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A Town Protective role with the ability to protect a player each night giving them Powerful defense, but will use a Basic attack against another visitor at random. It is only playable in the Town of Salem: The Coven expansion.


  • During the night phase, the Crusader may select a target to protect. The Crusader may not protect himself.
  • The Crusader will kill one person who visits their protected target, no matter which role the visiting role may be.
    • Unlike the Bodyguard, the Crusader will not die protecting a target and as a result may continue protecting targets at night.
  • The protected target will not receive a notification about being protected, unless the protected target is attacked that night.
  • A protected target who is attacked will receive a notification stating, “You were attacked but someone protected you!”
  • If the Crusader's target is attacked, he will receive a notification stating, “Your target was attacked last night!”

Strategy Edit

  • It is almost never a good idea to randomly protect Night 1.
  • Protecting a confirmed Townie without/very low chance of a Lookout is often a good idea as there is little reason for another player besides an evil to visit said Townie. However, another Town Protective may visit the confirmed Townie, killing them.
  • If the late game has begun and evils are nearing majority, protect every night. You need evils dead at this point and they have a high chance of visiting your target at this point.
  • Often you should not protect early as there is too high a chance of killing a fellow Townie.

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