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"I've found evidence linking her to the Mafia!" the venerable Sheriff declared as he pointed to the confused Medium. He then pulled out a handful of crumpled notes, detailing the locations of shady out-of-town meetings at night and written in blood-red ink while starting his 'death to the Mafia' spiel. The Medium tried to defend herself to the best of her abilities, claiming that one would have to be an abject fool to think that those notes could correlate to the Mafia, but fortunately (or unfortunately, in the Medium's case), the Sheriff's years of experience led him to believe that he really had genuine info. He led the Medium's execution, and then realized as she breathed her last... she was framed. Her last will held not her words of dedication to the Mafia... just the words of the deceased townsfolk. The Framer noted the irony in the Sheriff's spiel with his fellow Mafia comrades while the rest of the town turned a blind eye to the incognito Mafia, and one of the brave citizens shouted out loud to jail and execute the Sheriff for his mistake. As the meeting for the day concluded and almost everyone went back to their homes, the Framer congratulated himself on what he had accomplished. Who knew where a few old documents could get you? (credit)



  • A strategy to do before night is to say a player is suspicious or Mafia, and get a Town Investigative role to check that person. However, a smart person will realize you are a Framer, and will call you out on it.
  • A possible strategy is to tell the truth about your role, especially if someone whispers you to ask. Most people will brush you off as a bad Jester and some people may even step up in your defense if you draw too much attention. You don't have to make a clever lie as long as Investigators and Sheriffs suspect that you've been framed the next night, allowing you to survive longer.
    • Try not to press too hard when using the above strategy, telling the Town directly "You want to lynch me!" is the best strategy. Do not be too annoying, as spamming is against the rules, but reinforce the point every day by repeating that you're a Framer and act annoyed that Town is not doing their duty to lynch you. Do this until people get annoyed at you and think you are a "confirmed Jester."
    • Of course, this strategy does have a downside; you could get killed by a Jailor or a Vigilante since killing Jesters is normally part of their role.
  • Your job in the Mafia is to be the "middleman" between the Mafia because you know that if people investigate you, you have a valid reason to say you were framed.
  • Never keep a will as to who you have framed, because this may prove the innocence of those that you framed and give a clue as to who is Mafia by narrowing down suspects. You can write down that you have Framed other members of the Mafia to make it seem like they are innocent.

Who to FrameEdit

  • It's best that you frame people with names that stick out the most, as Town Investigatives tend to investigate said players.
  • Framing people that are number one or number fifteen on the players list is good too, as they also tend to be investigated first.
  • If people are suspicious of a particular person, there's a good chance that people will investigate them. It's also a good chance for you to frame them. Be wary though, as Lookout may be one of these investigative roles and see you visit this person.
  • A strategy that some use is to continue framing the same person. To a Sheriff or Investigator, the second night they check their target to confirm that they are evil, it will still come up as evil. after the second night of checking, most Town Investigatives will claim that the target is evil, getting a Townie lynched.
  • Framing a Mafia-known Jester could possibly get them lynched, killing a Townie or a Neutral in the process. Plus, if the Jailor or Vigilante decides to kill them, they've wasted a shot or execution.
  • Remember, it isn't necessary (and isn't necessarily helpful) to frame someone every night. Framing on even-numbered nights risks getting killed by the Werewolf; framing on any night risks hitting the Veteran. And worst of all, whenever you frame anyone, you confirm to every Spy in the game that your target is not a member of the Mafia, accomplishing the exact opposite of your goal (whereas you'll only trick a Sheriff or Investigator if they happen to investigate your target that very night). Sometimes, consider not framing people unless you have some reason to suspect that they'll be investigated that night.
    • Since your ability is usually more detrimental than good, you should primarily focus on the general Mafia strategies. Remember that as useless as you are, you are still an extra vote for the Mafia and can be promoted to Mafioso, so don't throw your life away needlessly.
  • Since visiting a target confirms them as non-Mafia to every Spy in the game (Unless if there's a Transporter or a Witch), consider framing people who have already been visited by the Mafia, minimizing the damage you do. If you visit every person in the game one by one, you risk exposing the entire Mafia to Spies through the process of elimination.


  • If an Investigator finds a "Framer" during night one, the chance of them really being a Framer is only 50%.
  • If a Sheriff finds a "Mafia" during night one, the chance of them being Mafia is 66% if there is one Framer.
    • To determine the probability, divide (number of non-GF Mafia) by (number of non-GF Mafia plus number of Framers).

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