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Custom Setups are a fun way the Host can set up a Custom Mode game. Below is a list of some setups

Evil Free-For-All by Shanka DaWanka Edit

Hello, Neighbor by ImKurama Edit


Murder Mystery: Coven Edition by ImKurama Edit

Not For Noobs (By WaterLemon) Edit

Note, this originally had two Town Supports, since that would make 16, one was removed. ​​

Vampire Chaos by Super Flyingt36 Edit

Variation: Replace CL with GF, RC with RM, and PB with Exe

Judgment day (By Chris Belair) Edit

You've Been Trapped by Shanka DaWanka Edit

Coven Versus Town Balanced (By FearlessCavalry) Edit

Fraudulent Psychic Edit


Wrong Way? (by SilverStar2003) Edit

There can only be 1 winner (by: SilverStar2003) Edit

Know thy enemy (Chris Belair) Edit

Rainbow Version 1 (by SilverStar2003) Edit

Rainbow Version 2 (by SilverStar2003) Edit

All the colors! (Chris Belair) Edit

Die if you hang the wrong! (by SilverStar2003) Edit

As a variation, remove 3 Executioners or Jesters and add a Medusa, a Jailor, and a Veteran.

Scream (by Silver) Edit

Vampire Chaos (by Silver) Edit

Classic Salem Trials (by Silver) Edit

100 DEADS A DAY?! (by Silver) Edit

Alignments (by Silver) Edit

Die for nothing Jojo! (By Chris Belair) Edit

Balanced Gamemode (by SilverStar2003) Edit


Balanced Gamemode 2 (by SilverStar2003) Edit

What result is real? (by SilverStar2003) Edit

Salem Hospital (by Amir999990) Edit

Which Side Will Win? (by Thundermaker300) Edit


Fear the Plague! (by Thundermaker300) Edit

Win for yourself (by Thundermaker300) Edit


You must survive (by Thundermaker300) Edit


Change now! (By: Chris Belair) Edit

If Guardian Angel and/or Vampire Hunter are found/change to be non unique roles then add one more of them and take out 1 Executioner.

Im new. You're old. Get rekt. (by EnderGame301) Edit

Variations / Reason for title

All brand new (By Chris Belair) Edit

Great Chaos (by SilverStar2003) Edit

It's OK to be gray (By Chris Belair) Edit

Murder Party (by SilverStar2003) Edit

A lil' bit of everything (by Thundermaker300) Edit


Surprise! (by Thundermaker300) Edit

Unstoppables (by Chris Belair) Edit

Variation with more town

ALL Neutral (by Chris Belair) Edit

6 Neutral Killings makes it likely to get a Juggernaut in your game

Suggestion: to increase the likelyhood of a Juggernaut, add a Werewolf in addition to 6 Neutral Killings. Since Werewolf is unique, it will not take up a Neutral Killing spot this way.

Town of Magic/Spellcasters (by Amir999990) Edit

Neutral Killing and evil are for a chance to get a Juggernaut

Delayed Doom (by Chris Belair) Edit


Infection (by Chris Belair) Edit

Pest or Jest (By Chris Belair) Edit

Those last 3 have the same Investigator result!

Variation 1
Variation 2

^^^ all same Investigator result

Random Galore (By Amir999990) Edit

I'm Sheriff they're a Serial Killer! (By Chris Belair) Edit

Unique Chaos (By Amir999990) Edit

Ladies of the night (by Chris Belair) Edit

King of the Hill (by TehLonelyNinja) Edit

(Variations: Replace Coven with a Jailor, or replace Amnesiacs or Survivors with more Mafia, Coven, or Vampires)

Coven Rainbow (by Amir999990) Edit

Gang War (By TehLonelyNinja) Edit

Variations: Replace the Random Town/Any with a Vampire for to allow another "Gang" to partake in the war. Or, for faster killing, replace Hex Master with a Potion Master or add in Neutral Killing/Pirate instead of Random Town/Any. For slower killing time, replace Ambusher with Random Mafia or replace Poisoner with Necromancer.

Stalkers (By Amir999990) Edit

Jugg = Holy Grail (By TehLonelyNinja) Edit

Note: This setup's main purpose is to get the "An Unstoppable Force meets an Invincible Object" achievement. It is named since Juggernaut is rare, and this is hoping to spawn one in to get the achievement. Spy is there for opposing factions requirement. It is recommended to play this with 15 players, because anything less and Juggernaut will be unlikely to spawn. Suggestion: to increase the likelyhood of a Juggernaut, add a Werewolf in addition to 6 Neutral Killings. Since Werewolf is unique, it will not take up a Neutral Killing spot this way.

Pestilence Achievements (By Chris Belair) Edit

Town of Neutral (By Swizard16) Edit

4 Faction War (By Swizard16) Edit

Note: For a Town VS Mafia VS Coven VS Vampire(Most Factional Neutral)

Hiding the Truth (by Amir999990) Edit

It's depend on ANY role (By Swizard16) Edit

Coven Controlled Chaos (by Diesel0307) Edit

Note: If this seems like too much killing, make the Any a Random Town.

HMMM i wonder who has the plauge (by Anon 2606) Edit

Chaos Royale (by Silver) Edit

Forbidden Stalkers (by Silver) Edit

Turf Wars (by Amir999990) Edit

Another variant:Replace the 2 Vampires with a Psychic and Veteran respectively.

Chance of Jugg (by alpal41202) Edit

Beware of the Bearer (by alpal41202) Edit

"Who is dead?" (by Chris Belair) Edit

Visit wrong you die! (by Chris Belair) Edit

Neutral Chaos (by Chris Belair) Edit

If 6 is ok then this

""This is Minecraft" by A Fandom User Edit

The whole point of this is that the order of the first letters of each role make the text "THIS IS MINECRAFT." That is why there are 3 Investigators, and not all in one line. The reason why this is in Coven is because otherwise there would be no roles for H and N.

Mind Games (By Amir999990) Edit

Second variant:Replace Medusa with a Necromancer,Psychic with a Transporter and an Amnesiac or Executioner with a Jester

The War of Salem (by Shilster) Edit

This list focuses on faction wars more than anything. Every player must do the best for their faction.

Second variant:

Only a 3-faction game.

Gangland (By KingofHoundooms) Edit

Looney Bin (By KingofHoundooms) Edit

Variation: Replace Amnesiac with Werewolf.

Chaotic Town by Moodloo

Factions Mayhem (by Tom G)Edit

Hell on Salemvile (by Tom G)Edit

Streets of Salem (by Tom G)Edit


Suggestion: to increase the likelyhood of a Juggernaut, add a Werewolf in addition to 6 Neutral Killings. Since Werewolf is unique, it will not take up a Neutral Killing spot this way.

1 VS ALL (by Tom G)Edit

The Hunger Games (By BadHippo AKA Talia) Edit

Hypnotized? (by NoCarbonRequired) Edit

The Very Bottom and their Rivals (by TheRetroPioneer) Edit