Until a few nights ago, the Crusader was always willing to sacrifice his life for that of another townie. It was a noble deed, and it was the Bodyguard's job. But one night, while on guard, it occurred to him that if he just shot the visitor before they attacked, he could protect whomever he was supposed to protect, and live!

So the Crusader stood, daring anyone to try and attack this house. He was on a mission, not just to protect the owner of this house, but to get rid of all evil in this town. He would save the town, and survive to become a celebrated hero at the end. As he began to think this night would be as uneventful as all the other nights, he heard soft footsteps.

Three clean shots stopped the serial killer’s reign of terror. As the Crusader kicked the body over, knives glinted in the moonlight.

Hearing gunshots from the home he planned to visit, the mafioso, lurking not too far away, turned back home. The Godfather would be angry, but a mad Godfather was better than a dead mafioso.

Morning came, and the joyful Crusader practically skipped to the town square where dead would be announced. As the townies woke up, they stared at each other, observing who was absent. The Mayor called for everyone’s attention as the Sheriff dragged a body out in the middle of the square. It was the serial killer, the one the Crusader had killed last night.

“This townie was killed by a Crusader last night,” the Sheriff stated. The townies pointed to a shabby house, identifying it as the dead person's house. The Sheriff and the Investigator entered the house. The Crusader tensed in anticipation. In a few seconds, they would announce that the serial killer was dead.

It was only when the Sheriff raised his head, his grim demeanor becoming visible, that the Crusader realized he had made a grave mistake. The Investigator held up a box of medicines for the town to see. As the Crusader heard the Investigator’s quietly uttered words, he fell to his knees in shock and horror.

“The doctor was killed last night.”

Credit: [1]


  • You can choose someone to protect each night, granting them a Powerful defense. You will deal a Basic attack to one random visitor to your target.
  • The protected target will not receive a notification about being protected, unless they were attacked that night.
    • If they were attacked, they will receive a notification stating "You were attacked but someone protected you!”
    • If they were attacked, the Crusader will receive a notification stating “Your target was attacked last night!"

Strategy Edit

  • Always protect someone who asks for a Crusader on them, but not someone who asks for a Town Protective on them. You may accidentally kill a Town Protective role. Be wary that they may be a Medusa baiting people or some other evil role.
  • Protecting a confirmed Townie without or very low chance of a Lookout is often a good idea as there is little reason for another player besides an evil one to visit the said Townie. However, if another Town Protective visits the confirmed Townie, you will kill them.
  • Often, you should not protect early in game as there is a high chance of killing a fellow Townie. An exception would be if the majority of players are evil, such as in Coven Custom.
  • If the late-game has begun and evils are nearing majority, protect every night. You need evils to be dead at this point and they have a high chance of visiting your target.
  • In a VIP mode game, protect the VIP on all nights. Players are often conscious that the VIP will be protected and would rather not visit him. This way, you can prevent the VIP from dying. However, some Trappers prefer to set a trap on the VIP after the first night. Then, you can guard someone else, for example, a Psychic who revealed on Day 2.
  • If there are two confirmed Crusaders in the game, make sure to never have you both protect the same target. You both have the possibility of killing each other!
  • Watch out for people that might claim Crusader on Day 1 because they may be a Medusa trying to bait Town Protective roles.

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