Sheriff Head Notification Reminder:
Please make sure that all added role lists are possible.
Any lists found to not be possible to start the game with will be removed.

PSA: Anyone may edit this page and add their own setup. You do not have to put it in the comments - you can just directly edit it into the page.

Custom Setups are a fun way the Host can set up a Custom Mode game. Below is a list of some setups people have made. If you know any other fun setups feel free to add them to this list below.

Note: As of Version 2.0, the most amount of members of the Mafia at the start of the game cannot be more than 4.

Note: There can only be 6 of the same slot added.

Coven Versus Town Balanced (By FearlessCavalry) Edit

Fraudulent Psychic Edit


Balanced Gamemode (by SilverStar2003) Edit


What result is real? (by SilverStar2003) Edit

Salem Hospital (by Amir999990) Edit

Which Side Will Win? (by Thundermaker300) Edit


Fear the Plague! (by Thundermaker300) Edit

Win for yourself (by Thundermaker300) Edit


You must survive (by Thundermaker300) Edit


Im new. You're old. Get rekt. (by EnderGame301) Edit

Variations / Reason for title

Great Chaos (by SilverStar2003) Edit

Murder Party (by SilverStar2003) Edit

A lil' bit of everything (by Thundermaker300) Edit


Surprise! (by Thundermaker300) Edit

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