Town of Salem relies heavily on communication between players. Because the day and night phases of the game are fairly short, and a lot of evidence may need to be discussed in these short spans of time, abbreviations and acronyms can be quite helpful. Here is a list of common abbreviations and their meanings. Other variations can be used, but these are just a few.

Roles Edit

Town Edit

Role/Alignment Abbreviation(s) Use of Abbreviation
Random Town RT Very Common
Town Investigative TI Common
Town Killing TK Common
Town Protective TP Common
Town Support TS Common
Supp Rare
Bodyguard BG Extremely Common
Crusader Crus Common
Doctor Doc Extremely Common
Escort Esc Common
Investigator Invest Common
Inv Uncommon
Lookout Lo Common
Look Rare
Medium Med Common
Psychic Psy Common
Retributionist Ret Common
Retri / Retrib
Sheriff Sher Very Rare
Tracker Trac Uncommon
Track Rare
Transporter Trans Common
Trapper Trap Common
Veteran Vet Extremely Common
Vigilante Vig Common
Vampire Hunter VH Common
Vamp Hunter Rare

Mafia Edit

Role/Alignment Abbreviation(s) Use of Abbreviation
Mafia Maf Extremely Common
Mafs Uncommon
Mafia Killing MK Common
Mafia Support MS Rare
Random Mafia RM Common
Ambusher Ambu Uncommon
Blackmailer BMer Common
BM Uncommon
Consort Cons Common in Investigator Last Wills
Con Uncommon
Consigliere Consig Very Common
Consi Rare
Disguiser Disg Common
Godfather GF Extremely Common
Hypnotist Hypno Common
Hyp Uncommon
Janitor Jan Common
Mafioso Maf/Mafi Common in Investigator Last Wills

Coven Edit

Role/Alignment Abbreviation(s) Use of Abbreviation
Coven Leader CL Common
Potion Master PM Common
Hex Master HM Common in Investigator Last Wills
Hex Uncommon
Necromancer Necro Common
Medusa Medu Uncommon

Neutral Edit

Role/Alignment Abbreviation(s) Use of Abbreviation
Neutral Neut Uncommon
Neu Very Rare
Neutral Killing NK Very Common
Neutral Evil NE VeryCommon
Neutral Benign NB Common
Neutral Chaos NC Common
Amnesiac Amne Common
Amn Rare
Arsonist Arso Very Common
Arson Uncommon
Executioner Exe Very Common
Exec Uncommon
Guardian Angel GA Very Common
Jester Jest Very Common
Juggernaut Jugg Common
Plaguebearer PB Very Common
Plague Uncommon
Serial Killer SK Extremely Common
Survivor Surv Common
Werewolf WW Very Common
Vampire Vamp


Pestilence Pest Common

Action Slang Edit

Show by ActionEdit

  • Voting and canceling your vote twice - This is the sign for being blackmailed. Note: This won't work for a revealed Mayor if 3 or less votes are required to lynch, as a Mayor's vote counts as 3 votes, it may lead other Townies to actually lynch said player. Members of the Mafia can also use this to a certain player to indicate that player needs to be acted upon by a member of the Mafia, but this is rarely used.
  • Reveal or Die - When a player is suspected of being either an evil role or the Mayor, said player will be put on trial. If they do not reveal themselves as the Mayor, said person will be lynched.

Discussion Slang Edit

  • Bandwagon - When people vote whoever is being randomly voted, usually with little to no evidence.
  • BMG - BlankMediaGames
  • Bussing - When a member of the Mafia claims a Town Investigative role and calls out and pushes to lynch one of their own members to seem to be a "confirmed Townie"
  • CC - Counterclaim. This is used when one player claims a role, but another player claims to have the same role (or another role of the same alignment).
  • D# - Day# - (analogous to N#; rarely used as most events happen at Night).
  • DN - Death Note.
  • FOS / FoS - Fingers of Suspicion, used to call a person out for being suspicious (ex. FoS on (insert name) for voting innocent on the Godfather!)
  • Freelo - Refers to the award of Elo after an easy game; so easy it is basically free.
  • GY - Graveyard
  • Inno - Innocent
  • LyLo - A "Lynch or Lose" Day (if the Town doesn't lynch an evil role today, they will lose.)
  • LW / Will - Last Will
  • Maf maj - The Mafia has the majority
  • Mass Role Call - When everyone starts to claim their roles in attempt to find the last evil role.
  • MyLo - A "Mislynch or Lose" day, similar to LyLo. (The Town can safely not lynch, but if they lynch someone wrongly, they will lose.)
  • N# - Night# (commonly used in a Last Will or Death Note)
  • NA - Not Attacked (sometimes used by Bodyguards and Doctors or even Survivors in their Last Will to show that they were not attacked that night)
  • NoLynch / NL - Don't lynch anyone today.
  • NS/NSus/Not Sus/Not Susp - Not Suspicious (often used by Sheriffs in their Last Will). Has many variations beyond these four.
  • Random Lynch/RL - Voting or lynching somebody with little or no proof. (usually done in absence of conclusive evidence or during LyLo)
  • Scum - Someone with an evil role, generally used in the same ways as "Sus".
  • Sus / Susp - Suspicious
  • TOS / ToS - Town of Salem
  • Townie - A member of the Town
  • TP - From most to least common: Town Protective, Transporter, Town Points
  • VB - Visited By; common in Lookouts' Last Wills.
  • VFR - Vote For Roles. This is when a confirmed Townie, (oftenly, but it is possible to be started by a non-confirmed Townie) usually a Mayor, votes everyone up just to get their roles.
  • WIFOM - Wine in front of me. Using reverse psychology to throw the mafia off.

Miscellaneous Edit

These are abbreviations you will encounter anywhere in the internet or multiplayer games.

  • AFK - Away From Keyboard.
  • Carry - Referring to someone who won the game for their faction. They "carried" all the other members of the faction to victory. Similar to MVP.
  • EZ - Easy (Mostly said when someone wins a game easily).
  • GG/GGWP - Good Game/Good Game, Well Played (amicable thing to say at the end of a game, otherwise it's a quick way to say that the game is over).
  • GJ - Good Job (Mostly said when a Townie successfully kills/lynches a member of the Mafia or a Neutral Killing role).
  • GL - Good Luck (amicable thing to say at the start of a game).
  • GLHF - Good Luck, Have Fun (amicable thing to say at the start of a game).
  • inb4 - In Before. Used to essentially say something before anyone else, such as just after lynching someone in Ranked when there is a dead Neutral Evil role, yet someone was acting very suspicious, one might say, "Inb4 Any Jester".
  • MB/My b - My Bad.
  • Meta - Abbreviation of Most Effective Tactic Available (Used when discussing about tactics people may use, for example, "You know, claiming to be an Executioner is the new Godfather meta.")
  • MVP - Most Valuable Player. (Usually a compliment given to the player who was the most beneficial to the team)
  • OP - Overpowered (Too strong).
  • PM - Private Message (Also known as a Whisper).
  • Premade - Having entered the game together with a party.
  • TBH - To Be Honest (Normally used when defending on trial or building up an accusation early in the morning. Example, "TBH, there's got be 2 members of the Mafia left, and (insert name) has to be one of them.")
  • Theme - Usually said before the game starts in the Lobby, and typically has a reference or popular trend before it, such as "Superhero" or "Food." This means a player wants to have the other players choose a name that would be related to the theme.
  • Tldr; or Tl;dr - Too Long; Didn't Read (sometimes used when a Last Will is too long, and the player(s) don't want to read it).
  • TY/Thx - Thank You (usually said after one player has been satisfied by someone else, for example, "TY Doctor for healing me", or "Thx for reviving me Retributionist.")
  • UP - Underpowered (Not strong enough).
  • WB - Welcome back (commonly said to a Townie after being resurrected by a Retributionist).
  • YW - You're welcome (usually said after someone says they were healed, by someone who claimed/is Doctor)