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  • GhostyGuy619

    Sondz and Addfire are playing go-fish (with a ghost Ghosty and Desert just using a baseball and bat.

    Sondz: Alright, I need to go use the bathroom before I do my turn.

    Addfire: Okay. I'll gonna get some chips.

    Sondz and Addfire leave. Ghosty and Desert come back in.

    Desert: Well that was fun

    Ghosty: Yeah...except you swung the ball at my testicles ;-;

    Ghosty then accidently knocks over the cards.

    Ghosty: Oh crap. Better fix it up

    Ghosty fixes it, but puts the cards the wrong way, thinking he did it correctly.

    Ghosty: Phew. Not a difference.

    Desert: I can gaurentee you messed up on one card.

    Ghosty: I have 20-20 vision. I can see a candle alone from up to two miles away.

    Addfire comes back

    Addfire: Is Sondz done using the bathroom?

    Ghosty: I'm gonna chec…

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  • DesertStorm11

    A male figure walked through the streets of Salem, a black trench coat covering his body, providing protection from the rain as it fell from the sky. The black shades, despite the fact that it was half an hour past midnight, covered his eyes, and with the coat, it made him unrecognizable.

    The man passed by a few more houses before reaching his destination. The porch lights were dark, and he smiled in the darkness. He slowly snuck up to the doorstep of the quiet house, beginning to lock-pick the door.

    The door opened in mere seconds and the figure slipped inside, closing the door as quietly as it had been opened, and he was left in complete darkness. Out of a pocket he pulled a pair of goggles, and they were switched on as they replaced the s…

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  • DesertStorm11

    This is the Table of Contents for Blood Moon: A Town of Salem Story.

    Created by DesertStorm11 in May of 2017.

    Chapter One

    Spicy, Eclipsa, Shadow, Amber, Playful, Chengsha, Rubik, Marshall, Hawaiian, Sondz, Desert, Addfire, Super, Curiosity, Matthews, Ramerion, and Ghosty

    Spicy - Mafia Support (Neutral Evil)

    Eclipsa - Mafia Support (Neutral Evil)

    Shadow - Neutral Chaos (Mafia Support)

    Amber - Neutral Killing (Mafia Support)

    Playful - Town Protective (Mafia Killing)

    Chengsha - Neutral Evil (Mafia Deception)

    Rubik - Mafia Support (Town Investigative)

    Marshall - Mafia Deception (Town Investigative)

    Hawaiian - Mafia Support (Neutral Benign)

    Sondz - Neutral Chaos (Mafia Killing)

    Desert - Town Killing (Neutral Killing)

    Addfire - Mafia Support (Neutral Benign)


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  • Calllack

    New roles analysis

    May 21, 2017 by Calllack

    This analysis will look at the effects of the new roles added in the Coven expansion on the complexity and difficulty of the game for all roles and factions.


    I've decided to start with this one because it's an easy one. Psychic is a huge boon to the Town - or it appears so on first inspection. By being able to find a confirmed Town member every other night, they can easily gain a trusted ally or partner. As you probably know this is really, really useful for finding the scum because you can pool ideas.

    However, it won't take long - in fact it may be beginning already - before scum roles start imitating Psychics. Psychic is one of the easiest roles to create a fake will for now. And it is Town Investigative. That means it will be a pop…

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  • GhostyGuy619

    Ghosty, Spicy, Desert, and Sondz were at Ghosty's castle, relaxing. Ghosty is playing Xbox, Spicy is at a shooting range somewhere, and Sondz and Desert are playing Blackjack, a girl ghost eating popcorn watching.

    Desert: Hit or stand

    Sondz: Hit

    Desert: You drew a King. I win.


    Suddenly, the door breaks down. Ghosty pauses his game and Spicy comes out of the range. Are those witches?

    Coven Leader: KYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! We're taking over now, peasents. Kneel before the mighty Coven.

    Everyone makes a bored expression.

    Spicy: I'm so scared I peed my pants.

    Poisoner: See, mom. I told you they wouldn't be scared. Aunt already said that they were the best fighters..

    Coven Leader: Hush now, Serena.…

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  • Luxak

    Role Ideas

    May 20, 2017 by Luxak

    1. Banner (Neutral Evil)

    Choose 1 person to ban every night, "banning" their account. Win conditions - None, Joke role.

    Attributes - If you are lynched you "ban"the whole town and live.

    If someone visits you he/she will be "banned."

    If someone tries to control your dead body he/she will be "banned." (Necromancer)

    2. Assassin (Mafia Support)

    Choose one person to assassinate every night. Mafia must choose to kill that person aswell. Win conditions - Mafia, Survivor

    Attributes - None

    Your assassination will ignore all night immunities except Invincible.

    When investigated you will show up to be Assassin, Secret Agent, Spy

    3. Idea for Forger - If they kill all mafia all the real wills will be found.

    4. (Kinda lame idea but here we go) 

     Secret Agent (Town Chao…

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  • Maidori Waifurin


    May 18, 2017 by Maidori Waifurin

    Since I can't edit the story page, I decided to put some here. I haven't written in a while, so they're not the best, but here.

    I'll add more.

    Ready. Aim. Fire. The body fell to the ground as the Vigilante breathed a sigh of relief. The Serial Killer would terrorize this town no more.

    As the sun rose on Salem the next day, the town was in a panic. The Doctor was found dead last night. Killed at the hands of a Vigilante.

    That night, as he put the muzzle of his gun to his head, a thought crossed his mind.

    He didn't deserve just any death, no.

    He deserved to be executed by a town who believes that he is evil.

    After all, he thought, he is evil. He killed an innocent.

    As the moon shone on Salem, a lone man can be seen by the graveyard, looking at the n…

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  • SpicyboiFelix

    New UI for classic game modes:

    New UI for coven game modes:


    Chaos Coven game modes:

    Devs are also apparently workin'! We saw Naru and TurdPile lel:

    Now there are shadows to the text???:

    Attack types...:

    Necromocinin. This was at n1, so Coven always has an advantage when they play more late game:

    There are still "controlled by witch" stuff!:

    Great death message:



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  • Jmskilz

    OK, They said that being an accomplice is pointless, BUT IT TOTALLY ISNT!

    If you were the accomplice, you could make sure one person dies, and then sell out the murderer!


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  • GhostyGuy619

    Spicy walks in Ghosty's house, then enters his room.

    Spicy: Hey Ghosty, you willing to play a game of football?

    Spicy notices Ghosty behind a computer. He's not on Town of Salem, nor the wiki, nor any other game. He's...editing a video?

    Spicy: What's that?

    Ghosty: It's called...a randomness,

    Spicy: What's a randomness?

    Ghosty: Don't worry. I'll show you.

    Ghosty poses like he's revealing something.

    • cue Desert and Sondz hopping a fence
    • cue Hawaiian attempting to guess a riddle
    • cue Playful firing a assault rifle
    • cue Ghosty and Addfire running away from a dog
    • cue Spicy throwing ninja stars at incoming Thomas trains

    Spicy slowly backs away to the door

    Ghosty: There's more

    • cue Ghosty playing a electric guitar
    • cue Kirby eating all the food in the fridge
    • cue Ghost…
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  • HAWAIIANpikachu

    Contains what I think of the new roles.

    Hex Master- Basically an arsonist clone with no night immunity but on a team.

    Poisoner- Basically a nerfed werewolf clone, with what it sounds like, no night immunity, but on a team. BMG plz, no.

    Medusa- Basically... a nerfed jaintor clone... BMG. Stop with the clones.

    Tracker- A reversed lookout, that has an easier time confirming wills and finding baddies.

    Trapper- Combine the consigilere with an one attack veteran, and you have this role.

    Ambusher- Sure BMG, let's give the mafia the ability to kill 2 people per night and letting the game end sooner! And all the Ambusher really has to do is (this area has been blocked to contain myself not wanting to scream into a pillow due to how stupidly OP this role …

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  • Glorified Surgeon


    May 16, 2017 by Glorified Surgeon

    So I was playing a ranked practice game a couple hours ago, and it was a depressing arsonist game. The game went like this: N1: I douse somebody. D2: The unrevealed mayor got killed by mafia. The person I doused leaves the game. (They were exe) N2: I douse another person. D3: It turns out that the Any is a WW. Jailor executed Medium. The WW got a vig and the mafioso. Somebody claims invest and says I'm GF. I get lynched.

    I had bad luck that game. (Stupid investigators)

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  • Playful Trickster 101

    I might trigger Ghosty, but eh... I don't really care that much XD 

    SO! I've been on this wiki for almost a year, I've won November ToTM, and been participating in many events and games here. I'm just gonna leave fifty shades- I mean, facts of me! The reason is solely I don't want people ask: "Who tf is Playful? :/" 

    Anyway! Here we go! :

    1. My name is Elizabeth Anastasia Felicia Nursalim, but my born name is Felicia Nursalim. Elizabeth is my Confirmation name, while Anastasia is my Baptism name.

    2. I was born on February 11th, 1999. This year, I'm a 18 years old girl (will become a woman soon :p).

    3. I live in Indonesia. Specifically, at Western Bekasi City, West Java Region.  

    4. I have two older brothers and a younger brother. This also expla…

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  • AbboSaur


    May 14, 2017 by AbboSaur

    So me and my friend called each other and played ToS. In the dead chat this girl said will report me and my friend for cheating.(she was maf and i was sheriff) Soo a few days later i get this:

    My friend however didnt get a ban but i got a 24 hour one.

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  • Vertroyer

    After an event that awakened their souls within, they made their way to the mafia's HQ. However, some of them were still doubtful of their own capabilities. They wondered whether they actually can defeat YIS or not, but they needed an opportunity to test their limits after they have expanded.

    Soon, they made it to the main gate of the HQ, which had a platform on top of it. On top of that main gate, the Godfather and the Witch were standing with smug looks on their faces. YIS was nowhere to be seen.

    Godfather: Welcome! Welcome! To your doom! You're just in time for the duels!

    Mann: Duels? What duels?

    They switched their view to what was in front of the gate, and they noticed a selection of minions and opponents there. They looked nothing like w…

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  • Addfire

    Rex was at the bar, drowning his sorrows. Or, at least, that's what he had told Addfire when she pried. The thing was, he'd been sent a letter, and the contents of it interested him. He was reaching for another glass of root beer (he didn't touch spirits) when the door was going open. Standing in the doorway were some users, main space editors the lot of 'em. As FiretigerisMLG and Shadowlyncher slid into seats next to him, KiplaVastri blocked others from entering the bar with a large broadsword.

    "So I see you're here," began Shadowlyncher, his form flickering about. Some joked that he was the son of a displacer beast. "Interested in what we have to say?"

    "You never explained what you had to say," retorted Rex. "Just a cryptic message with a …

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  • Unrealname123

    I make this blogs just to make Sondz Triggered

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  • Glorified Surgeon

    I have no idea why but for some reason whenever I've played as Sheriff of Executioner this always happens to me. -As Sheriff: Every single game now whenever I interrogate somebody n1 they always turn out to be mafia, but I get killed by the NK n1 too. Really annoying when there's no medium. -As Exe: My target always gets killed or leaves n1, so I'm stuck as a jester the rest of the game. I can never get a win as Jester. For some reason everybody just ignores me. ._.

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  • Francois2005

    I'm extremely bored. Like, EXTREMELY. So, I'll make up a story real quick. Criticise it, it might hurt my feelings, cuz what I do quick, goes bad, but I'll be entertained.

    Day 1 - with 9 people in the Town of Salem.

    Francois looks around him near the center of the town. To his left, he sees Sondz. To his right, he sees Spicy. Obviously, no one can get lynched. It's logical not to. He says farewell to URN, Hawaiian, Chengsha, Desert, Rubik and Shadow as he goes inside his cabin.

    Night 1

    It was about time night came, and Francois could finally investigate what's going on. He knows his true friends can't betray or desert him, but what if they do? He needs to be a step ahead of them. At all times. He goes towards Chengsha's cabin. He keeps examini…

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  • Jmskilz

    Ok, I have been Inactive  for a long period of time, because school. I am coming back with a BANG!!!, Well more like a BLOG!

    So here are 20 facts about ME

    1)My real Name is Josh Mitchell, but you can call me Josh if you want(that is where I got JM from)

    2) I was born on the 11th of March 2004, which makes me 13 years old.

    3) I was born at 10:07 in the evening and I weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces

    4) I am British, more precisely, Welsh.

    5) Being of Irish descent, I actually have my own coat of arms!

    6) I am in Year 8 for school. (try to work out what grade that is, Americans)

    7) I joined the Wiki on 15th October, 2016( the same day as Shadowxcookie)

    8) I. LOVE. POKEMON. Ask…

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  • GhostyGuy619

    "The mafia will spill blood once more." the Godfather said on the stool at the noose. "In 100 years will we return and slay every single person who won't submit."

    "Enough." the Mayor said. "May god have mercy on your soul, Nikolai."

    The Mayor kicked the stool, and watched as the Godfather struggles for air. The only thing left was the Godfather's will.

    Will: In 100 years will we return and slay every single person who won't submit.

    100 Years Later

    You have moved in the Town of Salem. There has been rumored about a notorious crime force roaming around the town.

    "MURDER!" Someone shouted.

    You and a few other people run to the shout. You see someone dead on the floor. He has a gunshot to the head.

    "So the will was true?" Someone asked.

    This town isn't…

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  • GhostyGuy619

    So...I accomplished a lot on this wiki. I got promoted to Discussion Moderator, Won ToTM, and I've been here for 7 Months, and you guys don't know me much (I think)

    Time to slap in 50 facts about me so you can stop thinking "Who the hell is Ghosty?"

    Fact #1: My name IRL is Alexander, but people call me Alex

    Fact #2: I'm from Greek and Vietman descent, though my grandfather was African American

    Fact #3: My emotional age is 12. My mental age is 13. Why is that? Apparently my parents said I was 8 and a half on my 9th birthday, then on my 10th, I was considered 9.

    Fact #4: I have four brothers and two sisters. I'm the oldest out of them all

    Fact #5: I used to have a dog, but he got sent back into the police force. Now I got another dog. He is a pit …

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  • Glorified Surgeon

    Roles . .

    May 9, 2017 by Glorified Surgeon

    I feel like I should have gotten a different role than spy or transporter during my last 8 games. ._.

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  • Sondz1911

    Fun Facts 2

    May 9, 2017 by Sondz1911

    NOTE: If you have any fun facts that you would like to appear in future part, submit it by PM'ing me in Discord! My Discord tag is Sondz1911#9517. They have to be interesting tho

    oh boi didn't think the first one would turn out that well so Imma make another one of there 8)

    Fun Fact #1: I first joined the wiki and created an account for making a role called the Revealer (which was rejected by Hawaiian 8( ). It was the only role idea I've ever made.

    ​Fun Fact #2: If you search the comments in the Medium page, you would see me saying "Code 3: Wikia". It was for a dead Forum game that I've made, called Find the Secret Code.

    ​Fun Fact #3: Town of Salem wiki was created in 13:06 GMT/UTC, March 22, 2014.

    ​Fun Fact #4: The most commented page on the w…

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  • Francois2005

    I don't have anything else to do, there's nothing else on my blog and I LOVE facts so here are some Fun Facts. Go to Sondz's blog for the original one!

    Fun Fact #1: The page with the most bytes that isn't about String Table Localization is the Summer Solstice Writing Event at 107,807 bytes.

    Fun Fact #2: The role page with the most bytes is the  page with 52,281 bytes.

    Fun Fact #3: SpicyboiFelix has had the most votes out of anyone within 2 months, currently he has 35 votes combined.

    Fun Fact #4: The most popular page of the week is the  page with 27,404 views this week.

    Fun Fact #5: Currently, the most red links are the Youtubers link with 3.

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  • GhostyGuy619

    WOO! I am a DM. I wanna repay you all back

    3000 B.C.E.

    A long time ago, monsters roamed Salem, even Werewolves. Each night, they would run around, killing these calm folk, and new people would move in to suffer the same fate.

    The only way to scare them off forever was to get the golden torch; a torch enchanted with the ability to vanqusih away any evil.

    There was a ninja. His name? Ghosty. He had always traveled with a Kirby and gort. They were in front of the golden temple

    Ghosty: You two ready

    Kirby: (Yup.)

    Kafoofoo: (I don't wanna die.)

    Kafoofoo, the scared gort, runs and hits his head on a trwe, knocking him out.

    Ghosty: Alright, let's go

    Ghosty grabs Kirby and dashes in the temple


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  • Sondz1911

    Fun Facts

    May 7, 2017 by Sondz1911

    Damn, so many stories lately, so why not make a compliation of a bunch of wiki fun facts to blend in? 8)

    This is just a part 1, more facts coming soon...

    Fun fact #1: If you're new to the wiki and you wanna read ALL the recent stories written by people, you would need to read a total of 63 seperate chapters, which if you read one every 15 minutes, you would take 945 minutes to read them all (AKA 15 hours and 45 minutes reading time)

    Fun fact #2: 47/50 blog posts in the first page of the "Blogs" section are stories

    Fun fact #3: The most commented blog post is not Edit Clubs by me, but "DR THREAD BECAUSE SPECIAL CHARACTERS ARE NOT ALLOWED SMH KMN" by VeneraSurvivalGuid101 with 243 comments from Hawaiian and himselfzerself.

    Fun fact #4: The creator o…

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  • Playful Trickster 101

    [Previous Part]

    This Part was inspired by Misao OST (yet again) called Forgiveness. 

    Warning: Contains angst, blood, and character death. 

    Link to the song:

    The only Mafia member who never kill or stain his own hands with blood. 

    As the three of them walking towards the cafe, something Edwards hides will soon be unravelled. 

    He knows the truth behind how Dorothy was killed, and who was the person who killed her. No, she wasn't killed straight away, but she was injured first, before she was left to death by the person she trusted.

    She was left to bleed to death by the person she cherished the most.

    For Edward, Dorothy was more than just a fellow Mafia member. She was like a treasure for him, they didn't m…

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  • EclipsaButterfly

    The Meeting

    May 6, 2017 by EclipsaButterfly

    This is a rp done between Spicy and I to show how SpicéEclipsa came to be.

    I walk into the bar. There's a stranger in there,along with the bartender. "You mind some salad too? This is sorta a resturaunt,right?" He asked. The bartender shakes his head. "Damn. And here I thought I could do away with my sorrows of breaking up with Sondz...." He sits back in his chair and sips some White Russian. I sit next to his table. " favorite." He says. He takes out her phone. "He must be new. I've never seen them,and I see everyone." I mumble. He looks through his phone. "Why do I have 30 messages from Haw? Jesus fuckin' hell..."."Maybe it's because of you supposedly edit racking." I mutter. He looks around. "The fuck?" He looks at his phone again…

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  • SpicyboiFelix

    We're revamping stuff. Story is on Wattpad, [1]. Have fun!

    Leave likes, comments, and follow meh

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  • Playful Trickster 101

    [Previous Part]

    "Not worth mentioning, but yes. Sadly, I didn't manage to kill her," he drifts his hollow gaze away.

    "I'm glad you didn't manage to do that, William."

    After a good run from the park to Bart's office, Johanna sits herself on her desk and sighs in tiredness. She immediately searches for her notebook to show it to her boss, only realises that notebook isn't there. 

    "Oh no, I must've dropped it on the park," Johanna mumbles in shock. Bartholomew offers a glass of ice tea, which Johanna takes with a smile. 

    "Thanks a lot Bart. About our promise, why did you call me here?" 

    "Your very welcome, Johanna. Anyway, I have a specific reason to call you here. Not for work, but... Something terrible happened to our company." His tone sounds ve…

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  • HAWAIIANpikachu

    “Wait… what?” Addfire said to herself, surely if there wasn’t a body, Rex and Zed would have came back and told her, and there was blood on the floor, suggesting that there was a possible murder.

    Suddenly, Addfire heard two pairs of running footsteps. She looked out the window and saw someone in a dark jacket running away, and Ghosty giving chase.

    Addfire sighed, there really wasn’t much to do here, as there was nothing to investigate… except for the broken window. She guessed, from looking at the shards on the floor and the area where the window was broken, it came down from above. But she had no idea of what it was.

    She would give chase with Ghosty, but due to her sprained ankle, she couldn’t run, and they were still running, there was no w…

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  • SpicyboiFelix

    Got some heavy stuff this weekend, so I won't be able to update on Friday. But if we can reach 10 comments of persons on here...maybe you'll get some on Sunday.

    Discord and Table of Contents are on my Message Wall and User Page!

    “…” She came to consciousness. Darkness was all that she could see. Where were they?

    They had no idea, other than the fact that they were restrained all over, literally being unable to move. Almost no clothing anymore, nothing—just bone chilling wind, making her shiver. Fear once more, kicked into her. This was it, this was her end. She’d get thrown into a bottomless pit, and phoom!

    She’d die.

    She heard random murmuring. “Hey, did you hear about the new hostage? They said that she’s got a fine juicy body, mate.”

    “Mmm, de…

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  • Addfire

    Brackets and Battles

    May 2, 2017 by Addfire

    Uli scratched out a name. Lounging in his office behind the bar, he'd begun to work on a bracket, a real one. He stayed up all night thinking over each and every part. It had to be perfect, absolutely perfect. And it will be. His fingers fumbled for a gear to fiddle with as he looked over it.

    "Desert! Cheng!" He called. "It's finished!"

    The two walked over. they smarted over the fact that while they hadn't gotten in, some random anons had. Uli, in haste to keep them from spoiling the excitement, offered them temporary jobs as henchmen. And they excelled. Micromanaging and advising him on many things, Chengsha was always by his side. The reason that Desert wasn't was because he Eavesdropped on the people, finding out their feelings.

    "Good news…

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  • SpicyboiFelix

    You know, I’ve been thinking about it. This month has started off with some tense action, and I’ve seen a surprising lot happen. Insecurities, fear, hopelessness…

    Isn’t that the scariest thing in SoE? Not knowing what to do, and in the end breaking yourself? Some might say I’m just a silly Fallen Investigator, but I’ve seen many deaths pass over under. Whether they be in real life, emotional, social, anything; we’re all fighting back against that one enemy. And it’s not Evil.

    It’s fear.

    The fear of being killed, being humiliated. The fear of not being able to do anything, and that you’ll be left behind in the dust. The fear that something will happen, and you’ll lose everything. The fear…

    That everything you’ve done will be forgotten.

    That “you…
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  • Vertroyer

    They were all back at their one HQ they had left...

    Each one was in a different room, different area, but nowhere close to each other. They all needed time to recuperate and recollect their thoughts about the tragedy that occured the day before.

    Add's death struck everyone like a heart attack...

    Her grave was right outside the HQ, and the funeral was over hours ago... 

    Haw was sitting around the meeting room, as always, except that there was absolutely no one in sight within the room other than him.


    A member of ours died..... now what am I to do? I could only sit here and just think about why that happened.

    That's right... we were weak.

    Desert used to lift mountains, Ghosty used to summon armies, Unreal used to be Rambo's equivalent, I... I...…

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  • HAWAIIANpikachu

    FirePyre sighed… he just found Yami Riku dead, how, we wasn’t absolutely sure how, but he was sure it was bad, for both the town and his reputation. Sure, his reputation took a hit when all those anon murders happened. Which he didn’t do, and he didn’t do this either.

    “Great… just great…” He mumbled to himself.

    Matt then reentered the room, and looked at FirePyre, then at Yami, then back at FirePyre, then back at Yami.

    FirePyre then realised that, even though there’s no evidence on him, that it looks like he killed Yami.

    Matt grabs a sharp knife from the counter and lunges at FirePyre at it screaming “DAMN YOU FIREPYRE!”

    “Wait, it’s not what i-”

    But FirePyre was unable to finish, as the knife went through his skull and into his brain, killing hi…

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  • HAWAIIANpikachu

    It was a great day for Sondz, Spicy, Desert and Ghosty.

    They had planned a game of mario party with the 4 of them, for a few reasons. The main reason was because they hated not trusting each other. Another unspoken reason, but everyone knew about it, was that they all wanted an alibi, they didn’t want to become suspects for the murders as well.

    Sondz was at the house, preparing everything needed to play, so Spicy went over to Desert’s and Ghosty’s house and knocked on their door.

    "Come in.” Desert said.

    Spicy entered the room and asked “You two ready for some mario party?”

    "I am, but Ghosty isn’t."

    "I said I would in a minute.” Ghosty retorted, “I have to finish up this page I’m on real quick…”

    Spicy looked at the book he was reading, it was an o…

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  • Playful Trickster 101

    [Previous Part]

    Only few people who truly cares about him in such a dark world. Only few who is willing to reach out to him, and accepts him, not as a killer, but as a whole person. 

    For the first time, the emotionless look from his face turns into a sad one. 

    He never feel warmth like this all of his life. Nobody has ever done something like Johanna does to him, it's true that within the Mafia, there must've been someone like her. There is someone who cares about him, and accepts William for who he is. 

    But his ignorance towards emotion is too much. He hurts his own partner, who truly cares about him, without even realising it. All he can do is to obey his master's orders without thinking twice, without even knowing that he is only a puppet f…

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  • Vertroyer

    Desert: Hulk jumping?

    Eclipsa: Are you nuts? The injury is heavy and fragile, we won't risk opening it up!

    Desert: But....but.....

    Rubik: Enough, you two, we'll find a solution to this dilemma.

    Haw: 3 of us can just latch on to Desert as he hulk jumps, Playful and whoever else can just use these 2 teleportation devices we found.

    Mann: No way, bitchy lieutenant man was here? Is this where he got them from?

    Haw: I'm not sure, but we found them, so.... yay?

    Eclipsa: I'll stay with Playful.

    Rubik activated a tracking arrow in his quiver. Normally he'd fire it on an enemy and activate it after that, but he never thought he'd use it for something completely different. He gave the tracker device to Eclipsa.

    Rubik: It has our coordinates. When the tracker …

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  • SpicyboiFelix

    "Hey! Watch where you're going!"


    Bang! Ah, another one bites the dust. I laughed, and reloaded my revolver. "Gee fucking hell, these anons sure know how to be annoying. Say, you got any more bullets, Vert?”

    “You’re asking me, the melee man?”

    “Ehh, figures.” I jumped up, and flipped onto the sniper stand. “You coming up?” It was one of those days where me and Vert would bet on who could get rid of the most shady looking guys. I’d stand on the ceiling of the garage, and he’d be walking around with his broom. Whoever won?

    Would get five bucks. Oh yeah, and we were out of Town.

    “Aaaand bang! Ah, a bit off. Right eye instead of left eye.” Grumbling to myself, I took out my phone, and opened the message history with my friends.…

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  • Addfire

    The Floating Arena

    April 29, 2017 by Addfire


    A tumbleweed rolled through Salem. Perhaps someone raised their gun and tried to fire at it, but saw theylacked the energy. As it passed the empty bar, lacking even a barkeep, it probably would have been disappointed in the denizens of the town if it had a brain. People lounged in their houses, sleeping or simply submitting themselves to the boredom and oppressive heat.

    Uli was disappointed in his people. It was easy to do so, as dissapointment took little effort. Residents of Salem, he thought to himself, Should be productive, not lazy. They should be entertained and entertainment! What has happened?. But Uli knew that it was simply the…

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  • Vertroyer

    Playful: ...No I'm not ok.... it hurts.....

    Eclipsa: She's bleeding, search the facility for some medications.

    Mann: I'm on it.

    Playful was severely hurt on her waist. She could barely move without feeling a dozen surges of pain traversing through her body. Mann had already left for the stronghold's clinic to search for medications for Playful. Eclipsa and Desert were caressing Playful's misery. Haw and Rubik were at the Command center of the stronghold, nitpicking at every file possible for any pieces of information that could help their investigation of The Iron Shield's history.

    Eclipsa: It's alright dear, Mann'll get some patching rolls for you, we'll have you up and going in no time. Just hold on a little longer.

    Playful: ...

    Desert: No! Do…

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  • HAWAIIANpikachu

    After the remains of Venera's house stopped burning, a discussion happened in the town, a mixture of panic and anger spread through the town. The panic was due to the fire that happened, and the anger was due to the town getting angry that someone would start a fire, which rumors were already spreading about it being an arsonist attack.

    Eventually, an anon volunteered to check the house, the anon went outside, and a scream confirmed what was already predicted to happen.

    Venera was found dead in the house, the anon said that the body was majorly burned, blood splattered on the wall due to the explosion, and to top it off, the head crushed in as the debris from the roof.

    I eventually found UlitheMuli in the crowd of pople, a mixture of anons al…

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  • EclipsaButterfly


    April 29, 2017 by EclipsaButterfly

    This is a story about Dark Snowy and how she came to be.

    I wake up in a place with a red sky. "Where am I?" I ask, consfused. A girl goes up to me and grins. "Hey. I'm Sam. I'm assuming you were born a nightmare?" She asks me. "I've always had red eyes,but that doesn't mean anything?" She laughs. "If you're here,you're either a nightmare or a human being trapped. Like Lily over there. She was trapped here." She explains. "Hm. Okay." I say. "What's your name?" She asks. " Liz." I reply. "Liz?" She asks. "Yeah." I reply,confused by her expression. This can't be good. "Well,you can't go by that here. People in the human world might recognize you." She says. "And what about you?" I snap. "I wasn't born a nightmare,idiot. I'm presumed dead." She…

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  • SpicyboiFelix

    Join my Discord? On message wall.

    Also, there are a few stories right now that are derivations of the whole SoE franchise (so like the bar), and these include Addfire's stories, HAWAIIANpikachu's new story, EclipsaButterfly's Salem Academy, and stuff.

    Go check them out! (not paid promotion)

    She was puzzled, completely baffled by the situation at hand. What were they to do? Was the Mafia ideas of this Town being disgusting, really right?

    She’d spent an hour in her house, trying to think of a new idea for a new fanfiction. Unfortunately, nothing other than the murder at hand was coming to mind. She looked at her cabinet, and she wistfully smiled. Back to the sinful teenage years, of reading fanfiction, and well…was this really the right choice?


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  • Playful Trickster 101


    April 27, 2017 by Playful Trickster 101

    This story is inspired by RPG game Misao OST: Beautiful Mask :) Might be a very long story, tho. 

    Author's Note: Sorry for such a long story. I lately feel so depressed, I feel so lonely. Pressure of expectations from my parents, forgotten by friends, no emotional support, and sickness were just too much for me. Deep inside, I enjoyed writing this (even though this story still ongoing as I haven't changed To Be Continued to The End one), but the feelings were just too much. I cried during the writing process. 

    I just want to say thank you for all of those who have read them, despite not leaving any comments. It means a lot to me. 

    Anyway, enjoy the story! 

    Johanna Parris is a determinated journalist, her dedication to report the best of the ne…

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  • EclipsaButterfly

    So my grades are dropping FAST. I'm failing math class. I haven't been myself lately because of teasing and just school in general. Today was my breaking point. My mom yelled at me about my grades while I was having anxiety attack. I'm tired of crying and being anxious and putting up with the teasing. This wiki is one of the best things in my life right now. Thanks. I'm trying not to cry,trying to keep it together,and I'm just trying in general. My best friend even said "nobody here likes you" when we were joking around. And now I'm typing this out,trying not to cry because of her words and other things. So yeah. If I'm inactive for a few days/weeks,assume I'm either taking some time for myself or I'm grounded. Oh yeah. And if I don't ra…

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  • SpicyboiFelix
    Discord: link

    Table of Contents: link

    Special thanks to Playful for helping write some of the sections!

    Spicy walked out from the bar. It was night time, and he could see the patrollers still walking about, Zed still hanging around with that one called Adam. His eyelights were no longer red, just pure white. It was a surprising sight to see, but there was a lack of emotions that could be even mustered from within his soul. Even the blood on his jacket, which was now stained half of the fabric, had become chalk-white. All of the feelings and hopes were evaporating as he walked.

    Grabbing his revolver in his right hand, he loaded another bullet into the barrel. Same old habit for seven years, ever since he’d left the house.

    Edge and Chara would pr…

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  • HAWAIIANpikachu

    We quickly run to Octo's house, we try opening the door, but it's locked.

    "Okay then... any ideas of how we're gonna get instead the house?" I asked.

    The 16 of us look around and nobody speaks up.

    "No ideas? None a-"

    Playful suddenly runs back and runs into the door, ramming it open.

    "I guess that solves that problem then..."

    I enter Octo's now open house, and then I see it...

    Octo, blood under his body, a bullet hole in his head.

    "Well... that answers that question..." I answer quietly.

    It wasn't hard to tell he wasn't dead, if the blood didn't solve it for you, the bullet hole in his head did.

    "Okay, can everyone who is not myself, Rex and Zed leave the house, so nobody can't accidentally or purposely mess with evidence?" I ask. I then add "Tell n…

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