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Elo will be locked in place on June 20th for the end of the Legacy Season.
Rewards will be given depending on players' Elo brackets.
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Town of Salem

The Elo rating system is a system that places players of a similar skill level to face off against each other while playing ranked games. The system was initially created by Arpad Elo as a method to rank chess players, but has since expanded to many other competitive games.

Each player starts off with 1200 Elo. Winning games will cause a player's Elo to rise, while losing games will cause the player's Elo to drop (to a minimum of zero). Draws do not affect Elo. These other factors also affect the amount of Elo gained or lost:

  • The player's role
  • The player's current Elo
  • The opponents' current Elo

Players may check their current Elo by completing a Ranked game, exiting to the End Game Lobby and viewing at the top-left of the screen by their win/loss stats. A player may also go to their "statistics" tab in the main menu screen where they can review their Elo, wins, and losses.

Tips for Elo gaining

Elo gaining is dependent on other players, and thus if you end up in a game with smart players, your chances of them helping you out and also the chances of them countering smart players in other factions increase. It also becomes easier to win with Town. So, in Ranked, if you played with generally smart players, you should stay in the lobby.

  • On the contrary, if you were just in a game with people you know like to gamethrow, are known to cheat, mess around too much and don't play seriously, or make tons of mistakes, then wait out the queue twice or go play another mode before returning to Ranked. This does not mean don't ever have fun in this game or that if you make mistakes you are a terrible person, but Elo hunting requires focus and attention.
  • The longer one plays for, the better a player becomes, especially if one plays for long times at once. While some players may not be able to play a lot, it is true that playing games with 30 minutes in between each game is less likely to produce good Elo results than playing those games right after another.
  • If you know you aren't very good if you haven't played a game some time earlier in the day, play a game of Ranked Practice before going into Ranked.
  • Stay focused. If you need to do something, do it first and then come back to the game so you don't become distracted.

Points Guide

The following Elo gain/loss rates are the average, and they are dependent on the ELO of the players around you. However, the gain ratios won't change very much (+1/-1). It should also be noted that when town roles and neutral roles get promoted (e.g. Vampire Hunter to Vigilante or Executioner to Jester), they will gain Elo based on their previous role.

If you leave a game before it finishes, the game will treat it as a loss and deduct the appropriate amount of Elo.


Role Win Loss
Bodyguard +1 to +9 -1/3 to -7/9/11 to -14
Doctor +1 to +9 -1/3/6/7/9/10/12/14
Escort +1 to +9 -0/1/3 to -5/7/8/10/13/14
Investigator +1 to +9 -2/3/5 to -10/11/12/13
Jailor +1 to +9 -1/3/4/6 to 8/9/11 to -14
Lookout +1 to +9 -1 to 7/11 to -14
Mayor +1 to +9 -1/3 to 7/10/14
Medium +1 to +9 -1 to -5/7 to -10/13
Retributionist +1 to +5/7 to +9 -1/2/4/5/7/10 to -13
Sheriff +1 to +9 -1 to -7/9/11 to -14
Spy +1 to +9 -1/3 to -10/12/13
Transporter +1 to +5/7 to +9 -3 to -6/9/10/13
Veteran +1 to +9 -1/3/5/6/7/9/10/12
Vigilante +1 to +8 -2/4/5/7 to -10/12/13
Vampire Hunter ? -6


Role Win Loss
Blackmailer +1/6/7/8 -1 to -6
Consigliere +3/6 to 10/12/13/14 -1 to -3/5 to -7/9
Consort +7 to +11 -1/3/4/6
Disguiser +1/4/6/8/9 -1 to -3/5/6
Forger +1/4/5/8/11/15 -1 to -5
Framer +4/7/8/9/13 -1/3/4/6
Godfather +1 to +12/14/16 -1 to -7
Janitor +4/8/10/12/16 -1 to -5
Mafioso +1 to +7/9/11/12/13/16 -1 to -6/12


Role Win Loss
Amnesiac *** (1/14) -1 to -7
Arsonist +1/7/10/12/13/17/20/21 -1
Executioner +1/4/5/6/8/9/10/16/17 -1 to -7
Jester* +1/3/4/7 to 15/17 -1 to -3/5/6
Serial Killer +1/11/12/15/17/18/19 -1/2
Survivor +1 to +10 -1/2/4/6/8 to -10/12
Witch +1/2/3/7/8 to +10/13/15/16 -1 to -4
Werewolf +1/5/6/7/10/11/12/18/21 -1
Vampire +1 -1

***The Elo gained depends on the role you get after you remembered someone else's role.

*Jester has been known in some cases to lose 1 elo in a draw


The game only has the top ten ELO players currently, but is working on making a full leaderboard. These scores are of the 28th of May, at 9:30 AM EST, 2017.




1 Manchesterred 5116
2 tazar 4096
3 thelinearcurve 4020
4 spaceninj1 4003
5 ImbaPingu 3709
6 TrevorLobsterman 3674
7 Sting 3658
8 drakejohnson9 3650
9 iuliad94 3608
10 Tricks 3580

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