The Guardian Angel is a Neutral Benign role who is assigned a target that they must protect for the game. They are able to Heal and Purge that player twice per game. When that player is healed and purged they will become immune to voting for the next day. If your target dies, you become a Survivor (with no vests). The Guardian Angel is only playable in the Town of Salem: The Coven expansion.


  • The Guardian Angel may find their target in their role card in the "Attributes" section.
  • A Guardian Angel can still watch over their target even if they are dead.
  • The Guardian Angel's target may be from any faction, however, it will never be themselves.
  • During the night phase, the Guardian Angel may select to protect their target.
    • The Guardian Angel's protection can stop multiple attacks on the target.
    • The Guardian Angel's protection cannot stop "Unstoppable" attacks such as a haunt from a Jester or an execution by the Jailor. However, it can stop an attack from the Pestilence.
    • The target being protected will receive a notification at the end of the night, stating, "The Guardian Angel was watching over you!"
    • Any players who select to attack a protected target will receive a notification at the end of the night, stating, "Your target's defense value was too high to kill."
      • A protected target who was attacked will receive a notification, stating, "You were attacked but the Guardian Angel saved you!"
  • The Guardian Angel's protection also purges the target, removing any negative effects, including an Arsonist's douse or a Poisoner's poison. A target who is doused and protected on the same night will end up not being doused.
  • At the start of the day, the entire town will see a notification, stating, "The Guardian Angel has protected [target's name]."
  • If a target is protected at night, during the next day's voting phase, there will be no button to vote up the protected target.
  • If the Guardian Angel's target dies, the Guardian Angel will become a Survivor, with no vests.
  • The Guardian Angel cannot be killed by a Veteran on alert.
  • The Guardian Angel will die when attacked by a Vampire instead of being converted.


  • If you die (even on Night 1), do NOT leave the game. You can still use your abilities while you are dead, and you can still win.
  • You should never look over your target on Night 1. This will tell the town that there is a Guardian Angel, which they can work around if they wanted to kill the certain person, and it wastes one of your ability uses. There is also a very low chance that your target will be killed by an evil force, so it would be pointless to protect your target then.
    • In addition, your target could be an evil role themselves, making it far less likely that they will be targeted.
    • Also, it would expose your target. Factions opposing your target will plot to kill them immediately before you could even protect them. After all, it would be hard to predict when someone will try to kill your target.
  • Communicate with your target to find out their role so that you can work together with your target. The role that they have can also change when to use your ability.
  • As with the Survivor, you want to get the game done as quickly as possible with your target ending up as a victor. Make choices that speed up the game faster. This way, your target will have a higher chance of surviving.
  • If suspicion is ever thrown on your target, protect them and spend the day defending them.
  • If there is a Medium after you have died, convince them to protect your target. The extra help can allow your target to last longer in the game.

Dealing with Guardian AngelsEdit

  • When a Guardian Angel is protecting a person of an opposing role, try to trick the Guardian Angel into using their ability at the wrong time so that you could kill them on a sooner than later night.
  • Keep in mind that killing the Guardian Angel does not always work, as the Guardian Angel can still use their ability from the grave.

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