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This is an overview of how to get started with playing Town of Salem!

Starting the Game Edit

You need an account. This account will work for the forum and the game, but not this wiki.

You can login from your browser here. If it doesn't work, you probably need the Adobe Flash Player.

If you have bought the game from Steam, you should prefer Steam over your browser, since it is more stable!

Main Menu Edit

Settings: Here you can change all kinds of general options.
Daily Brew Button
Daily Brew: Here you can earn prizes.
Customization Options: Here you can change your Avatar, Pet, etc. which is displayed during the game.
Shop: Here you can buy customs for your avatar or house (see above) for Merit Points you can earn by playing games, and you can buy Town Points, which are used to buy certain special items that can be bought with Town Points only.
Achievement Browser: Here you can see a list of achievements you can earn in-game. Each one is worth Town Points which you can use in the Shop!
Statistics: Here you can see your in-game statistics, as well as the top 10 players of each statistic.
Here you can start a new game. See next section for more info!
Here you can see your friends list and invitations / friendship requests! If anyone is online, you can message them and/or invite them to a game.

Starting a New Game (Lobby) Edit


a Custom Setup in Custom game mode

You can either:

You will then enter the lobby and be able to chat with the other players: their usernames will be listed on the top left.

If you chose Custom Mode, then someone in the lobby will be the Host (it could even be you). The host sets up the game for everyone by choosing which Roles should be in the game. There is a big list of Custom Setups on the wiki!

During your first few games, It's recommend to play on the game mode Classic because it has people among your skill level. After you think you got a handle on that, you can then move on to other modes such as Custom, Vigilantics, Rainbow and All Any. (However it's also recommend that you play Custom so you can learn all the roles) After 50 games (10 of which are Ranked Practice), you get to play Ranked, which by now, you mainly know about most of the roles. So have fun!

Before the Game Edit

You can pick your name now. It can be different each game and doesn't have to be the same as your login name. Even your name can matter in Town of Salem! You can set a default name in your customization options.

After you picked your name, you will randomly receive a role. If you own any scrolls and have them equipped, you have a higher chance of getting that role!

During the Game Edit

You will see an explanation of your role on the top right of the screen. Some roles are more complex than others; you can read up on mechanics and strategies for your role on the wiki!

Every game lasts several in-game days which have several phases.

  • During the Day, you can chat with the other players, vote for a player to be lynched, or even use your Day Ability (only few roles have one).
  • During the Night, you can use your Night Ability, if you have one. Some roles can chat at night!

When you die, that does not always mean you lose! You should check the goal and victory conditions of your role before you leave.

Top Menu Bar Edit

Set Town of Salem to Full Screen.
Choose a player to report for rule-breaking behavior. See Town of Salem Rules for further information.
Turn music on or off. You can set the default settings in the main menu.
Turn sound effects on or off. You can set the default settings in the main menu.
Open the message log. This log, in which you can scroll up or down, displays all in-game chat and messages since Day One.
Edit or save changes to your Last Will. This will be displayed to everyone in case you die!
Use your day ability. This button only appears during the day if you are the Jailor, Mayor, or a dead Medium.
Edit or save changes to your Death Note. This button is only available if you are a Town Killing, Mafia Killing, or Neutral Killing role.
Leave the current game early without refreshing the page. You will still face punishment if you leave while alive.

Player window Edit

The player window appears on the lower right corner of your screen. Whether a button appears depends on your role and the current phase.

During the voting phase, vote or retract your vote for a living player to be put on trial. You cannot vote for yourself.
During the night, use your night ability on a certain player. The targets you can choose depend on your role. The Transporter and Witch need to select two targets. This button won't display if you have no night ability.

After the Game Edit

When the game ends, you will see a victory message. Anyone who hasn't left the game yet can now chat, dead or alive!

When you decide to return to the lobby, you will see a screen showing you the usernames of everyone who played and their roles. Their username, in-game name, and role will be in a certain font color depending on their current status.

Color Description
Black The user has not left the game yet, and is not in the lobby.
White The user is currently in the end-game lobby.
Red The user has left the game and the end-game lobby, therefore having completely left the game.

Have fun!

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