Graveyard Edit

The Graveyard is a recollection of dead players throughout the game. The window is located in the top left of the screen. The player's name, along with their role, will appear there.

Amnesiacs must choose a role from the Graveyard to remember a role. If they remember that they were an Amnesiac, they will get the achievement, "I am who I am." If the role they chose to remember was actually a Disguiser disguising as a role, they will become a Disguiser instead of the role displayed.

Disguisers will show up in the Graveyard as whatever role they disguised as. Because of this, it is possible to have two or more unique roles in the Graveyard.

Retributionists must pick a player in the Graveyard to revive a player that has died. The player must not have already left the game and must be a member of the Town.

If a Janitor cleans a player who has died, their role will be showed as "cleaned" in the Graveyard.

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