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The Coven Leader has the ability to control the actions of other players actions. With the Necronomicon her attacks drain their target of their life force dealing a Basic attack, and has Basic defense. The Coven Leader has first priority when the Coven is given the Necronomicon and then it is random after that. It is only playable in the Coven expansion.

Mechanics Edit

  • The Coven Leader chooses two people per night. The first target is controlled and uses its night ability on the second target.
  • Like the Witch, the Coven Leader only visits their first target, not their second.
  • You will see anything that happens to the person you control (for instance, if they are intercepted by a Bodyguard, Ambusher, or Crusader; you will also be told the role that intercepted them.)


  • The Coven Leader is immune to role blocks.
  • Your Necronomicon attacks apply to your first target, not your second.
  • If the Coven Leader has the Necronomicon and controls a Bodyguard to visit himself, both the Coven Leader and the Bodyguard will die.

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