"Mama...Mama, where are you?"

A young child reaches out through a gap in the rubble of what used to be her home. The area was filled with pungent smoke, and the crying child was covered in ash and soot. "I'm scared..." Her soft voice starts to tremble, and she bites her lip. Small flames dotted the debris and danced in place.

"Another arsonist attack," reports a Sheriff in his heavy Southern accent. "What a shame. A lovely house and family, too." The Investigator he spoke to nodded silently, his gaze wavering around until he caught sight of the helpless child, trapped in place.

"Hold on, there's a child in there!" He broke into a run towards the area, "Get the Doctor! Get anyone! She could be hurt!" The town suddenly bursts to life, scrambling here and there to assist this child, and it was almost equivalent to the chaos that erupts during the daily trials. The girl begins to sob as the Investigator kneels next to her and attempts to pull a wooden beam off of her.

"It's going to be alright, dear, just hold still..." His voice is nothing but indecipherable mumbles to the girl, who instead gazes onward to a strange, glowing ball of light that has descended from the sky before her. The orb soon branches out into a torso, arms, legs, hands--


Her face was beautiful, like an angel, with a rounded face and warm, loving eyes, curly hair that fell in waves down to her waist. She stepped down in front of the young girl and ran her hand along her face, wiped her tears with a gentle finger.

"Don't cry, my love," she whispered, her voice a soothing song.

"I am your Guardian Angel."

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  • The Guardian Angel may find their target in their role card in the "Attributes" section.
  • If a Guardian Angel dies, they can still watch over their target even though they are dead.
  • The Guardian Angel's target may be anyone from any faction, however, it will never be themselves.
  • You may share the same target with multiple Guardian Angels.
  • During the night phase, the Guardian Angel may select to protect their target.
    • The Guardian Angel's protection can stop multiple attacks on the target.
    • The Guardian Angel's protection cannot stop "Unstoppable" attacks such as a haunt from a Jester. However, it can stop an attack from the Pestilence, due to the Pestilence having only a Powerful attack, and it can stop a Jailor execution, despite it being an unstoppable attack. However, this is likely a bug.
    • The target being protected will receive a notification at the end of the night, stating, "The Guardian Angel was watching over you!"
    • Players who attack a protected target will receive the same notification that they would if the target is healed, meaning players without a naturally high defense will not be shown as having said defense.
      • A protected target who was attacked will receive a notification, stating, "You were attacked but the Guardian Angel saved you!"
  • The Guardian Angel's protection also purges the target, removing any negative effects, including an Arsonist's douse, Hex Master's hex or a Poisoner's poison, including incurable poison. A target who is doused and protected on the same night will end up not being doused.
  • At the start of the day, the entire town will see a notification, stating, "The Guardian Angel has protected [target's name]."
  • If a target is protected at night, during the next day's voting phase, their target can not be voted up to trial.
  • If the Guardian Angel's target dies at night, the Guardian Angel will become a Survivor with no vests.
  • If the Guardian Angel's target dies then gets revived by a Retributionist, they do not become a Guardian Angel again.
    • However, if the Guardian Angel is dead when their target is revived, they are still able to win if their target survives.
  • If the Guardian Angel's target is lynched, they do not become a Survivor until the next day. If the game ends on the same day their target is lynched, they lose.
  • If the Guardian Angel is controlled by the Coven Leader, they will use a protection on their target, no matter who they were controlled into.
  • The Guardian Angel will die when bitten by a Vampire instead of being converted.
  • Guardian Angels will win in the event of a draw if their target is alive. Their target, however, will lose if they haven't completed their win condition.
  • Executioners, Jesters, and other Guardian Angels cannot be the target of the Guardian Angel. The exception to this is an Amnesiac who later picks any of these roles.
  • Passively suicidal roles, including Bodyguard and Vigilante, can be a Guardian Angel's target. This may be a bug, and your protection cannot stop a Vigilante from shooting themselves due to guilt.
  • The Guardian Angel's visit is Astral, meaning it is not affected by roles which kill via visits, such as the Werewolf, Ambusher, or Veteran.
  • The Guardian Angel can have the VIP as their target in VIP mode.


  • You can still win if your target loses in the event of a draw. Try to use watch over the night after the game displays the message "If nobody dies tonight the game will end in a draw".
  • If you die (even on Night 1), DO NOT leave the game. You can still use your abilities while you are dead, and you can still win.
  • If your goal is to keep your target alive, you may not want to watch over them on Night 1. This will tell the town that there is a Guardian Angel, which they can work around if they wanted to kill the certain person to make you Survivor and/or prevent scenarios where that target is guilty but cannot be voted, and it wastes one of your ability uses. There is also a very low chance that your target will be killed by an evil force, so it would be pointless to protect your target then.
    • In addition, your target could be an evil role themselves, making it far less likely that they will be targeted or harmed, including factions, removal abilities, immunity, healing, etc.
    • It would expose your target. Factions opposing your target will plot to kill them immediately before you could even protect them. It would be hard to predict when someone will try to kill your target.
  • On the other hand, if your goal is to win, watching over your target Night 1 is a viable strategy:
    • It immediately confirms to the Town that there's a Guardian Angel, making it much more likely that you'll be believed later on if you have to claim your role.
    • It reduces the claim-space available to evils, making the game end sooner and helping you win (whether your target dies or not.)
    • Sometimes, the fact that they're a confirmed Guardian Angel protecting them may help your target live longer, since killers may be less likely to randomly target them if there's a chance you could use the second protection that night. It also provides near-absolute protection from a Poisoner, who will have little reason to waste a night poisoning your target when they know you'll just heal them, and reduces chances of being doused and hexed due to the idea that the Guardian Angel can remove both
    • If your target dies, you lose all your protections and become a Survivor with no vests - and no way to prove yourself. You're in a much better position if you used one of your protections prior to this since you've proven that there was a Guardian Angel in the game.
    • An extremely effective strategy to keep yourself alive and known to the Town is to claim Guardian Angel Night 1, then protect your target. You will confirm yourself easily, and even if your target is evil, they will most likely lynch your target and force you to become a Survivor. It confirms yourself and makes you less of a target since you can win with any faction once you become a Survivor.
  • Communicate with your target to find out their role so that you can work together with your target. The role that they have can also change when to use your ability.
  • As with the Survivor, you want to get the game done as quickly as possible with your target ending up as a victor. Make choices that speed up the game faster. This way, your target will have a higher chance of surviving.
  • If suspicion is ever thrown on your target, protect them and spend the day defending them, as well as watching over them.
    • Watching over your target reveals that you are a Guardian Angel and are a threat, so killing your target to make you Survivor gains a higher priority.
    • If a Jailor is present and alive, try to paint the accuser as an Executioner while following up on other leads and goading the Jailor to execute the accuser. If they do so, they will lose their ability to execute, which can be a major boon to your evil ally.
    • If a Jailor is not present, simply counterclaim the accuser and try to get them lynched. Work with your evil target, perhaps even whisper them to inform them of your role if it's safe -- their faction will see you as an asset towards achieving a majority.
  • If there is a Medium after you have died, convince them to protect your target. The extra help can allow your target to last longer in the game.
  • Note that you must never lynch your target, under any circumstances. This is gamethrowing, even if you want to win as Survivor. Some people believe that it is okay if you wish to win as Survivor; this is false. While you are still Guardian Angel, you must protect your target at all costs.

Dealing with Guardian AngelsEdit

  • When a Guardian Angel is protecting a person of an opposing role/faction, try to trick the Guardian Angel into using their ability at the wrong time so that you can waste their protections and get their target killed easier.
  • Keep in mind that killing the Guardian Angel does not always work, as the Guardian Angel can still use their ability from the grave.
  • If you are a Coven Leader, you can force the Guardian Angel to use their charges by making them self-target/target themselves.
  • Always remember that if a Guardian Angel's target dies, they become a Survivor with no vests; in practice, this means they can win with anyone. Even if a Guardian Angel is opposing you, killing their target will sometimes give them the opportunity to switch sides.
  • You can force a Guardian Angel to join and help the Town as a Mayor. Your lynching power may force them to help you out if they become a Survivor.
    • On the other hand, if a Guardian Angel is protecting a killer and Town has a slim majority, you must lynch the Guardian Angel -- this will prevent the killer from having a voting majority the next day.

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to Version 2.1.5, Guardian Angels could not be added more than once in custom role lists despite not being a Unique Role.


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