I've always had... strange powers. I've never known why. Ever since I could remember, maybe my mom dropped me as a child or something, but I've always had something... "quirky" about me. When I was a child, odd little quirks would occur. Like things falling from where they were hung, ancient chanting faintly whispered. Things you, couldn't explain.

Although the one thing that had always been known, and never changed. My eyes were very alluring. I could, control things, see into their thoughts, get them to do whatever I wanted. It was like I was a ghost. A ghost who could watch your every move, grinning behind you, making you do things against your will. I guess it didn’t help with how mischievous I was all the time. Pulling pranks, stirring up dark things. Then, I snapped though. Something… changed. I went into a much darker tone, more analytical, and more… sinister.

Perhaps it’s when I met a woman in the streets, selling items that swirled in a glass vial, then being rejected. Perhaps it’s when I saw a young girl, being attacked, to only turn the attackers to stone. Perhaps, it was when I saw a man poison his lover in cold blood. Maybe it was when I saw a dark shadow slowly bring the dead to life, to use to kill a man. Or maybe it was when I was struggling to even live. Whatever might have been the trigger, that’s when my life turned to what I do now. Controlling people. At first, it was only to live, to strive. Then, it became an addiction, as I used it for more sadistic use...

Perhaps that was the turning point. finally, I decided to... stir something up. Those “rejects” I saw on the streets, scraping by like me. Maybe, just maybe, we could live together in comfort. Making everyone live like we did. So, I created the coven, Salem was always a troublesome place. Why not have some fun?

Credit: [1]

Mechanics Edit

  • The Coven Leader selects two people per night. The first target is controlled and uses its night ability on the second target. You will also see the role of the player you control.
    • Like the Witch, the Coven Leader only visits their first target, not their second.
  • You will see anything that happens to the person you control (for instance, if they are intercepted by a Bodyguard, Ambusher, or Crusader; you will also be told the role that intercepted them).
  • The Coven Leader is immune to role blocks, like the Witch.
  • With the Necronomicon, you deal a Basic attack to your first target only.
  • If an Amnesiac remembers the role of Coven Leader, they will not automatically gain the Necronomicon if another Coven member possess it. They will have to wait until that Coven member dies.
  • The Coven Leader is very similar to a Godfather, except you control people's actions, and only with the Necronomicon will you deal a Basic attack and gain Basic defense. Therefore, some Godfather strategies may work well with this role.
  • Unlike the Witch, if the Coven Leader controls a Vigilante on Night 1, the Vigilante will not shoot.

Controlling a target - Effects on different roles Edit

If Visit is yes, then a Lookout can see the Coven Leaders first target visit the second target, even if the visit does nothing.

If Veteran is yes, then the first target can be controlled and can be attacked by visiting a Veteran who is on alert as the second target.

If Werewolf is yes, then the first target can be controlled and can be attacked by a Werewolf who is the second target during a Full Moon night.

Role Special effects on first target Visit Veteran Werewolf
Town Investigative Sends them to 2nd target yes yes yes
(with executions)
If the second target is the prisoner, the Jailor will execute them (but not during Night 1).
If the second target is not the prisoner, the Jailor is prevented from executing their jailed target.
yes no yes
(without executions)
No effect. no no no
(with or without being revealed)
No effect. no no no
Medium No effect. yes no yes
(with resurrection)
Will be role blocked, but doesn't lose resurrection. yes no yes
(resurrection used)
No effect. no no no
Transporter No effect because the Transporter is immune to the Coven Leader. no no no
Veteran No effect because the Veteran is immune to the Coven Leader. The Veteran cannot be controlled into using an alert. If the Veteran chooses to be on alert, the Coven Leader will be killed. no no no
(with bullets)
Will immediately shoot the second target, unless it's Night 1. yes yes yes
(without bullets)
No effect. no no no
(with Mafioso who is not role blocked)
Will command the Mafioso to attack the second target. no1 no1 no1
(with Godfather who is not role blocked)
Will still attack the Godfather's target and ignore the Coven Leader. no2 no2 no2
Will attack the second target. yes yes yes
Mafia Deception
(with ability uses)
Will use ability on second target. Costs one use of ability. yes yes yes
Mafia Deception
(0 ability uses)
No effect. Applies for Forgers and Janitors. no no no
Arsonist Will douse the second target.

If second target is themselves, they will douse themselves.

yes yes yes
Amnesiac Will be role blocked if attempted to remember a dead target's role. yes no yes
Jester No effect. yes no yes
Executioner No effect. yes no yes
(No matter who has been targeted)
Will be forced to use a vest. no no no
(on a night they can bite)
Will ignore the Vampire votes and bite the second target. The youngest Vampire will automatically be controlled if the Coven Leader targets any living Vampires. yes yes yes
(on a night they cannot bite)
Cannot convert another person. yes3 no yes3
(full moon)
Coven Leader controls who the Werewolf visits. If the Werewolf is role blocked or controlled to visit themselves, they will stay at home and attack the Coven Leader and/or the roleblocker. yes yes yes4
(non-full moon)
No effect. yes no no
(No matter who has been targeted)
No effect because the Pirate is immune to the Coven Leader's control. no no no

1 Note:
The Godfather will not be detected by a Lookout or forced to visit a Veteran or Werewolf, but his Mafioso can be, assuming the Mafioso is not role blocked. If the Mafioso is role blocked, the Godfather can be detected by a Lookout and die to a Veteran or Werewolf.

2 Note:
If the Godfather is not role blocked, the Mafioso will not visit the Coven Leaders target. If the Godfather is role blocked, the Coven Leader will be able to control the Mafioso. The Mafioso can be detected by a Lookout and die to a Veteran or Werewolf.

3 Note:
If the youngest Vampire is controlled, the youngest Vampire can be detected by a Lookout and die to the Werewolf. If any of the other alive Vampires are controlled, none of the Vampires will be detected by the Lookout or die to a Veteran or Werewolf.

4 Note:
The Werewolf will stay home and attack himself, but he will not die. He will see that he has attacked at least two people which would be the Coven Leader and the Werewolf himself.


  • Claim to be an Investigator to the Town and look up possible results as you know the true role of your first target.
  • Controlling a Doctor and make them heal other Coven members or yourself could benefit your team. That isn't to say your Necronomicon could kill the Doctor or a Medusa may accidentally use their stone gaze to kill him.
  • You may control a target to visit Medusa. Not only you will learn the victim's role, but stone the target on purpose. Controlling a confirmed visiting role will be nice. This tactic is more effective against the Town Protective and Town Investigative roles. Their wills will be useless and they prevent the Retributionist to revive the victims. It is also much better if the role isn't revealed yet to the Town, in order to have more claim space for other roles. Be careful if you control Vigilantes as it would be harmful to Coven.
  • A Coven Leader works the same way as the Witch, so think like you are the Witch from Classic when it comes to writing wills, making claims, etc. Remember that your Investigative results are different though. However, keep in mind that unlike the Witch, you kill those who you control when taking the Necronomicon and you house permanent basic defense. You are also allied with teammates, therefore you should be wary about what judgement to make, no longer being alone.
  • Unlike the Witch, you generally want to control enemy killers whenever you find them in order to keep them from killing other Coven.

Trivia Edit

  • The Coven Leader is the only Coven role to have Basic Defense, similar to the Godfather.
  • The Coven Leader is the only guaranteed Coven role other than the Medusa in Ranked.

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