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The Coven is a brand new faction that was introduced in the Town of Salem - The Coven expansion, that was released June 6th, 2017.

This faction is similar to the Mafia, bearing multiple diverse roles, but there are plenty of unique differences. No role can serve as a consistent killing power like the Mafia, but all roles have the ability to kill independently in conjunction with their diverse abilities. Plus, their original abilities will be boosted by possessing the Necronomicon.

Just like the Mafia, the Coven will die from Vampire bites (unless the Coven Leader has the Necronomicon, in which case they will survive from a bite).

Again, like the Mafia, a match cannot start with more than 4 members of the Coven, and all members of the Coven are unique.

The roles included in this faction are:

Role Name Role Alignment/Category Role Description
Coven Leader
Achievement Coven Leader
Coven Evil You may choose to control a player and use their ability on another player.

With the Necronomicon, your first target is dealt a Basic Attack, and you also gain Basic defense.

Hex Master
Achievement Hex Master
Coven Evil You may choose to hex a player each night. If all players left alive are hexed, they will all be dealt an Unstoppable attack.

With the Necronomicon, you gain Basic and Astral attacks.

Achievement Medusa
Coven Evil You may choose to Stone Gaze at night, turning everyone who visits you to stone, erasing their role and last will. You can only stone gaze three times.

With the Necronomicon, you gain unlimited Stone Gazes and can now visit players to turn them to stone.

Achievement Necromancer
Coven Evil You may reanimate a dead player and use their ability on another living player. A dead player can only be reanimated once.

With the Necronomicon, you may perform a Basic attack against your target by selecting yourself as your first target.

Achievement Poisoner
Coven Evil You may choose to poison a player each night. That player will die the next night unless healed by a Doctor or Guardian Angel.

With the Necronomicon, your poisons bypass all healing.

Potion Master
Achievement Potion Master
Coven Evil You may choose to use a healing potion, a revealing potion, or an attacking potion each night. Each potion has a 3-day cooldown.

With the Necronomicon, your potions no longer have cooldowns.

The Coven will receive the Necronomicon on Night 3, increasing the strength of the person who has it. It is automatically given to the Coven Leader; if they are not alive, or if whoever has it dies, it is inherited by another member of the Coven in the order of who joined the lobby first (analogous to how the role of Mafioso is inherited within the Mafia). However, if the Coven Leader dies and an Amnesiac remembers the role of the Coven Leader, then they will inherit the Necronomicon once the member who currently possesses it dies. Whoever has the Necronomicon becomes Detection Immune to the Sheriff, but the Sheriff can still find other members of the Coven.

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