The Coven Evil is a sub-alignment that works with the newest faction that is only available in Town of Salem - The Coven expansion. Every Coven role is currently in this alignment.

Roles in this sub-alignment include:

Role Name Role Description
Coven Leader
Coven leader
Control somebody each night. They are forced to use their ability onto the second target. You receive the role of the first target. With the Necronomicon, you deal a Basic attack to your first target and gain Basic defense.
Hex Master
Achievement Hex Master
Choose to hex somebody each night. When all players that aren't Coven are hexed, you will deal an Unstoppable attack to them all. With the Necronomicon, you will deal a Basic attack to those you hex, and your hexes become Astral.
Achievement Poisoner
Choose to poison someone each night. Your target will know they were poisoned. You will deal a Basic attack to them the next night after they were poisoned. A Doctor can cure poison. The Necronomicon grants poison immune to the Doctor.
Potion Master
Achievement Potion Master
Choose someone to use a potion on each night. Your potions can either heal the target, discover the role of the target, or deal a Basic attack to the target. Each potion has a 3 day cooldown. The Necronomicon removes the cooldown.
Choose to use a Stone Gaze. All visitors to you will be dealt a Powerful attack, and their role and will are hidden. With the Necronomicon, you have unlimited Stone Gazes, instead of only two.
Choose someone to zombify each night. Your target must be dead, and they will use their ability onto your second target. With the Necronomicon, you can deal a Basic attack to your second target by selecting yourself as the first target.

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