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Bussing is a somewhat common strategy used explicitly by the Mafia and Vampires, especially in Ranked. It can also be used in Custom or even Classic mode. This involves lynching a member of your team on purpose to seem like a confirmed Townie. It isn't against the rules as long as you do this with the intention to win.

Strategy Edit

  • A solid claim if you want to bus (or figuring out if someone is a bussing) is Sheriff, Investigator, or Lookout to hang their target.
  • Since the victim often doesn't say a defense on purpose, it is easy to lynch them. From then on, you can act as a "confirmed" Townie, which can be game-changing. You can make claims on who is innocent or guilty and people will often listen to you. However, a few experts might catch on, especially in high Elo.
  • The victim is often someone who is not important to the Mafia, such as Janitors and Forgers with no abilities left. It is also commonly used by Framers when there are no more Town Investigative roles left because they are useless otherwise.
  • For Vampires, bussing can be used once they have four members, so the Vampires can thin out the Town and immediately refill the lost member with a conversion that night (For example, four Vampires and four Townies are remaining in a game. A Vampire busses another Vampire and gets the latter lynched. Another Townie is converted to a Vampire that night, so the Vampires now have the majority with one more Vampire.)
  • This can also be used on a member of the Mafia who is Away From Keyboard, gamethrowing, a bad player, or someone you feel is incredibly likely to be successfully lynched. Counterclaiming them or putting them in a fake Town Investigative's Last Will as a member of the Mafia can help you win.

Trivia Edit

  • Bussing might come from the term "throwing under the bus."
  • There is controversy whether losing a member of the Mafia is worth being confirmed for.

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