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  • SpicyboiFelix


    My name is Spicy, and despite me only roaming around for so little time, I've already jumped into the action (far too quickly, and amazingly), and now I think it's time: we post our own ranking system.

    So, here's them.

    An has remembered they were a -> Your target wants to be lynched. They must be a ! -> You were stabbed by a !

    Variation: Take out the Amnesiac part if it's of a lesser degree.

    Your target sticks to the shadows. They cannot be seen by the Lookout, because they do not visit! -> You died to the Veteran you haxed on!

    You have chosen to haunt the ___ tonight. -> Achievement Unlocked! "Haunt the Overpowered" +250 EXP

    You were under attack but someone fended off your attacker! -> ...they were killed by a Bodyguard. They were eith…

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  • FiretigerIsMLG

    dont trogger a firetiger all u do is make it hunt for you in its natural home

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  • Yami riku

    Incomplete. Will return in the future.

    This is a guide which will demonstrate how admins can add or change flairs.

    Color picker

    Change a user's group on their profile

    Changing a color of flair or a user's name? Go to this site and pick a color.
    white: #ffffff
    black: #000000
    One of the many shades of purple: #cc00cc

    Changing the CSS:
    Go here -

    Edit the page.

    Changing a user's flair who is already on the list? Use the search function. Ctrl+f and search for a username. Let's search for Naru2008.

    In the first section that pops up with Naru's name, you'll see text like this:

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  • Yami riku

    This is a TLDR version of what's new in the game for players who may have taken a break from the game and have missed important changes!

    Version / Date Added Information
    Mar 8th, 2017
    Arsonist change: Players will not be notified if they are doused, with the exception of Arsonists who are doused. Doused targets come up as Bodyguard, Godfather, or Arsonist.

    Spy change: If a match starts off with at least 1 Spy, each night all alive Mafia members will see, "You feel that someone can hear your conversations." If the match begins with no Spies, alive Mafia members will see, "You feel that you can speak privately."

    Daily Brew: Earn prizes every 7 days you've visited the cauldron.

    Taunts: Buy taunts from the shop to taunt players during the game.

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  • Vertroyer

    ToS Story Time

    March 11, 2017 by Vertroyer

    So I was playing Ranked , and I got Vet.

    Any was WW, NK was Arso.

    Didn't alert N1, nothing happened.

    D2, there were 2 surv claims that were controversial in the Town but we eventually left them for later to settle. I used a common tactic which was basically acting like a smartie saying that TIs should give leads so TP can protect them and the town has to be active not passive and all that. Basically trying to lead Town and all that shiz.

    N2 Alerted, got 4 kills one of them trying to attack me.

    D3- Spy revealed himself to me in whispers and told me I got 2 mafia. I killed a BG(felt bad for it until...) but also killed a Mafioso, a Forger and an Arsonist. Whole Town was like wtf including me, but there was this one Town player called Leo. He got …

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  • ZedKiller13

    (contains vulgar language)

    (will bring on about each characters story)


    Tristan. An interesting name. Although it meant nothing as a future game producer from the study of computer programming decides to find some ideas at Groshwood. Although later on he would realize that those ideas would become rather a book than a video game. A book about some events involving murder.

    Nah, it wasn't written by Tristan.

    Given a chore from the Janitor, he sits up from his bed and goes right outside for sticks.

    It was only noon when he finished and sat down back inside his cabin. He had no idea what was going to happen next. If he did, had realized it sooner, had known something was wrong, then maybe, just maybe, he might've lived. Instead, he sat th…

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  • Vertroyer

    I am happy bot.

    I walk around in wiki.

    I come back from long afk slumber to continue my criticism career in wiki.

    I tell everyone I become active.

    I go to staff list.

    I see me.

    I see semi-active.


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  • EclipsaButterfly

    The teenager was writing at her desk. The doorbell rang,startling her. She runs to the door,thinking her sister had come back from her vacation. She opened the door quickly. It wasn't her sister. It was a police officer. "Is your family here?" The police officer asked. "No. It's just Jade and I." She said. "I am sorry to say that your sister is dead. Jade was murdered by a psychopath." The words hit her like a knife. How could the one she relied on,the one who cared for her,be dead? She slammed the door. Only one thing was on her mind for 5 years.Revenge.


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  • EclipsaButterfly

    I'm on a bench near my cabin,sketching a picture of the surrounding nature.This place is so beautiful,and if it wasn't for the murders that had just been commited,I would be happy to be here. I suddenly get up and go to the murder site,where I see just bullet holes. I sigh. I guess it's going to have to be harder than that.I walk torwards the dock,pick up a stick to use as weapon,and keep walking. I see Evan,Dom and Rose there.


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  • Yami riku

    (Game) Guide to the Forums

    February 27, 2017 by Yami riku

    The official forums for the game may be found at

    Before posting in the forums, be sure to read the forum's rules, along with any stickied threads you may come across in each section of the forums. Stickied threads will always be found at the top of the list of a subforum's posts.

    You will see important announcements here. Want to see what’s coming up in the future and what has happened in the past? Stop by here.

    Not a busy place. If there’s a forum contest, you might find it in here.

    Find the notes about patches on the game here. You’ll also often find them in the Announcements section. This section stays locked, meaning if you want to post a comment, go to the announcements section to post instea…

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  • Jmskilz


    There... I said it .-phew-

    My proof is in the episode" The Copycats" when GUmball and Darwin meet Chi Chi and Fribbit, Who earn money pretending to be the Wattersons in a TV show. I mean, Look at this poster! It was shown in the episode

    Butr at the end of the episode, when they have stopped. Gumball wants proof, so he types "Gumball rip off" Into The computer.

    Notice how he wrote " Gumball" and not " Watterson"

    Why is this??


    • mic drop                                     I am such a dweeb
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  • Sondz1911

    Edit Clubs

    February 25, 2017 by Sondz1911

    So, if you don't know yet, Rex is feeling stressed because of his school life, so, that's the reason why Rex have been inactive the past few weeks, and also the reason why he couldn't always keep track of his Edit Clubs blog. So now, I'm gonna recreate the Edit Clubs (Rex deleted the first one). wish me luck finishing this.

    This list will be in order, the more down you go, the more edits.

    Last Updated (updated weekly): 10:50 AM GMT+7, 12th of March, 2017


    Unrealname999 (Jailed)



    The Awkward Guy

    II Finale II


    Wunderwaffe 42





    Light Bomber



    Chase Collins




    Loner Wulf






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  • SnowySilver

    My rp characters

    February 18, 2017 by SnowySilver

    why am i doing this please help

    Name: Skylar Rose (Snowy)

    Appearance: Snowy has blonde hair and blue eyes. She has a scar on her left cheek made by DS.

    Ideal weapon: Spear

    more later because i'm lazy

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  • DuckGamer123

    Snickers + Undertale

    February 18, 2017 by DuckGamer123


    Sans: *hands Chara a snickers*

    Chara: What is this?

    Sans: Chocolate.

    Chara: CHOCOLATE!!! *eats the snickers bar*

    Suddenly, Chara is gone and Frisk is there.

    Frisk: What.. happened?

    Sans: You aren't you when you're hungry.

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  • Sondz1911

    OK, so this will be kinda like Jm's list (so that's why there's a "Part 2"), but this is MY opinion. This list will not be based on how helpful they are on the wiki, but how good my opinion is against them (Sorry Zed and Uli). 

    Also, this is also based on DR wiki and Discord servers >_>

    11- Jmskilz: Props to the first person who made it.

    10 - VeneraSurvivalGuid101: Putting you on this list because... VENERA IS DAT BOI CONFIRMED!!!!!11!1!!!!11ONEONEONEONEONE!!! jk you're a very nice person. love ya

    I'll leave that for you to read.

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  • XXGemstarXx

    The Worst Luck Ever

    February 10, 2017 by XXGemstarXx

    The worst death in the town of salem

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  • Yami riku
    • You have been around this Wiki for a while.
      • Dedication is a nice thing. It's nice to see users who are likely to stick around for a while.
    • You are an active member of the Wiki.
      • This does not mean that you need to make an edit daily. Quality is highly valued over quantity. The number of edits you have is not important as anyone can rack up a large amount of edits. If you tend to take off for a week or longer regularly, that is not ideal. It is completely understandable that you may take off every now and then, but it should not be a regular thing.
    • You are able to keep calm.
      • Sometimes conflict will come about. You do not need to be friends with anyone here, but you certainly should not be provoking other users. Being able to stay calm shows that a …
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  • GhostyGuy619

    How to Wikia

    January 31, 2017 by GhostyGuy619

    (Dear god why the hell am I doing this?) Most likely, you're a mere newbie and you're struggling to do things. But dont worry. I will teach you the basics.

    Sometimes to participate in group events, you will need something called a thread. A thread is a discussion that is suppoused to be for you and the host. To create a thread, go to your message wall, and put the title (Game's name) with (Host's name). Just the game name could work, but making it exact could confuse the host. You also need to get your threads link and paste it on the main page to confirm you are playing.

    For the role idea, there are some restricted things. I made a post about how to make a good role. And there is a post about making role ideas and it's restricted things, wh…

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  • SnowySilver


    January 28, 2017 by SnowySilver

    (what am i doing with my life)

    Anyways, do you have rp characters? GREAT! Because I do too and i'm willing to maybe copy paste some stuff to put them on here!

    Anyways, if you have rp characters on the wiki or discord, post them in the comments or my message walls and I will add them here!

    what am i doing oml

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  • Yami riku

    (Video) High Elo Gameplay

    January 17, 2017 by Yami riku

    If anyone is interested, Razbae has shared their gameplay video taking place in Version 1.5.10. A few months ago, Razbae was recorded to be in 22nd place for the highest amount of Elo. Of course not everyone may have signed the list and the positions could have changed quite a bit, but you get the idea. This is a person who has played a lot of Ranked games.

    Below contains a Ranked match from the perspective of a person with 2566 Elo:

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  • Addfire

    I'm so proud...

    January 16, 2017 by Addfire
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  • GhostyGuy619

    GhostyGuy619: You can't get past my riot shield followed by KIRBYS

    FirePyre: *reverses time*

    HAWAIIANpikachu: *subdues random person*

    RocketLauncher22: *dodge*

    SnowySilver: FEAR MY SPEARS

    ShadowxCookie: Wanker topkek

    Addfire: *chokes someone*

    VeneraSurvivalGuid101: DID U ASSUMED MY GENDER?! T R I G G E R E D

    PlayfulTrickster101: I'm nice. I swear *brandishes knife (or a spoon)*

    MinecraftStyle09: Tom: Hello everybody

    Firilikins: I will have you for a pet.

    If I haven't included you, say a phrase and I'll put it on.

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  • SnowySilver

    o no

    January 16, 2017 by SnowySilver

    there's a tornado a couple cities over and we just got that demented warning with the beeping sound

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  • FirePyre

    Some Quick Role Concepts

    January 14, 2017 by FirePyre

    These concepts are being put in my profile. I can't figure out how to delete this post, so it's just going to stay here.

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  • ChickenPieNuggetz

    Many things happen in ToS, from insane ignitions, to clutch mayor wins. But what Actually happens in the Town of Salem - what had happened to the jester to cause him into this grief, how does the lynchings affect the normal townie's life, and how does an amnesiac actually remember that he/she is another role?

    Firstly, why am I talking about this? I'll answer that. Encouraged by a previous thread, I want to make a FULL story on a single game in Town of Salem. Show the emotions that run through each of them, the drama, the guilt, and the celebrations executioners do after they win.

    Now you're wondering: "Hey that sounds cool, but what's with the title?". I'll answer that too!

    I need help with this.

    Of course, writing a novel needs a great, creative …

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  • Addfire

    Roleplay info

    January 8, 2017 by Addfire

    So folks! I can guess your story:

    You're new to the wiki, or maybe you're just now venturing into the forums and you see this:

    Venera: MM: Ahuhuhuhu!

    Minecraft: Tom: I swear, you never shut up, do you?

    FirePyre: *resets timeline and then kills Snowy*

    Well let me explain!

    In song form! (No, not really)

    FirePyre is a master time manipulator

    Rocket dodges. That's it.

    Manwithnoname has infinite clones. Don't try to think about it.

    I can shapeshift into a potato or a horse! It's pretty cool. Also, I have an alter ego, Rose Morningstar.

    Rex exists to mess with people. If you dont want to be messed with, stay FAR AWAY from Rex.

    Minecraft is a nice person, but he and his alter ego Tom have no powers.

    Venera will hurt you if you misgender zer, and has an alter e…

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  • Jmskilz


    January 3, 2017 by Jmskilz





























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  • FirePyre

    Edit Ratios

    January 1, 2017 by FirePyre

    So Rex did this whole shebang thing about edit clubs, and I figured I'd handle the other side of that which no one seems to notice - Edit Ratios, which is a fancy way of describing activity per month.

    This is mostly in the interest of helping people judge ToTM, but I will be doing staff edits too. It's very much similar to the edit clubs. 

    This is math, by the way.

    Last Updated: January the 2nd | Australian Eastern Time | 10:20 AM

    ZedKiller13 | Joined Late October 2016 | 470 edits | Approximately 230 edits per month

    FirePyre (me) | Joined Late September 2016 | 1,440 edits | Approximately 450 edits per month 

    SnowySilver | Joined Early November 2016 | 210 edits | Approximately 100 edits per month

    JmSkilz | Joined Mid November 2016 | 780 edits | Ap…

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  • Jmskilz

    Everyone's Edits Ranked

    January 1, 2017 by Jmskilz

    1 Rexanator3000-4431

    2 HAWAIIANpikachu -4403


    4 Yami Riku-4127

    5 Octometaknight-3720

    6- BobbyTheBlobby-2895


    8Addfire- 2395

    9 ChickenPieNuggetz-1698

    10 Mattbab4-1543

    11 FirePyre- 1508

    12 Vertroyer-1190

    12 RocketLauncher22-1190

    14 Dongarinos-1055

    15 TurdPile-1034


    17 360NOSCOPESWEG(Jim Holden)-1005

    18Jmskilz(Yay!)- 920




    22-Yes I'm Single-695


    24-The Sp00k L0rd-558





    29- Viliusr-485

    30-Playful Trickster 101-478


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  • Rexanator3000

    Below is a list of Custom Stories for RocketLauncher's Creative Role Writing Event.

    They are sorted by order of submission, not by quality. Voting will happen later I guess?

    Faithfulness, that simple word described how the Bodyguard acted. His faithfulness knew no limits, he would protect anyone who asked for his protection without any fails, despite his life would be the cost. No matter if it was an obedient Mafioso, a psychotic Serial Killer, a mysterious Arsonist, a bloodlust Vampire, or even the rampaging Werewolf, he would stand before them and brave enough to raise his gun.

    The training he had went through for the past ten years made him strong, both mentally and physically. Initially, he was an soldier who was sent onto a war, but he s…

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  • Jmskilz

    Why does chat seem to be empty/dead ALL the time?

    I am on EVERY DAY from 1-7.30 on non-schooldays and NOONE IS ON!

    This needs to change.

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  • Rexanator3000

    This basically exists to record all the data from the last Townie of the Month escapades, and to show how far we've come.

    Month # Applicants[votes] Votes
    June 2 Rexanator3000 [6] and TheSp00kL0rd [5] 11
    July 2 360NOSCOPESWEG (Jim Holden) [7] and TheSp00kL0rd [4] 11
    August 2 Vertroyer [9] and Yuri Bara [4] 13
    September 2 Nlove77 [7] and Squirtlesmind [8] 15
    October 1 VeneraSurvivalGuid [11] 11
    November 4 Addire [8], FirePyre [5], Playful Trickster 101 [9], and ZedKiller13 [6] 28
    December 5* Addfire [11], FirePyre [12], Jmskilz [2], Light Bomber [4], and ZedKiller13 [3] 32

    *2 (Loner Wolf [6] and SnowySliver [1]) were disqualified so it started at 7 7 Read more >
  • Vertroyer

    ARSO BUFF!!! HYPE!!!

    December 26, 2016 by Vertroyer

    Arso buff possibly cunfirmed!!!

    so much hype!!!!

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  • Shelovesyou123

    Deck The Halls(parody)

    December 26, 2016 by Shelovesyou123

    This is a song I made while goofing with one of my friends. WARNING; This song is kinda violent. If you don't like violence, go somewhere else.


    Deck the halls with dead bodies(falalalala lalalala)

    Earbleeding screams of painful agony(falalalala lalalala)

    Tortured souls hanging bare(falala lalala lalala)

    Death and dying through the air(falalalala lalalala!)

    The End

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  • Shelovesyou123


    December 25, 2016 by Shelovesyou123

    STILL UP. STILL BORED. MERRY FNAF CHRISTMASSS. I'd show you the song I made, but I'll save that for later. hehehe...Srew this I'm going to bed

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  • JoeyMusical

    Countdown to New year

    December 23, 2016 by JoeyMusical

    Twas the night before the killing, and all through the village, Not a creature was stirring not even the mafia.

    Hello everyone and welcome to the christmas bash here in salem. All we have to fear is robot santa!!! And i’d like to welcome to the town, Buddy the elf, here to protect us from the evil santas running about!!! So, without further ado, let’s begin the party.

    Hello people of Salem, i am starting the countdown til New Years, or 7 days of doom. Everyone comment below your answer to the daily question. The people who don’t answer correctly die, if no one dies, then the worst answer does!!! Let’s begin with a question on what role this is!!!

    I want someone to die.

    The number may vary.

    But if they fall down.

    Someone will guaranteedly


    What …

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  • GhostyGuy619

    12 Days of Salem

    December 21, 2016 by GhostyGuy619

    On the first day of christmas, bmg gave to me, a bag of 1,000,000 town points

    On the second day of christmas, bmg gave to me:

    2 jester scrolls, and a bag of 1,000,000 town points.

    On the third day of christmas, bmg gave to me:

    3 in game maps, 2 jester scrolls, and a bag of 1,000,000 town points

    On the fourth day of christmas, bmg gave to me:

    4 characters, 3 in game maps, 2 jester scrolls, and a bag of 1,000,000 town points.

    On the fifth day of christmas, bmg gave to me:

    5 types of pets, 4 characters, 3 in game maps, 2 jester scrolls, and a bag of 1,000,000 town points.

    On the sixth day of christmas, bmg gave to me:

    6 lynching deaths, 5 types of pets, 4 characters, 3 in game maps, 2 jester scroll, and a bag of 1,000,000 town points.

    On the seventh day…

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  • Rocketlauncher22

    Ok, so there is alot of crap moves in ToS, right? well NOBODY SHOULD DO THAT. here is my talk.

    so... SO. vigilantes random shoot to try and hit evil roles, right? well random shooting just screws up the TOWN. here is why:

    Say the gamemode is classic. Vigilantes cant shoot n1. Let's say 2 TOWNIES die. now on n2, the jailor jails a town member. vig cannot shoot himself. the odds of Shooting an IMMUNE role is 3/12. the chance of KILLING an evil role is 3/12. due to the fact a TOWNIE is jailed, the vigilante will say they are immune and get them lynched, dying the next night. and if the mafia and sk dont kill on n1? then the vig has alot of people to pick from to random shoot. overall, DO NOT RANDOM SHOOT. it messes up the town.

    Everytime i see s…

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  • JoeyMusical

    Town Of Salem Book

    December 17, 2016 by JoeyMusical

    Hello Salem lovers, ive decided to make a book about Town Of Salem. It is based off of a modified version of the Normal Classic gamemode. 

    9 town(Sheriff, Doctor, Investigator(Acutally Medium), Jailor, Medium, Escort, Lookout, Town Killing(Vig), Town Random [Mystery])

    3 neutrals(Serial Killer, Executioner, Werewolf)

    3 mafia(Mafioso, Godfather, Forge [(Usually Framer])

    I am only using names the game can generate and all information will be from this wiki or the actual site. Everyone who wants to help, contact my email at...

    I will post a teaser every weekend, decided to release an extra one...

    “LISTEN EVERYONE, Alice Parker was killed by the mafia, did anyone see someone visit her, and lookouts?”

    “I saw DANFORTH!”

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  • HAWAIIANpikachu

    Card game information

    December 14, 2016 by HAWAIIANpikachu

    Link so you know what I'm talking about-

    You will appear to be evil when checked by the sheriff, but you are a town aligned role.

    Each night the sheriff may check if a player is good or evil the moderator will show the sheriff the evil side of the Good/Evil if the player is a serial killer or member of the mafia. Otherwise, the moderator will show the good side of the good/evil card.

    The sheriff can find the werewolf as evil on every second night.

    The survivor must find and kill all the evildoers (or the?) town, and cannnot be killed at night. This card should be added to the deck randomly by the moderator into the deck. Players should not know for ce…

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  • Jmskilz

    Jmskilz: Greatness Defined(jks)


    HAWAIIANpikachu: Dont' forget me! Im a mod too!

    Snowy Silver: Do ya like my spears?

    ShadowxCookie: WANKER TOPKEK!

    Vertroyer: REJECTED!

    Rexanator: It could work, with this added and this removed and this changed...

    Dongarinos: REJECTED!

    Yami: This Post Was Deleted For This Reason...

    Addfire: ToTM October? Darn! ToTM November? Darn!...

    FirePyre(according to CPN)-okat!!

    RocketLauncher22: I just Dont Know why people hate me! Shut UP ADDFIRE DIE IN A HOLE!

    As i was saying...

    CPN:  The lone ranger....

    Minecraftstyle09: MSG1094LYFE!(note: minecraft doesn't say this. however, i had to put this in somewhere. SORRY!)

    this is draft one. i didnt add too many people just i…

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  • SnowySilver

    Live chat crap

    December 8, 2016 by SnowySilver

    Hello,i'm SnowySilver ( aka that girl with the spears ) and i'm going to talk about live chat.

    • Truth or Dare.
    • Serious stuff (talking about life and stuff)
    • I have my spears, and I WILL use them.

    • Playful Trickster 101 - Playful usually just hangs around, and talks sometimes.
    • Light Bomber - Just logs and makes riddles. Light is pretty cool.
    • VeneraSurvivalGuid101- Usually very active in the chat. One of my first friends on the wiki, actually. Very nice
    • SnowySilver (me) - I'm pretty cool, but if you insult me or my spears, watch out. I don't bite so don't be afraid to say hi!

    I'll add more later.,

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  • VeneraSurvivalGuid101

    (dear Lord, why am I making this)

    Hello there, random user! I assume that you're either new around here or stalking my blog again! Haha! I'm Venera, and now I'll take you on a wonderful mini-tour of this hellhole known as the Town of Salem Wiki!

    Now, the forum is an entire section of this site dedicated to users like you! Comment on them! Play a game with others, or maybe suggest a role idea! (warning down below)

    Have the world's best game as Survivor? No one cares! But if you DO want to engrave it onto the wiki, be sure to share it here and watch as others either congratulate you or utterly despise the gamethrowers that cost you the game and a bit of your sanity!

    This is where you get to goof off and cause general mishap! Make a game or parti…

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  • Jmskilz

    I Need n Explanation To This

    November 30, 2016 by Jmskilz


    i want to join ur Rp's....

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  • Dyaomaster

    Probability of 4 Mediums

    There are 5 TS roles.

    The unique roles in the game are Jailor, Veteran, Retributionist, Mayor, Godfather, Mafioso, and Werewolf.

    NOTE: I will not consider Vampires and Vampire Hunters, because with a vampire in the Any slot 4 mediums is impossible.

    NOTE: Many calculations will leave out the RT and Any roles because those are occupied by Medium.

    Probability TS 1 is Medium: 1/5

    Probability TS 2 is Medium if TS 1 is Medium:  1/5

    Probability both TS slots are Medium: 1/25

    Probability TK is Veteran: 1/2

    Probability RT is Medium if TK isn't Veteran: 1/14

    Probability RT is Medium if TK is Veteran: 1/13

    Probability RT is Medium: (1/13+1/14)/2 =27/364 ~0.074

    Probability of Werewolf, no Veteran: 1/3*1/2=1/6

    Probability of Werewolf and…

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  • Dyaomaster

    I worked on this for an hour.  My laptop battery is at 20% right now, but here goes...

    Chance of 1 doctor: 1/2*13/14*29/30 =377/840

    Chance of 2 doctors through RT: 1/2*1/14*29/30 =29/840

    Chance of 2 doctors through Any: 1/2*13/14*1/30 =13/840

    Chance of 3 doctors: 1/2*1/14*1/30 =1/840

    Total chance of 1 doctor: 377/840

    Total chance of 2 doctors: 42/840

    Total chance of 3 doctors: 1/840

    Expected amount of doctors: 58/105, ~0.55

    Chance of 1 SK through NK: 1/3*29/30 =29/90

    Chance of 1 SK through Any: 2/3*1/30 =2/90

    Chance of 2 SKs 1/3*1/30 =1/90

    Total chance of 1 SK: 31/90

    Total chance of 2 SKs: 1/90

    Expected amount of SKs: 32/90, ~0.36

    Chance that, with SK, jailor does not jail SK n1:

    1 SK: 13/14

    2 SK: 12/14

    Prob of 1 SK not jailed: 31/32*13/14 =403/448

    Prob of 2 SK not jailed: 1/32*12/14…

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  • Addfire

    Yes, this was nessecary

    November 29, 2016 by Addfire

    Been playing Pokèmon Moon and someone just insulted the team I had. My reaction:

    What the pew did pew just pewing say about me, you little pew? I’ll have pew know I graduated top of my class in the Nebby Seels, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Ola, and I have 200 BST.

    I am trained in Oranguru warfare and I’m the top Nebby in the entirety of Alola. Pew are nothing to me but just another bag. I will escape the pew out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my nebbing words.

    Pew think you can get away with putting me in the bag? Think again, pew. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of Cosmog across Ultra Space and pewur ID is being traced right now so you better prepare for…

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  • Jmskilz

    10 Nicest People On this Wiki

    November 28, 2016 by Jmskilz

    I know this is a tad hypocritical but this is my personal opinion(of all the people who have accepted me and ive met)of the 10 nicest people on this wiki

    10) Duck Gamer- Incredibly funny, love trying to guess his avatar. he would be higher on this listy if i knew zer well.

    9) FirePyre- I really like the guy/girl/it but  i just dont know zer well enough

    8) Ulithemuli- if i didn't put uli on the list i may get banned but tbh,  its more of a respect than a friendship i have with him.  i highly respect you, Uli, keep up the good work!

    7) Rexanator- always giving opinions and great insight. keep up the good work on making this wiki great.

    6)Playful Trickster101- i dont really know her well, but from what iheard, shes a really good person.

    5) ShadowxC…

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  • BooYaah15

    Merit Points Are Dumb

    November 22, 2016 by BooYaah15

    So i dont want to sound bitchy but they are so dumb, they are worth the same amount as town points and the only down side is that they cant buy new things (which is a huge dick move). I want to state that i am 5 town points away from being able to buy a pet i want... 5... thats a single loss... i dont really care about that because i think its kind off funny but i do care about the silver coins thing. i would like the ability to atleast convert my gold couns into silver ones. because i will never buy town points so i will never get those last 5. and alot of people will have town points that they will now never use. Btw allowing this wont lose you guys anymoney and will make players less mad about this

    TL:DR i just want the ability to conver…

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  • Yami riku

    Merit Point Tests

    November 19, 2016 by Yami riku

    Basically Merit Points = x4 of Town Points. Something costs 1040 Town Points? It will cost 4160 Merit Points. All of the stuff below is x4 the amount of Town Points which would be earned.

    Task Merit Points Earned
    Win a match 40
    Lose a match 20
    Draw 20
    First win of the day 100
    First share on Facebook 100
    Achievements Vary

    Up until Version 1.5.8, in the shop there is a button which says "Purchase Points". Revealed in the PTR for Version, that button is changed to "Purchase Town Points", implying that Merit Points cannot be purchased and are of a lower class compared to Town Points.

    All items in the shop appear to be purchasable with Merit Points with the exception of bundles and newer items. Anything from 1.5.5 or later cannot be purchased…

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