The Graveyard is a recollection of dead players throughout the game. The window is located in the top left of the screen. The player's name, along with their role, will appear there in the order they died. When a player dies, the way they died will show as their death message, then in the graveyard their role is announced. However, there are still attributes to this graveyard that make it crucial for the game. The graveyard is important in gamemodes like Ranked Practice because it helps narrow down claimspace and makes it easier to find the evils, and see who is left/possibly left. You can also click on a dead player's role to see their possible will and death note, if one is left behind. Every time a player dies, their names are added to the graveyard immediately after death, including lynching or leaving the game. Below are some roles that are affiliated with the graveyard:

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Amnesiacs must choose a role from the Graveyard to remember a role. If they remember that they were an Amnesiac, they will get the achievement, "I am who I am." If the role they chose to remember was actually a Disguiser disguising as a role, they will become a Disguiser instead of the role displayed. However, if the Disguiser disguised as a Town member, the Amnesiac will not get the button beside the person.

Necromancers use dead player's roles to affect other players in the game. If they revive a Werewolf on a full moon, they get the Blood Moon achievement. If they revive a Pestilence, they get the Extinct Disease achievement, and if they revive a Doctor and heal any Coven member, they get the achievement Revived and Rejuvenated. Necromancers can only use a role once, and dead players will not be told their role has been used, although Unique roles like Pestilence and Werewolf will be able to tell because of their death message coming up.

Disguisers will show up in the Graveyard as whatever role they disguised as. Because of this, it is possible to have two or more unique roles in the Graveyard.

Retributionists can pick a player in the Graveyard to revive a player that has died. The player must not have already left the game and must be a member of the Town. Stoned or Cleaned Town members cannot be revived. If there is a Disguiser disguised as a Townie, the Retributionist will see the option to revive them, but if they try to they will fail, and will not get a message.

Mediums can communicate with dead players here every night. If the Medium itself dies, he/she can use a seance to communicate with a living playing the next day.

If a Janitor cleans a player who has died, their role will be shown as "Cleaned" in the Graveyard. Amnesiacs cannot remember roles that have been cleaned.

If a Medusa stones a player who has died, their role will be shown as "Stoned" in the Graveyard. Amnesiacs cannot remember roles that have been Stoned.