• Bridgette12433

    Hey,im here to ask a question.

    Is the Blast Off animation obtainable by Random Brew or do you need to buy it?

    Im asking because it looks so cool and i want it so bad,and i dont want to buy TP to get it.

    If not,then can you get TP from Random Brews?



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  • SpacedefenderX

    Knights of Akolion

    February 13, 2018 by SpacedefenderX

    Just a small storyline I am going to write, will include the wiki people as characters.

    Current characters:

    Chrispynuggets as Marcus Thomas, a tall long black hair and hazel eyes man that is ambitious, has a tendency to forget that other people have their own goals and smart.

    Salem Murders as Throamos Stonesword, a man that keeps to himself.

    Mushromancer as Leo Paethos, a weak but intelligent knight with bad luck

    Fenris Blackburn, the Knight Of Winter

    Dragon Blackburn, the Knight of Summer Sam son, Tough, long brown hair, and tall.

    Jallybwan as Anna Frostbite, sultry and masochistic, with very little care for anyone.

    Addfire as Elain Preston, with hazel eyes and brown hair. She sincerely wants the best.

    Denerii as Logan Firebrand, a bumbling oof go…

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  • Bambino86

    TOS, The Story. Day 1

    February 13, 2018 by Bambino86

    Sheriff: The wild west was one thing… But nothing could prepare me for what would happen next… It all happened so quickly… They came… He came…

    He looks up

    Sheriff: You can’t trust them... You can’t trust anyone…

    Cut to Serial Killer talking with the Investigator

    Serial Killer: Hey! How are you doing?

    Investigator: I’m doing fine! What’s your name?

    Serial Killer: I’m Dexter, I’m Salem’s well known Doctor!

    Investigator: I’m Max, I used to solve crimes, before I retired, that is.

    A grim smile stretches across Dexter’s face

    Serial Killer: That’s nice… How did you solve those crimes?

    Investigator: Well, you always fit the pieces of the puzzle together, and then the picture just pans out…

    Serial Killer: Kind of like homicides? You just put the facts togeth…

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  • Denerii

    Wiki Office: Cont’d

    February 13, 2018 by Denerii

    ((Hey Guys, sorry 4 the delay))

    Bambino: Denerii stop memeing

    Denerii: no

    Bambino: *slaps denerii*

    Denerii: oof

    Bambino *slaps again* stop saying oof that’s a meme

    Denerii: oof

    -cuts to night-

    Bambino: *slaps*

    Denerii oof

    -cuts to private ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) shot of Denerii and Bambino-

    Bambino: So I’m an accountant... and Denerii’s the... something...

    Denerii: what was i?

    Bambino: hmmmmmmmmmm

    Haw: k guys we’re gonna go to the carnival and its totally not because we have to look good in front of the viewers and we don’t need to find more people

    -cuts to carnival-

    Creepy old man: hey kids wanna go on my carousel ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Bambino: no

    Salem: but i’m actually salem

    Bambino: no

    Salem: y tho

    Haw: hey do you want to work for us

    Salem: no

    Haw: I’ll ride on your carousel ( ͡°…

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  • Addfire

    Chapter 4 – To Work, We Go

    Archie was in a sort of shock. He had walked in, and the teacher didn't even care about attendance, or... or anything? Just, 'go bananas'? He sidled up to Liz– he didn't know anyone else, and while he was sure Kristian would help, Kristian sort of intimidated him. 

    "Psst," he whispered. She was engrossed in her notebook, getting smudges of ink on her fingertips. Was she writing with a pen? That seemed inefficient... what if she made a mistake? "Hey."

    "Yeah?" She asked, in a volume that would technically be called an outside voice. Then she blinked and pulled a pair of earplugs out of her ears. "Sorry, what?" 

    "Wait," Archie hissed, "Shouldn't we be whispering?"

    "I'll hear you either way," Mr. Holden– Jim– said. 

    "You w…

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  • SalemMurders


    February 10, 2018 by SalemMurders

    An Unlikely Adventure
    Episode 1, Prologue
    Michael was... unique. I mean, everyone's unique. But Michael, he was a sort of different that nobody had ever seen or heard of. You see, Michael comes from a long line of mystics. Wizards, Witches, Psychics, stuff like that. So it wasnt unheard of that a newborn in the family had a special power unique to only them. A long time ago, Michael's family were respected and well-known for their deeds toward humanity. They would give blessings to the less fortunate, the needy, and supply them with provisions. But a great evil swept over the land and things went horribly wrong for the family. They became shunned and were prosecuted for the most basic stuff, and they slowly hid away from society. Some went u…

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  • Bambino86

    Coming soon to a Town Of Salem Wiki Near You...


    See the story through the eyes of the Mafia, a Serial Killer, Arsonist, Jester, Executioner, AND PRETTY MUCH EVERY OTHER PERSON IN THE DAMN TOS UNIVERSE

    Each Blog Post will consist of either an entire day, or an entire night.

    If a game ends, I start a new season, with a new story plot and everything.

    For certain reasons I will change some stuff up and tweak a few stuff, for the purpose of the story being interesting. 

    I will release an Episode when I think it is ready, there is no certain deadline for this. 

    Be prepared...

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  • Denerii

    Tos The Office

    February 2, 2018 by Denerii



    Add: Hey, Mrcreeperfun, how did you get so many edits?

    Mrcreeperfun: (sudden flashbacks of revived threads and camping threads and salt)

    Add: Oh.

    -Cue theme, which is just The Office except it is airhorns-

    HAW: We are in the meme business, which is really hard to work as because it’s 2018. Hard to find some quality memes these days. Mostly we sell the stale ones. BUT... I get this kewl mug. (Lifts mug to reveal WORLD’S BEST BOSS.) This mug costed me this month’s wage. It was 4 dollars.

    (Cuts to Jally, who is making a sale.)


    Jally: I’m a Sales representative, and people keep calling me about memes f…

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  • Starru

    Ah, High School. Undoubtedly the worst time in my life. Why, you may ask? Well, Elizabeth and Sam. I'm Jade, and this is my story.

    CHAPTER 1 Bitches, Betrayals, and Brooke

    "JADE!" My best friend Jasmine Rose calls. I wave and stop to let her catch up. "Jade Winters, just WHAT do you think you're doing?" Mrs. Flamingo says. No joke, thats actually ehr name.

    oops i need to leave, to be continued

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  • Addfire

    Chapter 3 – And Now For Something Completely Different

    Zachary and Crysha floated through the cafeteria, the crowd parting before them like the Red Sea before Moses. A peon knelt before the two with an offering of food. Zachary inspected it, took a single sandwich. For the peon, this was equivalent to God dropping out of Heaven, winking at her, and saying, "Kid, you're alright."

    Crysha produced a packed lunch from her own bag and took a croissant from it. No one questioned how she had gotten the croissant in the first place, it was just there. In the weeks to come, anyone who aspired to be anyone would be eating croissants. 

    Kristian watched the two of them as they sat at his table, and his heart swelled with excitement. Not that he was surpr…

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  • SalemMurders

    This is no way meant to be an expertly written story. This is my first time trying this out, so I want criticism.

    Salem's Online World (Only Joking, Ghosty)

    Life as an Online User.

    Chapter 1

    A boy sits alone, looking outside his window, glumly. He decides to turn on his computer and enter the amazing world of the Internet.

    He finds himself into what seems to be a psychologist's office. There is a secretary's desk with a lady behind it. The desk is the only wooden object and the only object with color in the extremely white and gray room. The lights above are really bright. He sees a horizontally arranged room with a door at the end. He approaches it and then-

    "Name?" the secretary says, scaring the boy.

    "Umm... Salem..? The boy says.

    "are you aski…

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  • Addfire

    Chapter 2 – Meet Your Friendly Staff

    Liz sighed. Ava's highjinks were constant, and to be honest, pretty tiring. She and the Vez were on pretty good terms, and Archie didn't know the Vez yet so he wouldn't have insulted zer. But Ava was off like a shot, which would only provoke zer... and she was dragging Archie along as well. Liz sighed. Ava sure knew how to keep attention on herself.

    Liz looked up at the Vez. "Sorry, Vez." she said. Val graciously accepted her apology, went off to get Ava and Archie, and everyone had tea and crumpets. 

    Or, that's what would have happened, but a form blurred through the air and gave the Vez a solid uppercut, blasting zer off zer feet. Someone punched Val Servius, and no less, this person actually did damage.…

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  • ProfessorArceus

    Neutral Evil

    December 26, 2017 by ProfessorArceus

    The is a alignment which is made to disrupt . This, however, is debateable as some people argue it is to support evils. In my opinion, it disrupts the Town, as their goal is "Live to see the Town lose". This indirectly supports the evils, but their goal does not necessarily have to win with them. The alignment consists of the , the and the . 

    I will expand on the and the in a separate blog, as I believe there is much to say about them.

    • The
      • The is, frankly, an awful role. I will be focusing on why it doesn't work as a . It offers disruption to , however relies rather heavily - completely, in fact - on DAYCHAT. This is unreliable, as it has no definite control on anything and therefore cannot consistently disrupt .
      • Admittedly, the Jester o…

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  • ProfessorArceus

    Some of you may have realised, but I have been creating a decent amount of Balance guides recently, all of which can be found in my Blog Posts. I just thought I'd create this so people can see them easily and also suggest topics.

    I can talk about most things related to balance and meta. As a seasoned Town of Salem player, I know enough about balance to talk about most if not all of the alignments, roles etc. - my point is that I'm open to suggestions and I will try my best to cover suggested topics. Just post in the comments section if you want to ask a question, or want a topic covered. 

    You can ask me to review role ideas since I'll be busy and might not be able to review roles often. Just leave a message on my message wall for that.

    As I s…

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  • Addfire

    Chapter One: An Introduction, Of Sorts

    Archibald 'Archie' Kathigits adjusted his backpack, and took in a deep breath of air. A mid-year transfer into a new school was intimidating, and worse yet he was leaving all sorts of friends behind. On top of that, he was only a freshman- he didn't have the advantage of age to get people to like him. And going to a boarding school, no less... 

    The school was large, and imposing. The walls were steel, and it all looked very new, although he knew that the school – which was called Regus' Institution for Young Souls – was roughly a century old. He mustered up some courage, and stepped inside. 

    He found himself in what he assumed was the school's lobby. It was wide, and open, about the size of a small house…

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  • Octometaknight

    I'm sure you know by now that people like to review roles. Some people like to make guides on reviewing roles. So why do so many people have so many different guides to reviewing roles?

    Easy; Reviewing roles is a lot like philosophy. There is no definitive, 'correct' answer. Everyone has their theories, and are entitled to them. We all struggle to find and create the perfect guide, the one that most effectively shows a role's viability in a civil and direct manner. But it's not that simple. We're all different, we have different ways of viewing issues.

    So I guess I should show my view on this topic.

    You'll find that my view on this topic is a lot like other people's. To understand how to critique a role, we first need to determine what makes …

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  • BasicGaming

    Executioner Strategies

    December 22, 2017 by BasicGaming

    There are many strategies for the Executioner, but here are just a few of them.

    Strategy 1: Try to claim Vigilante Day 3. Claim that you shot your target, and that they were immune. This may cause them to fire back, claiming that your are Executioner. This is okay. Keep claiming that you shot them and that they were immune. The Mafia may pick up on you, and decide not to attack you, or your target. Eventually, you will be able to convince Town that you are the Vigilante, and that they will vote your target, as they will get desperate. Note: I tried this strategy as Executioner, and I got my target lynched by Day 5. 

    Strategy 2: Try claiming Lookout Day 2. This is a common Executioner strategy, and most of the time, it does work. Claim that y…

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  • NoCarbonRequired

    Blog post title

    December 19, 2017 by NoCarbonRequired

    Blog post text

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  • GlassGuy, The Comment Overwatcher
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  • GhostyFlareEruption

    Hey guys, Ghosty here. I just wanted to make some annoucements: Town of Salem randomness is rebranding. I've realized that my new ToS randomness ideas are just gonna be more non-ToS related, BUT this doesn't mean the idiocy of this series is dying. So I'm rebranding it to...


    Dun, du du du, dun duuuuuuuun!

    Crowds: BOOOOO!!!

    Ghosty: Okay fine I'll sing at the end

    Crowd: YAAAAY!

    Ghosty: Next up, I've decided to make a mini-series on this series: Lesser Idiocy. It's like GOW blogs, but well...less "zounderkite". I've already got one in the making, and it's an interactive. Next up, don't think I forgot about christmas GOW. It's gonna be coming your way. Just you wait. Another thing: Due to this STILL being on ToS wiki, I'm movin…

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  • Memofang

    Went to China!

    December 12, 2017 by Memofang

    Hey guys, just wanted to say that I'm in China now! (Woooo!)

    I might get less active now because I don't trust my hotel's wifi >I.

    Either way, message me if there are any issues!

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  • HAWAIIANpikachu

    This is 100% in my opinion, do not be that one person who whines that "(role) should be ranked higher/lower" because that won't do any good.

    ​Shall add reasoning later

    There's a few different teirs, each with different meanings.

    ​A Teir- ​A really good role that's made for supporting under any situation for the team.

    ​B Teir- ​While not the best, will usually help the mafia more likely than not

    ​C Teir-​ Normally helps mafia... but not dependable.

    ​D Teir-​ MIGHT help mafia... just don't get your hopes up.

    Consigilere- The consigilere is the true leader of the mafia, able to tell who everyone needs to go after and make plans for the mafia. While it's probably going to be caught eventually, it should usually put the mafia in a good spot.


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  • Addfire

    Remember this? Well, I thought...

    Why the hell not do it at the same time as my DR Spinoff? 

    Which means--

    Once Winter Break starts for me, I will start uploading chapters. I have not outlined a single thing to happen, but I already have ideas as to some of the relationships except Spicyz1911, that ship is dead (I put that in strikethrough because I will make sure, like, every ship ever made and some of the ones that haven't been will be in this). 

    Some things I want to clarify:

    Just because David and Abe are heading the debate team, that doesn't mean that others are or aren't on it. 

    As I commented on the other blog, Crysha will not be an asshole. She is the cutest cinnamon roll. That is a fact. 

    There will, aside from the more silly shipping and …

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  • GhostyFlareEruption

    Two kidnappers sneak into Ghosty's home, and make their way to his bedroom as Ghosty sleeps

    Kidnapper 1: What if he wakes up?

    Kidnapper 2: That's hard to believe. He probably has nightmares

    What Ghosty is dreaming of: Sugar, Honey, Honey playing

    Kidnapper 1: Ah what the phuck, get 'em

    They stuff him in a bag, and walk off

    Trial 1

    Ghosty wakes up with a cannon and a hatch supposed to fit something explosive to launch you out a hole, but it's empty. There's also a tablet

    Ghosty: What? Where the hell am I?

    Ghosty turns on the tablet, and a video plays as there is a hooded figure

    ???: Hello. You're one of the other twenty unlucky stuck here

    Ghosty: HOLY SHEETO

    ???: In order to escape, you need to solve twenty trials

    Ghosty: *cross eyes* OOoooOOO

    ???: You ma…

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  • BobbytheBlobby

    Escort Guide

    December 9, 2017 by BobbytheBlobby

    This blog will be reviewing my strategies I use as an Escort, and how I play the game with it.

    - Don't roleblock N1. It's really rare you will actually visit a Serial Killer, and in a lot of gamemodes, a Godfather and a Mafioso are in the game, so you can't really stop a Mafia kill. Most likely, there will be more harm done than good.


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  • BobbytheBlobby

    Jailor Guide

    December 9, 2017 by BobbytheBlobby

    Hello guys! I know that on the Jailor page, there are a lot of great Jailor strategies there which you could use and play with. However, in this guide, I want to tell you guys on when I get the Jailor role, how I play it and how I find Mafia and other evil roles. I hope you find this helpful.

    There are two main strategies I use:

    This is a much more aggressive playstyle. As a Jailor, you always pressure your detainee and try to force as much information out of them. Yes, that's right, your job isn't to make them comfortable, you WANT them to be SCARED. Show them that YOU are in CONTROL and that you will show no mercy. Some key details you wanna keep in mind:

    • Don't make your detainee feel comfortable, ever! Always show them that you doubt their r…

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  • GhostyFlareEruption

    Ghosty is on his laptop playing ToS, and Desert barges in.

    Desert: Can I star in a ToS randomness?

    Ghosty: NO!

    Desert: Aww, c'mon, please?

    Ghosty: NO!1!

    Desert: Please

    Desert: Please

    Desert: Please

    Desert keeps saying it until Ghosty gets pissed.


    Desert: Yay

    1: Pissing off Ghosty

    Ghosty punches Desert's head off

    51 ways to die in Salem

    2: Getting hanged

    Desert is walking, and then he gets caught in the noose and kicks off the stool.

    3: Machine Gun

    A Mafioso kills Desert, and tea bags him

    4: Pistol

    A Vigilante shoots at Desert's forehead

    Desert: Oh, look at that

    Desert dies

    5: Revolver

    Desert dodges the Godfather's shot, but trips and gets shot at again

    6: Knife

    Desert is walking down a path, and a Serial Killer stalks him dow…

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  • Addfire

    **Whispering noises**

    November 30, 2017 by Addfire


    Hey, guess what~

    New writing thingie

    Idk how long it'll last

    It's gonna be, like, everyone goes to a highschool.

    No powers. 

    Normal names. 

    Drama and sh%t. 


    Thought you should know.

    Cast: SoE + Proffy and possibly a few others.

    When I'll do it: When I finish my second DR spinoff (which could be a while)


    ProfessorArceus as... Archie Kathigitis, a new kid in school.

    Addfire as... Ava Ignis, a shipper that somehow escaped her cage

    EclipsaButterfly as... Liz Winters, a shipper that regrets being associated with Ava

    SpicyJusticeLass as... Felix Chase, the guy who looks on at the chaos and laughs

    Vertroyer as... David Troy, student leader of the Debate Team

    HAWAIIANpikachu as... Kristian Martin Rigderion, a kid on the honor roll and stepbrot…

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  • Caramelsux

    The Voting bug

    November 27, 2017 by Caramelsux

    I'm not trying to gather attention so people can cheat but there has been a voting bug which has been out for a bit now. Basically when people vote someone up and it says "Guilty or Innocent" then it shows the what townies voted, it reveals their roles in a specific pattern, for instance heres some names that i made up



    free wifi

    Your Mum

    Daddy (;))

    hehe i suck at names but back to where I was, so basically, it reveals their roles in order. Veteran always comes first (if there is one) so here

    moon voted innocent

    lololol abstained.

    daddy voted innocent.

    free wifi voted guilty.

    Your Mom voted guilty.

    as veteran always comes first, if there was a veteran in game, moon would be the veteran. If there is a mafioso or werewolf then they would b…

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  • Thatsmuggamer


    November 17, 2017 by Thatsmuggamer

    how is everyone? It's ya boi smugzy! I'd love to know things about anyone here (BTW, no shipping of me)

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  • Windome

    Here i am.

    November 16, 2017 by Windome

    The Most sour coven-member with no patience. The One Who Leaves the game every time it starts with a bad host or Rolelist

    OR... TheBoxWasSquare! Or maybe Just plain Square box

    My TOS Nickname is Djimmi The Great or just djimmi.. or SquareBox.

    This Is is my first Blog post, and maybe my last. 

    I Came here for Discussions and Sheriiff and Investigator Cheats.

    Or just to Hang out with ya'll!

    Have a NOICE Day

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  • GhostyFlareEruption

    Ghosty and Desert are on the Xbox playing Call of Duty, Jally and Vert with a pile of money in the middle of them. Ghosty immediately turns around and noscopes Desert, getting the game winning kill.

    Ghosty: OOOOOOHHH!!!

    Jally hits the ground, and Vert jumps on Ghosty.

    Ghosty and Vert: HOW DO YOU FEEL?!? Desert turns off the Xbox

    Desert: Well, in other news, I'm getting something.

    Vert: *takes the money* What'cha gettin'

    Ding Dong

    Desert answers the door, and sees Add with a box

    Add: Here's ya package, ya hecker.

    Desert opens it as Add is about to leaves, and sees a Nintendo Switch

    Add: Breath of the Wild is in there, by the way

    Add leaves and Desert walks in, ready to play

    Ghosty: No way! You got the Switch

    Desert: Yup. Let's play Breath of the Wild


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  • ProfessorArceus

    If you happen to be flying over some role ideas and want to review, take a look at this guide.

    I'm sure we all know of 'constructive' and 'destructive' criticism. Differenciating them can be difficult, so here's what to look out for.

    Destructive criticism also has 2 branches. It is helpful to be aware of these so that you can know what you need improvement on.

    The first branch is semi-helpful destructive criticism. This is the point where you have an issue with your tone, but not your reviewing. Using 'REJECTED' is an example of this. It might not be just a small phrase. The tone that you give in general can contribute toward this. 

    In this case, we are giving a proper review, but we have an aggressive tone to it. Helpful as the review itself …

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  • GhostyFlareEruption

    Ghosty: So, yes...this series is back with more cancer and--

    Random Person: Turn around and die

    Ghosty: Can you shut your fu--

    *Please stand by*

    Ghosty: Yes, this series is back. I've had some IRL stuff going on that time, and, well...the series took a pause. I'll do my best to keep at this. Y'all want to laugh? I got something in store for you, again. Yes, school is back, you're sorta busy, blah blah blah, but I promise to do my best, at least each week, to make one. Heck, if I'm lucky, double story, or even triple story.

    Random Person 2: Are you sure about that?

    Ghosty: Don't make me put yo a--

    *Please stand by*

    Ghosty: Yes, I may not be on all the time, but I'll try my hardest just to get to this. Here's to hope this series will prevail a bit m…

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  • Tigershark88

    B*kkake is filtered to rigmarole.

    STD is filtered to plague

    Blow Job (With spaces) is filtered to the word something

    This is subject to change as more words get added over to the Chat Page. (And yes I did actually test these words in-game when I was trolling in my Last Wills/Death Notes.

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  • Aridas

    Stranger might be added?

    November 6, 2017 by Aridas


    He like a amnesiac but better win with mafi witch sk town only but the stranger kills visitors like jailor escort.He has invinable defeance and Immunty attacked immunty is visited and kill if pest or mafi anything.

    Stranger is a NE.

    when equipped scroll it makes it 5%

    But every 10 games it will be in one.

    If want me to make more new roles say #roles se ya.

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  • Secretive Gurl

    How to play Stolen

    November 3, 2017 by Secretive Gurl

    This game is quite popular with my school friends (and yes I do bring my own playing card deck to my school every day). Here are the rules to play them - 

    H- Hearts

    C- Clubs

    S- Spades

    D- Diamonds

    A- Ace

    K- King

    Q- Queen

    J- Jack

    1) Select 8 random cards and make sure each card is different. Example - 9D, AH, 2C, 4S, 6C, 7S, KS, QS. Make sure all of these cards are face up and

    2) Deal 5 cards to each player. If the number of players is odd, add another 2 random cards with the other random cards.(look at rule number 1)

    3) Player now can pick a card that shows the same number or rank (J, Q, K or A) on their hands. If none of them matches, select a card and place them with the other random cards. (WARNING - The card must be a random number/card to put it …

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  • ProfessorArceus

    Tactical Mafia

    October 29, 2017 by ProfessorArceus

    Tactical is an idea to buff the infamously weak . It is rather well-known around the forums and I'd like to enlighten all of you on what it is.


    • Tactical introduces a new alignment.
      • (Tactical). The and will be moved into this alignment. It is the alignment to help as a whole.
    • change.
      • The will now be a . It can remember any role once in a game. It may also take over the Factional kill.
    • change.
      • The will now gain a few abilities. All night results are relayed to the , including notifications like 'Your target is a Sheriff' as well as 'You were attacked by a Werewolf!'. You get the notifications from ALL members. If there is no majority reached with the vote for the factional kill, the will carry it out.
    • Factional Kills.
      • Every day, …
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  • ProfessorArceus

    Neutral Chaos

    October 26, 2017 by ProfessorArceus
    is a alignment which consist of: , , and . I suppose it's the 'miscellaneous' alignment for . It has never featured in a Ranked rolelist aside from in the 'Any' slot.

    There are many, many flaws in the alignment, listed here:

    • The individual roles in the alignment are all very flawed
        • The is the 'original' . The first in its alignment, the is infamously game-ruining. While it is balanced in many aspects, it is not a fun role to play with - it steals wins, no matter how much effort you put into it. This is a huge problem for competitive play; ELO should not be lost so easily! Some argue that the role is unbalanced - but it isn't. If we ignore the fact that it ruins actual gameplay, we see how balanced it actually is.
        • The is actually relativel…

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  • ProfessorArceus

    Neutral Benign

    October 26, 2017 by ProfessorArceus
    is meant to be the alignment where roles in that alignments are completely Neutral and do not take sides. The roles in this alignment (including roles) are the , the and the .

    The alignment used to appear in Ranked, before the most recent update.

    The alignment itself is not extremely problematic; the roles individually are:

      • The is a role that can remember any non-unique role, or any non-town role (including unique roles) from the graveyard. If it dies as an , it loses. So, will want to pick their role earlier in the game (to avoid dying, since death is more probable with less players alive). Since and both can't kill on night 1, the chances of scum dying so early on is very low. Now, since Amnesiac would like to remember as soon as pos…

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  • ProfessorArceus

    The Any slot in ranked is a slot where any role can roll (excluding role dependency). From , to , the Any slot provides a variety of roles. There is one slot for it, which is placed at the end of the Ranked rolelist.

    The 'Any' slot is extremely unpredictable. This causes many problems with competitive games, as the slot is complete guesswork. If it lands Mafia, then Mafia may have the upper hand. If it lands Town, it only strengthens its faction. Now you may argue that landing Town harms Town as they might hang them, but ultimately an extra Town can't hurt. The biggest problem is that you don't know what it will land on. This unpredictable element of 'Any' causes a huge problem for competitive players. They can't calculate if your claim is …

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  • ProfessorArceus

    I'm sure many of you will know this, but REJECTED is often used in the Role Ideas boards. It is quite self explanatory, but it's used to sum up the opinions of posts, as well as dismiss them. Normally paired with anywhere from few lines to a few paragraphs of reviewing, REJECTED is placed at the end of a post. Here is an example:


    [Please don't go and find that post and comment on it]

    The image displayed is an example of how REJECTED is used. I hope this gives you a grasp on how it is used.

    Now that you all understand (hopefully!) how the word REJECTED is used, I would like to address the problems:

    • It is of no positive value
      • What you have said in the review itself shouldn't need a word to 'sum up' what you meant. Your review should be capable of telling…

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  • Yami riku

    Over time, I have seen people voicing their opinions and complaints on the forums, on the wiki, and on the subreddit. There is without a doubt many issues with Town of Salem, but this post focuses on the life of a global moderator.

    Mature, active, and helpful users are candidates. If you want to be noticed, be active in BMG's forums and follow the rules.


    • Can move posts, can remove posts
    • Can approve users to be "Trusted Users"
    • Can approve a user's first post [to make sure they're not a spambot]
    • Can punish those who break the forum's rules


    • Cannot kick someone out of a match or lobby
    • Can use a command to send a message out to the lobby which will be in yellow text

    Trial System:

    • Can close a report (innocent or guilty)
      • If found guilty, the per…

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  • DaDeadGuy

    Stories of Salem

    September 27, 2017 by DaDeadGuy

    Stories of Salem (First story, so no harsh stuff) Part 1

    Adam looked at Jacob

    "So, I heard they pulled out a corpse today, riddled with bullet holes, poor guy."

    "Yeah, i did see the corpse at the square, they say somekind of mafia moved in"

    "You sure? I think so too"

    "Well, i got to go now, getting dark"


    Adam sighed with relief as Jacob closed the door, he heard footsteps draw on until they stopped, he looked at his badge, with the words "Mayor of Salem"  inscribed on it, why didn't the election reveal their results? Adam just pinned it on, 

    "Not too shabby"

    He took it off, went upstairs and collapsed with exhaustion on his bed, as he went to sleep, a shot was heard in the distance.


    But no one heard the town doing things in the night, no on…

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  • SilverStar2003

    Town of Mario Party

    September 26, 2017 by SilverStar2003

    In this Mario Party version of Town of Salem, your goal is, to have the most roles! You play this game with 3-6 players.


    All players get assigned 4 roles that they can use. Everyone will know how many roles everyone has, and there will be a leaderboard ofcourse with: 1st: Karp. 2nd: Rubik. 3th: yami. (That was an example xD)

    The Phases each round has:

    Night Phase

    In this phase, you may use all roles to do something!

    Voting Phase

    In this phase, you may use all your roles to vote on someone. If you have like 3 roles, you may vote 3 times! The person with the most votes, needs to kill 2 of his roles! The person that used to most votes on the losing person, gets 1 of that 2 roles.

    Casino Phase

    All players get a random role.

    Chest Phase

    There are s…

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  • SilverStar2003

    Roles ToS Arso Attack

    September 25, 2017 by SilverStar2003

    Hey! SilverStar2003 here, and I first wanted to make this a RP on DanganRonpa thing wikia, but since RP's are still allowed on this wiki, will make it on this one :p.

    On this page I post the roles of the new game I'm going to make: Town of Salem: The attack of the Arsonists.

    Town Roles:


    A good deduction: Check someone each night and get a lead for their role.

    A good cop: Start with a base gun with 1 bullet.


    A good spy: Watch someone's house each night and see their visitors and what they did to your target.

    A good cop: Start with a base gun with 1 bullet.


    Stalking's their job: Every night, you may stalk someone and see who they visit.

    A good cop: Start with a base gun with 1 bullet.


    The secret knowledge: Every odd nigh…

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  • Vertroyer

    I'm staying in Live Chat for some time. Come join me, friend.

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  • Lucid~Spark

    I win

    September 23, 2017 by Lucid~Spark

    -1 losses

    aren't i special

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  • Charliep2

    Modern Town of Salem

    September 23, 2017 by Charliep2

    So, here it is (W.I.P)

    There aren't many roles in the game, There is , , Town Member, Mafia member, Neutral Kind (need better name) Neutral Evil, Neutral Independent and Thug member.

    The  is the leader of the town. The Is revealed at the start of the game

    The protects the and see's if anyone attacks them, if they do, the will attack them. (The starts with a Powerful gun and 3 bullets)

    The Town Member has nothing, it will be explained later

    The Mafia Member has 2 basic guns, 8 basic bullets, can talk with other mafia members

    The Thug Member is a faction, thugs will have more players then the Mafia, the thugs are less skilled at things in life then the mafia (I will get to that later)

    Neutral Kind is a , but without vests... nothing else to a…

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  • DaDeadGuy

    The Random Blog

    September 9, 2017 by DaDeadGuy


    Pizza tastes great, with chicken, and memes, dank spicy bonless pizza memes, and the dough, is crusty, crusty as boogers, boogers in yur nose, and my granny eats em, which is random, and i love to do nothing about my granny, full of grannyness and i has vry god speling, and has grammar goood now, so i go to the store, and i order a packet of..... a packet of food, and i give him cash made out of cash in my sock stash which loves to explode like the big bang and the timeline goes to the big crunch which is the end, of this blog and the ending is so great

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