The man grew up in the town as an average kid with an average childhood and an average education. The same monotonous routine of his daily life was simple day after day until he decided on a goal to finally strive for. He decided to become a private investigator like on the detective shows his parents would occasionally watch. In his young adult years he had followed around a man he revered as the best investigator in town who had subdued numerous criminals and psychopaths in his career. By following the investigator, he slowly built up a well of knowledge in how to properly find information and people's secrets. The man rose to the top in popularity as an outstanding detective resolving many cases over his young adult career. At the age of 31, he chose to test himself by attempting to investigate the man he had previously worshiped as his inspiration only to discover the dirty truth. "I just couldn't believe any of it; the lies that created the very foundation of this town, it was all just so... despicable. It had all been covered up. The Sheriff, Jailor, and even the Mayor had all hidden what this investigator had done in order to protect the so-called justice of this filthy place." He then turned to the only people in the town who probably knew this truth alongside him: the people revered as pure evil, the mafia. With his expertise in the field of investigation, he tracked down the Godfather and asked of him one simple request: "Help me destroy this town." (credit)


  • You can still retrieve the role of your target even if they were framed by Framer, unlike the Investigator, who gets the "Framer, Jester, Vampire, Hex Master" result.
  • Your role is very similar to the Investigator. However, your investigation results show your target's exact role, whereas the Investigator is given up to three or five possible roles.
  • If you check someone who has been doused by an Arsonist that night, or someone who was previously doused, they will appear to be an Arsonist when you investigate them.
  • If you check someone who has been hexed by a Hex Master that night or someone was previously hexed, they will appear to be a Hex Master when you investigate them.

Here are the roles given when a Consigliere visits someone:

  • Your target is a trained protector. They must be a Bodyguard.
  • Your target is a professional surgeon. They must be a Doctor.
  • Your target is a beautiful person working for the Town. They must be an Escort.
  • Your target gathers information about people. They must be an Investigator.
  • Your target detains people at night. They must be a Jailor.
  • Your target watches who visits people at night. They must be a Lookout.
  • Your target is the leader of the Town. They must be the Mayor.
  • Your target speaks with the dead. They must be a Medium.
  • Your target wields mystical power. They must be a Retributionist.
  • Your target is a protector of the Town. They must be a Sheriff.
  • Your target secretly watches who someone visits. They must be a Spy.
  • Your target specializes in transportation. They must be a Transporter.
  • Your target tracks Vampires. They must be a Vampire Hunter!
  • Your target is a paranoid war hero. They must be a Veteran.
  • Your target will bend the law to enact justice. They must be a Vigilante.
  • Your target uses information to silence people. They must be a Blackmailer.
  • Your target gathers information for the Mafia. They must be a Consigliere.
  • Your target is a beautiful person working for the Mafia. They must be a Consort.
  • Your target pretends to be other people. They must be a Disguiser.
  • Your target is good at forging documents. They must be a Forger.
  • Your target has a desire to deceive. They must be a Framer.
  • Your target is the leader of the Mafia. They must be a Godfather.
  • Your target cleans up dead bodies. They must be a Janitor.
  • Your target does the Godfather's dirty work. They must be a Mafioso.
  • Your target does not remember their role. They must be an Amnesiac.
  • Your target likes to watch things burn. They must be an Arsonist.
  • Your target wants someone to be lynched at any cost. They must be an Executioner.
  • Your target wants to be lynched. They must be a Jester.
  • Your target wants to kill everyone. They must be a Serial Killer.
  • Your target simply wants to live. They must be a Survivor.
  • Your target drinks blood. They must be a Vampire!
  • Your target howls at the moon. They must be a Werewolf.
  • Your target casts spells on people. They must be a Witch.

You will get an achievement the first time you investigate a Veteran, Sheriff, or a Godfather. The Godfather requires a Transporter or Witch to be completed.

Here are the Consigliere's results for the roles in the Town of Salem - The Coven (DLC)

  • Your target is a knight protector. They must be a Crusader.
  • Your target has the sight. They must be a Psychic.
  • Your target is skilled in the art of tracking. They must be a Tracker.
  • Your target is waiting for a big catch. They must be a Trapper.
  • Your target lies in wait. They must be an Ambusher.
  • Your target is skilled at disrupting others. They must be a Hypnotist.
  • Your target is watching over someone. They must be a Guardian Angel.
  • Your target gets more powerful with each kill. They must be a Juggernaut.
  • Your target reeks of disease. They must be Pestilence, Horseman of the Apocalypse.
  • Your target plunders the Town. They must be a Pirate.
  • Your target is a carrier of disease. They must be the Plaguebearer.
  • Your target leads the mystical. They must be a Coven Leader.
  • Your target is versed in the ways of hexes. They must be the Hex Master.
  • Your target has a gaze of stone. They must be Medusa.
  • Your target uses the deceased to do their dirty work. They must be the Necromancer.
  • Your target uses herbs and plants to kill their victims. They must be the Poisoner.
  • Your target works with alchemy. They must be a Potion Master.


  • As a Consigliere, you are a crucial target for the Coven, Serial Killers, the Werewolf, and Vampires. This is because you are one of the most useful members of the Mafia, as you are able to determine the EXACT role of your investigated target. You can provide a massive amount of information very quickly, threatening other roles and heavily supporting Mafia. You are especially useful because you can provide leads for the Mafia's activities at night.
  • If an Investigator claims that you may be a Consigliere, show the Town a role that opposes them and get that person hanged (other than your Mafia friends). If you find a Neutral Killing role, such as a Serial Killer, proclaiming yourself as an Investigator on the second day and lynching the Serial Killer can be an excellent way to make the Town gain trust in you. Once proven, you can lead the Town in lynching Neutrals while the Godfather and Mafioso remove some troublesome Townies.
    • Keep in mind that this might not always fool the Town, since they would probably expect a Mafia member killed.
  • Be sure to always claim that you are an Investigator unless that isn't possible in this game (if there is a Janitor and you found an Investigator, it is a good idea to kill the Investigator and make the Janitor clean him so that you can claim you're an Investigator without any suspicion). Also, if you have found a Serial Killer, Arsonist, or even a Town role that could be bad (Eg., Doctor can also be a Serial Killer or Disguiser when investigated), you can ask them their role, claim your investigation message, and possibly even provide false information in order to make the Town lose trust in what they're saying to possibly get them lynched. Changing your investigation results to match that of an Investigator's (Eg., Your target works with dead bodies, they must be a Medium, Retributionist or Janitor) and conversing this way with a revealed Town member is a great way to earn trust as an Investigator, which helps the Mafia out in the long run.
  • Write your will as though you were an Investigator. This could help you out because if you get jailed and the Jailor asks you to put out your will, they will have evidence to believe that you were, in fact, an Investigator. Also, if the actual Investigator were to investigate you, it would show up as Investigator, Consigliere, or Mayor, since they cannot determine your exact role.
  • If you know that there is a Spy and you find a Serial Killer, Arsonist, or Werewolf, be careful when trying to get them lynched the next day. A Spy would know if a member of the Mafia visited that person and would assume you are a Consigliere.
  • The Arsonist and Hex Master might be your worst enemy. Just because you found an Arsonist or Hex Master result that doesn't mean they are really the Arsonist and/or Hex Master, due to the fact that doused and hexed people will appear as an Arsonist and Hex Master, respectively.
  • Last Wills: If you keep a log of investigations in your will that regard to an Investigator's results, and that person dies and they were a Town member, delete the name in that section and replace it with a Mafia member. This can make your fellow Mafia friend seem innocent.
    • Additionally, you can use the trick above to trick the town into lynching the wrong person (Finding a Jester, but saying they're a Serial Killer, or listing an Executioner as a Sheriff), so they have a better chance at lynching a Town member. In the case of the Executioner, this tactic is golden for gaining his support, as if a living Mafia members points out their part in the Executioner's lynch of their target, they are likely to join the Mafia in terms of voting. Do keep in mind though, that the Executioner (or a Spy listening) could instantly rat you out. At the very least, the distrust created by the Last Will, even if it leads to no lynching, will waste time during the day.
      • Be warned about placing the names of Mafia members in your Last Will as those you have investigated in place of a dead person. An experienced Spy can notice that said person was not visited by the Mafia and put two and two together. Although phenomenal Spies like these are rare, keep this in mind.
    • Make sure to always make your will like an Investigator would in case you are pressed to paste it in chat. Record an Investigator style will to be able to paste during chat, but keep a log of the real results at the bottom so your Mafia friends can know what role is which. Make sure no flaws are in your Investigator style will, or you could be called out as a Consigliere by a smarter player.
  • When reporting results to the Town or the Jailor, always remember the groups an Investigator would see, and phrase them accordingly. Accusing someone outright of being a Serial Killer, Arsonist, or Werewolf when you're claiming to be an Investigator is a dead giveaway.
  • If you absolutely must get someone lynched immediately, you might benefit from claiming something other than Investigator, since the Investigator results leave some wriggle-room; for instance, claiming Sheriff to accuse a Serial Killer or Werewolf. This carries some risk of being contradicted by an Investigator who has investigated you previously, but if you need to lynch someone right away, it can sometimes be a viable option.
  • Alternatively, another member of the Mafia with appropriate investigative results can use your information to make an accusation. For instance, if you identify a Serial Killer, then a Forger can claim Lookout and say they saw them kill someone.
  • If you want to accuse someone without drawing attention to yourself, you can ask the Mafioso to put the accusation in the Death Note. However, this has the drawback of revealing that the Mafia has a Consigliere, which can make it harder for you to pass as an Investigator later on. Another option (if the Mafia has missed a kill for any other reason) is to use the Death Note or a member of the Mafia's Last Will to accuse them of being immune.
  • Always be sure to unambiguously identify any rival evil roles you discovered in your Last Will; the Town tends to trust a Consigliere's Last Will on those, and at that point, there's no longer any benefit to being subtle with your revelations.
    • If you find a Witch, you should put them as whatever role they claimed to protect them. If they haven't claimed a role, put them as any suitable Witch claim, like Survivor or Investigator.
  • Make sure you put the investigative results in the right order in your Last Will. Doing so will make people more likely to believe you. Putting the roles in the wrong order, or worse, getting the investigative results completely wrong could get you lynched easily.
    • While it is helpful to put the roles in the right order, you should not put the names in order. A smart Spy could notice that the order in which you investigated someone was also the order that the Mafia visited people, and could figure out your role if you reveal your Last Will to the Town.
  • You can record in your will your Mafia friends as any Town role, a Jester, an Executioner, or a Survivor (this is most helpful for the Godfather and will clear up any attackers claiming they are night-immune). This should prevent suspicion, but it could also just add onto evidence of them being an evildoer and you are trying to cover for them. The same is true for Death Notes. There is a small risk that an alert Spy might notice you didn't visit some of the people on your list, but Spies of that caliber are rare.
    • On the other hand, you can use this to try and get the Town to lynch innocent people at little danger to yourself. Revealing that someone you know is a Doctor came up Doctor/Serial Killer/Disguiser, or that someone you know to be a Bodyguard came up Bodyguard/Godfather /Arsonist will often lead them to get hung when they're unable to prove their roles. Afterwards, you'll still look like an Investigator. Just be careful about doing this if you visited them last night, since Spies will see that a member of the Mafia visited them and suspect you of being a Consigliere. Especially be careful if you aren't confirmed as Investigator. A focused town might know that the Mafia needs Neutral Killing roles down, and they might call you out on it.
    • If you find a Vigilante, you can whisper to them that you found them as Vigilante/Veteran/Mafioso, and when they claim Vigilante, form an "alliance" with them. Control them (e.g saying an Investigator is Framer/Vampire/Jester when you are about to get a majority) or manipulate them away from your allies by deceptively confirming them as non-Mafia (unless it is not possible. In that case, you have to lynch them to not get suspicion. However, try not to use this tactic because it could be seen as gamethrowing, and rather discuss it with the other members).
  • Before investigating someone, you can put down in your will that you are investigating your Mafioso. If the attacked target turns out to be a Veteran and shoots you, the Town will believe that you are a Veteran by looking at the Consigliere's will. Keep in mind this can backfire tremendously if the target you are visiting turns out to be a Serial Killer or a Werewolf, so make sure your game has none of those before you attempt this tactic.
  • An extremely risky but effective claim for Consigliere is Lookout. Since you can determine exact roles, it becomes easier to predict who would visit that target. If the target is someone asking for protection for example, if you found a Doctor or Bodyguard, you can say that they visited that person. This could backfire very easily, however. An Investigator or Sheriff could expose you or if said Doctor or Bodyguard didn't actually visit the target you'd be found out.
    • This strategy can be expanded on with other people's claims. If someone who you have determined the role of claims their role and posts will, you can confirm this person, and confirm yourself as Lookout. Make sure this person is not accusing one of your fellow Mafia members or any other non-town role you wish to keep alive. This works best when they are simply asked role or voted up to the stand. Now that you have confirmed this person AND claimed Lookout, you can kill them off the next night as Mafia under the ruse that you will watching them. You can then accuse another Townie, who you "have found" them of being the Mafioso, and hopefully get them lynched. This should only be used if lynching a Townie gives the Mafia majority, as it will be seen you aren't a Lookout.

Against a ConsigliereEdit

  • Beware of Investigator claims, especially if they claim to have found an important Town role early game, and they wound up killed by the Mafia the next night!
    • Further more, if a Town Protective or Jailor ends up dead Night 2, you may want be wary of possible Consiglieres. They may have found that role Night 1, then told their Mafia allies so they could kill them Night 2.
    • If someone claiming to be an Investigator posts their will in chat, examine the order of the results given. If they are not in the correct order (e.g. Crusader, Bodyguard, Godfather, Arsonist), that player is likely a Consigliere who's forgotten the right order of investigative results for the person they examined.
      • In most of these cases, the role they put first is the actual role of their target.

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