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With many years at university spent honing surgical precision and biomedical research, the Doctor is an innovative combat surgeon skilled in recovering the most traumatic of injuries – even in just a single night.

When the Doctor retired into a humble life as Salem's local physician, the Mayor became suspicious of his miraculous abilities to heal people in the most critical conditions. He cut funding to the town hospital and threatened to banish the Doctor, out of fear for association with witchcraft. For his corrupt accusations, the good Doctor then swore to never, ever heal the Mayor.

Years later, far past his prime, the Doctor still secretly checks up on the good people of the Town – even if it gets him exiled. The Mafia's assaults and the Serial Killer's stabbings, even a vampire's bite or a werewolf's rage are nothing to the Doctor's medical skills and refined operating techniques. Despite this, he has one foe he cannot combat: The Arsonist.

So much to the Doctor's regret, targets of the Arsonist are beyond his reach. He can do little for patients who have been charred beyond recognition. (credit)


Healing your target Edit

You can heal all attacks on your target caused by Bodyguards, Vampire Hunters, the Veteran, Vigilantes, a Mafia Killing role, Serial Killers, Vampires, or the Werewolf.

  • You can heal a Bodyguard who died protecting someone. This does not allow them to kill a possible second attacker during the same night.
  • If you heal someone who is visited by a Werewolf, you will die but your target will remain alive.

You cannot heal under certain circumstances:

  • Anyone executed by the Jailor, doused or ignited by an Arsonist, or haunted by a Jester.
  • Any suicide methods (A Vigilante killing themselves from guilt or someone who has left the game)
  • The Mayor once they reveal themselves.

Notifications Edit

You will be notified if your target was attacked, including a Vampire bite.

  • You will receive only one notification, no matter how often your target was attacked.
  • Your target will receive a message about being healed. They will not receive additional messages if they were healed by multiple Doctors.
  • You will still receive the message that your target was attacked even if they were protected by a Bodyguard or have Night Immunity.
  • You can heal an Escort, Consort, and a Jailor who role blocked the Serial Killer or Werewolf (On full moon nights). However, you will not see that your target was attacked.
  • If someone is successfully healed, their attacker will not get a message of any kind.
    • However, if their target had Night Immunity, the attacker will still get the message saying they are immune.


  • Lay low, and avoid revealing your role unless completely necessary. You can use your ability to secretly protect someone from death, while staying under the Mafia's radar. Don't say anything if you healed someone the previous night, or if they say something along the lines of "Thanks Doc!" Even whispering to your target, while it might be tempting, can be dangerous, since the Mafia is usually smart enough to kill whoever whispered someone who is being killed; generally, you should only whisper your target if you believe they are a Doctor or Bodyguard and are trying to pair up with them.
  • Keep your self heal for later in the game. There is little chance of the Mafia attacking you early game, especially if you haven't revealed your role. However, as the game goes on, it gradually becomes more necessary to reveal your role. If you have to reveal your role, it is recommended to use your self-heal that night, as the Doctor is a nuisance to the Mafia, as well as the Serial Killer.
  • The most important basic strategy for a Doctor is to identify confirmed Townies so you can heal them. As an added bonus, anyone who can be publicly identified as Town is more likely to be targeted by the Mafia. When you lack other ideas, people to heal include:
    • Anyone who has voted a member of the Mafia up to the stand, or who provided decisive evidence to hang a member of the Mafia.
    • Anyone who has been confirmed via their abilities, such as Vigilantes who put their name in their Death Note, or anyone brought back to life by a Retributionist.
    • If someone passes a Spy-test, do not blindly heal them as they may be a Blackmailer. Only heal them when said Spy is confirmed by role filtering or by a Sheriff confirming that they are a genuine Spy.
  • Healing a Jailor allows them to jail any target without fear of the target being the Serial Killer or Werewolf. (However, if the Werewolf attacks the Jailor directly, you will be attacked as well).
  • Two Doctors healing each other are very difficult to kill. Requiring either a Witch (redirecting one Doctor's heal elsewhere), an Escort or a Consort (stopping one Doctor from healing the other), an Arsonist (burning both without being able to heal each other), a Jester haunt or lynching.
  • If your target was healed, and someone was killed by a Bodyguard the next morning, but no Bodyguard died, then you almost certainly healed the Bodyguard. Most of the time, you should immediately whisper to them, claim Doctor, explain what happened, and ask them to cover you for the rest of the game while you heal them. This creates a almost unstoppable team.
  • Healing a Bodyguard allows them to kill anyone who attacks their target, without them dying, until you are killed. This also allows you to indirectly provide indefinite protection to a Mayor, who you cannot heal directly, as long as you yourself are not attacked.
  • A Doctor/Bodyguard pair that are constantly healing/protecting each other is almost impossible to destroy. This is similar to a Doctor/Doctor pair, with the difference that the Bodyguard can kill whoever tries to stop the Doctor. A killer will have a 50-50 chance of either failing to kill or being killed themselves. As long as the Doctor is healing the Bodyguard, the Bodyguard will recover from every successful defense.
    • A Werewolf will die if he tries to kill any of the pair. If he targets the Doctor, he will get killed by the Bodyguard. If the Werewolf instead targets the Bodyguard, the Doctor will be attacked due to him visiting the Bodyguard, triggering the Bodyguard´s protection, thus killing the Werewolf and leaving the combination intact
    • If a Jailor jails either the Doctor or Bodyguard, the person not jailed will likely be exposed to any attacks. If you self-heal, you can still survive the night unless you were doused and set on fire on the same night or you were role blocked and killed.
    • A Witch, Escort, or Consort can also break this defense by redirecting or role blocking one of the pair.
  • Transporters can usually confirm by posting a record of who they transported, but healing them after they're confirmed doesn't make as much sense as other confirmed Town members, since they'll usually be using their ability to protect themselves afterwards.
  • A common misconception of a good strategy is waiting before you heal anyone right away (on the first night). The argument goes that you could accidentally save an evil role or run into an unexpected Veteran. However, this looks very suspicious and you miss the opportunity to get a Lookout to confirm you (if they visited the same person), as well as the fact you are more likely to heal a Town member.
  • You will know if your target is attacked. This can indicate their innocence in a number of ways:
    • If there was no attack from the Mafia that night, it means your target may have been attacked by the Mafia; aside from rare shenanigans with a Transporter or Witch, that would mean they're not a member of the Mafia, since the Mafia can't normally attack themselves.
    • If the attack looks like it was from the Werewolf or a Serial Killer, it can indicate that your target wasn't that role (but, of course, they could still be part of the Mafia.) It can be hard to figure out if you've saved your target from becoming a Vampire, but that's also another potential cause for the message. (and the messages are indistinguishable.)
  • If you seem to have healed your target from a Werewolf attack, yet survived yourself, this means that they weren't the Werewolf's primary target; in other words, it means they're a visiting role and visited the werewolf's target. If the Werewolf's target died to the Mafia or Serial Killer in this situation, and no Mafia member or Serial Killer came up dead, then it's extremely likely you've actually saved an evil role!
    • Of course, if you save the Werewolf's primary target, you will die, but the person you healed (and the Werewolf) will survive.
  • If you know who the Veteran is (for example, if a Veteran goes on alert Night 1 and someone who died from the Veteran was able to record it in their Last Will) it's a good idea to team up with them. You can tell them you're Doctor and that you'll heal them until you die, while in the meantime the Veteran saves their alerts for later in the game.
  • If someone you were healing dies anyway (and the cause is something you could have healed, not suicide or an Arsonist), it means one of two things has happened:
    • First, your target may have been transported. This means that your heal was redirected on to someone else, and the attack was redirected onto your target. Note that this means that your target wasn't the one who the attacker intended to kill. You can try to confirm this by asking if anyone was transported; if anyone speaks up, they were probably the real target of the attack.
    • And second, if you entered (or changed) your heal command just as the night ended, it may not have reached the server in time.
    • You could also have been controlled by a Witch and redirected onto another target, but it would be fairly obvious as you would have gotten a message. There is a very rare bug that the control message does not show up, though.
  • If you're being controlled by a Witch every night, take note if your target is healed (and write what night it happened in your Last Will.) After the first night, a Witch is probably making you target them, so you may be able to identify them if they're later called out by an attacker as being immune.
  • If you are aware of a Witch in-game, be careful when stating you are the Doctor, as doing so gives the Witch protection every night. Under no circumstances should you reveal that you are the Doctor unless you ask a Transporter to transport you or a Lookout to watch you in order to busted the Witch.

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