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This role has not been released into the live version yet! Players may test
upcoming roles in the Public Test Realm. For more information, click here.

A Coven role with the ability to Hex players. When all the non-Coven players left alive have been hexed, all Hexed players will die (in an Unstoppable attack). Players are not told they are hexed. Hexing a player can be stopped by Bodyguard, or Trapper protection. With the Necronomicon you are no longer considered visiting anytime you Hex so you can get around any role that sees visits, or attacks visitors. This means that the Hex Master with the Necronomicon won’t die to a Werewolf that attacks their target, and can get around the protection of roles like the Bodyguard. The Hex Master has a defense value of None.


  • You do not need to be alive for your hex to take hold; if, at any time, all the non-Coven roles left alive are hexed, they will all die the next morning. This is true even if there are no Coven left alive at all.

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