A young man, ex-military, dressed in black, patrols the houses of the town at night. Struggling to make a living, he decided that he could make money protecting others. Knowing that anyone, and anything could be lurking in the night, he could use his skill from battle to protect the town members.

The job paid well, so well that the Mayor offered to pay him personally for protection, and so far, nobody he protected had been attacked. But one fateful night, seemingly so much like every other night he had experienced, would be his last.

It was 1:00 in the morning, and he was standing by the Mayor's house, listening and watching for any strange occurrences. Suddenly, he heard a bang - the door of the Mayor's house had been forced open. The Bodyguard sprinted into action. He turned the corner into the house, loaded his own gun, and yelled, “Freeze!” at the Mafioso bolting into the Mayor's study. The Mafioso had no choice: he turned around and unloaded his machine gun, fatally wounding the Bodyguard. But as the loyal guardsman crumpled in pain, he shot the Mafioso three times, killing him before he hit the floor.

The Bodyguard knew he would die, as there was no Doctor to be seen. But despite his fate, he had saved a fellow Town member from the Mafia. He had finally done his job. He closed his eyes, smiled wistfully, and passed into eternity. (credit)

Mechanics Edit

Bulletproof vest Edit

  • You have one bulletproof vest and gain Basic Defense the night you use it.
  • You will not counterattack if anyone attacks you.
  • Like the Survivor, your bulletproof vest provides no protection against all attacks higher than Basic, such as a Werewolf mauling. A Vampire bite will be stopped by your vest.
  • If you used a bulletproof vest and get transported, you will protect whoever you were transported with, leaving you open to attacks. You will still counterattack if an attacking role attacks your new target.
  • If you are witched or transported into yourself, you will no longer use your vest if you have one, nor will you protect yourself and kill an attacker visiting you.
  • The Lookout will not see you visit yourself if you use your vest.

Protection - normal counterattack Edit

  • You can protect your target from one attack during the night and counterattack their attacker. You will die if this happens. If multiple killers attack your target, you will die killing one, but the other will survive and kill your target, unless another Bodyguard or Doctor is protecting your target.
  • You will counter an attack made by a Vigilante, Mafia Killing, Serial Killer, Vampire, Vampire Hunter, Werewolf, Necromancer's ghoul or Coven Leader.
    • If your target is attacked by the Necromancer's ghoul, the Necromancer will receive a notification that a Bodyguard countered their ghoul.
    • Coven Leader will only attack with a Necronomicon, so you will not protect your target from being controlled on the first two nights.
  • If you guard a Jailor, an Escort or a Consort who has role-blocked a Serial Killer or Werewolf, you can save your target and kill the Serial Killer or Werewolf.
  • You will attack an Arsonist if they attempt to douse your target. You will not attack an Arsonist who is incinerating their targets, regardless of whether you were guarding a doused player or the Arsonist themselves.
  • If there are multiple Bodyguards protecting the same target, only the Bodyguard who joined the lobby first will counterattack. If there are multiple attackers, each Bodyguard will take out a separate attacker.
  • If you and your target are transported with each other and your target is attacked, you will kill your attacker and die in the process.

Protection - no counterattack Edit

  • You will not be able to protect your target in the following situations:
    • You will not counterattack an attack made by the Veteran or the Jailor.
    • You will not counterattack another Bodyguard dying from killing their own target's attacker.
      • You can protect another Bodyguard from being attacked by a killer, but not their counterattack. Only Doctors and Crusaders can prevent a Bodyguard's counterattack from dying.
    • You will not be able to save your target from leaving the game, a Jester's haunt, or a Vigilante committing suicide over the guilt of killing a Townie.
    • You will not be able to protect a Veteran on alert from an attack by the Werewolf.
    • If your target is jailed by the Jailor, you will not counterattack any attackers or douses from an Arsonist.
      • If a Werewolf attacks a jailed target and you guard them, both you and the Jailor will be mauled by the Werewolf. However, the Werewolf will survive, along with the target.
      • You will be notified that your target has been Jailed.
    • If multiple killing roles attack your target, you will only kill one of them. Your target will be protected from one attack, but not from any others. In fact, you will counterattack whoever joins the lobby first.
  • If none of the above apply, yet your target still dies, at least one of the following may have occurred:
    • You were controlled by a Witch to visit a different target. You had received a message.
    • You were role blocked by an Escort or Consort. You had received a message.
    • Your target was transported with another target due to a Transporter. You will not know if this happens.
  • A Doctor can prevent you or the attacker from dying. If the Doctor heals your target, they will see that your target was attacked.
    • Being healed while counterattacking does not allow you to counter a second attacker on your target.
  • If the Werewolf attacks your target directly, you will attack the Werewolf but only save your own target from death.
    • If you visit a Werewolf who stayed home that night, you will kill them (effectively 'protecting' them from themselves), even if they didn't attack anyone else. You will die in the process as usual.

Strategy Edit

  • The Bodyguard serves as a Town Protective role in the Town of Salem. Unlike most other roles, the Bodyguard's counterattack pierces through Basic Defense when someone attacks the person you guard at night. With this in mind, a Bodyguard can be critical in taking down a Serial Killer, Godfather, Werewolf, or Arsonist.
  • Remember that the Bodyguard is unlike the Crusader and therefore, you should protect someone every night, without the fear of killing a fellow Town.
  • Many times, the Bodyguard will die early-game, usually taking down a member of the Mafia or a Neutral Killing with it. To use the Bodyguard most effectively, you should wait a night to see who else plays a key good role, and guard them. Most likely, a member of the Mafia will try to attack said person during the night. If they do, while you do die in the process, you will still eliminate a key member of the Mafia or Neutral Killing from play.
  • The Mayor is your priority. After being revealed, they cannot be healed by Doctors and are dangerous to killers, so they are an easy target.
  • If the Mafia seems to be killing people that do not seem very important/talkative, guard one of them and continue to guard them unless an important role comes and you need to guard them instead. Chances are the Mafia will eventually stumble upon the person who have been guarding, thus eliminating an evil role.
  • A risky strategy can be made. Smart Mafia and Neutral Killing will not attempt attacking a revealed Mayor, so you can guard someone else, increasing the chance you take down an evil.
  • In All Any, you can claim to be a Survivor on Day 1, use your bulletproof vest the same night, and then secretly guard others. This allows for you to secretly protect others while not being a target yourself.
  • If you have no leads (this applies especially on Day 2), guard the first person who talks that day. Since evil roles tend to be quiet, the person you guard will most likely be a Townie.
  • Claiming or trying to act as an Executioner. On Day 2, say, "[insert someone's name here] is a member of the Mafia. I'm Sheriff, lynch him." This will likely lead the killing roles to think he is innocent. Then, you guard them and hope a killing role attacks them, although it may seem like an obvious choice.
  • Remember that you will become the priority of most killing roles if you are revealed, since you can kill them. Having a Jailor, Doctor, a Lookout or even another Bodyguard to help you is a wise idea.
  • Since a Werewolf and an Arsonist can go through your bulletproof vest and are at the top of your priority list, try the best you can to get them hanged.
  • Try to predict if and who the Vigilante will shoot, because protecting his target will result in the death of two Townies when it could result in the death of a member of the Mafia or Neutral Killing role. Even if you think the person who will get shot is a Townie, protecting them will result in both of you dying instead of only one.
  • If a Retributionist revived someone, the revived person is more likely to be attacked, since they're a confirmed Townie. Because of this, you have more reasons to protect them. Another good thing is that you can be sure that Vigilantes won't shoot them (unless a Witch or Transporter interferes), making it impossible to kill a fellow Townie.
  • If you want to catch an Arsonist, try protecting the same person each night. The Arsonist would want to douse most of the Town before igniting, and protecting one person each night could catch them eventually. If they ignite, always guard those who aren't dead from the Arsonist if you are alive. If they try dousing your target, you can take them down.
  • You could try and find another Bodyguard and always guard each other. If someone attacks either of you, the killing role will die. Of course, this can only be used once, so do this wisely. Any role blocker can disrupt your plan as well.
  • Unlike the Doctor, you should always try and guard someone every night despite no one being confirmed. Even if you save an evil role, you will still kill another attacker (but, of course, be careful of Vigilantes and Vampire Hunters).