A Town Protective role with the ability to protect a player each night giving them Powerful defense, but will use a Basic attack against another visitor at random. It is only playable in the Town of Salem: The Coven expansion.


  • During the night phase, the Crusader may select a target to protect. The Crusader may not choose to protect himself.
  • The Crusader will kill one person who visits their protected target, no matter which role the visiting role may be.
    • Unlike the Bodyguard, the Crusader will not die protecting a target and as a result may continue protecting targets at night.
  • The protected target will not receive a notification about being protected, unless the protected target is attacked that night.
  • A protected target who is attacked will receive a notification stating, “You were attacked but someone protected you!”
  • If the Crusader's target is attacked, he will receive a notification stating, “Your target was attacked last night!"

Strategy Edit

  • Always protect someone who asks for a Crusader on them, but not someone who asks for a Town Protective on them. You may accidentally kill a Trapper or a Town Protective role.
  • Protecting a confirmed Townie without/very low chance of a Lookout is often a good idea as there is little reason for another player besides an evil one to visit said the Townie. However, another Town Protective may visit the confirmed Townie, killing them.
  • If the late game has begun and evils are nearing majority, protect every night. You need evils to be dead at this point and they have a high chance of visiting your target.
  • Often, you should not protect early in game as there is a high chance of killing a fellow Townie.
  • In a VIP mode game, protect the VIP on all nights. Players are often conscious that the VIP will be protected and would rather not visit him. This way, you can prevent the VIP from dying. However, some Town prefers to set a trap on the VIP after the first night. Then, you can guard someone else, for example, a Psychic who revealed on day two.

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