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The Coven is a brand new faction that is being introduced in the Town of Salem: The Coven expansion. The release is slated for early June but is subject to change. They all have the ability to have their original abilities be boosted by the Necronomicon.

This faction is similar to Mafia, bearing multiple diverse roles, but also has some differences. No roles can serve as a consistent killing power like Mafia, but all roles have the ability to kill independently, along with their diverse abilities. They also lack counters like Spy and Vampire Hunter, making them the most hidden faction out of the three night-chat factions.

A match cannot start with more than 4 members of the Coven, nor start with more than two of a single Coven role.

The roles included in this faction are:

Role Name Role Alignment/Category Role Description
Hex Master Coven Evil A spell slinger with a proficiency in hexes
Poisoner Coven Evil Poison is the trademark of this witch. A skilled herbalist with the knowledge to mix slow killing poisons that give her plenty of time to flee the scene.
Potion Master Coven Evil You are an experienced alchemist with potent recipes for potions.
Medusa Coven Evil A snake haired monster gifted with a gaze that turns people to stone leaving no trace of who they were.
Necromancer Coven Evil You are a failed Retributionist who has a grudge against the Town.
Coven Leader Coven Evil A voodoo master who can control the actions of others.

The Coven will receive the Necronomicon at Night 4, increasing the strength of the person who has it. It automatically goes to the Coven Leader if they are alive; if they are not, or if whoever has it dies, it's inherited by another member of the Coven at random, analogous to how the role of Mafioso is inherited within the Mafia. Another note is that if one of the members of the Coven is bitten by a Vampire, then they will die instead of being converted, similar to how a member of the Mafia (other than how the Godfather) reacts.

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