left alive have been hexed, all hexed players will die in an Unstoppable attack.
    • The Hex Master must be alive for the Unstoppable attack to take place.
    • Hexing a player can be stopped by a Bodyguard. You will also trigger a Trap but will not die from it. 
    • The Unstoppable attack will not trigger Veteran alerts.
    • If a member of the Coven has been Hexed due to Transporter, they will be killed by the attack.
  • Players are not told that they are hexed.
  • Hexed players will appear as a Coven member to the Sheriff. They will also show up under the Hex Master's results to an Investigator.
  • With the Necronomicon, you gain Astral and Basic attacks, meaning your hexes are no longer considered to be visiting a player.
    • For example, you will not die to a Werewolf that attacks your target. Since you also deal Basic attacks, you can get around protection roles like the Bodyguard.
    • Revived players who were previously hexed before their death will remain hexed.
    • Even with the Necronomicon, your attacks still hex people; you can use this to kill people who are immune to your attacks, provided you hex everyone else.
  • When you have the Necronomicon, you will gain Detection Immunity, and will appear non-suspicious to a Sheriff.


  • Don't go down or up the list starting from top or bottom, as these players often get targeted by other killing roles, or worse, protected by a Town Protective role or is an alerted Veteran. Picking random people with a name that doesn't stand out means you'll be able to win quicker.
  • Keep track of the people you have hexed and share it to the Coven members. Kill the ones who are not hexed to end the game quickly.
  • As the Coven is also capable of killing, ask your Coven to not attack the person you've hexed in order to not perform any useless work. Conversely, avoid hexing people that the rest of the Coven is likely to want to kill before the endgame.
  • When choosing what people to hex, some Arsonist strategies may be relevant, since the roles are similar.
  • Unlike an Arsonist, you must hex all non-Coven for your hex to go off. Therefore, it often makes sense to hex confirmed Survivors and Jesters, at least if the Town seems unlikely to kill them for you.
  • Choose people who you think will live the longest. Remember, when every living non-Coven player becomes hexed, an Unstoppable Attack happens, purging the rest of the players in late game. Even if there are only 3 people that oppose you, if you guessed that they were going to live until the end of the game and hexed them earlier, you could still finish them off, which would ensure your victory.
  • Bear in mind that your hex will not kill Pestilence, as it has Invincible Defense. You will die if you target him without the Necronomicon.
    • The only situation where it makes sense to deliberately visit him is if you have everyone else hexed and are certain there will be enough Coven left to lynch him the next morning, since even though it won't kill him, hexing him is still a requirement to set off your hexes on everyone else; if you have the Necronomicon, you can even hex him without dying yourself, since you will have an Astral attack.
  • Use Astral as your great advantage. Being passive means you do not have to worry about getting killed by the Town Protective and able to get undetected by Town Investigative roles. You can even safely attack a Veteran; if they don't alert, they'll die, and if they do, you'll survive and they'll still get hexed.
  • Just because you can kill people once you have the Necronomicon doesn't necessarily mean you should; you can still hex people with protection, instead. If the Town seems directionless and passive, it can make more sense to target rival night-immune killers instead of people you can kill immediately, and either rely on other Coven to kill the rest, or hope that rival killers will take them out for you.
  • It's best to keep your role under the radar, as once the town knows a Hex Master, finding you will be one of their top priorities. The best way to stay hidden is to keep your fellow Coven alive as well. Bear in mind this strategy is completely useless if the role list completely shows your role.

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