• Yami riku

    Over time, I have seen people voicing their opinions and complaints on the forums, on the wiki, and on the subreddit. There is without a doubt many issues with Town of Salem, but this post focuses on the life of a global moderator.

    Mature, active, and helpful users are candidates. If you want to be noticed, be active in BMG's forums and follow the rules.


    • Can move posts, can remove posts
    • Can approve users to be "Trusted Users"
    • Can approve a user's first post [to make sure they're not a spambot]
    • Can punish those who break the forum's rules


    • Cannot kick someone out of a match or lobby
    • Can use a command to send a message out to the lobby which will be in yellow text

    Trial System:

    • Can close a report (innocent or guilty)
      • If found guilty, the per…

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  • DaDeadGuy

    Stories of Salem

    September 27, 2017 by DaDeadGuy

    Stories of Salem (First story, so no harsh stuff) Part 1

    Adam looked at Jacob

    "So, I heard they pulled out a corpse today, riddled with bullet holes, poor guy."

    "Yeah, i did see the corpse at the square, they say somekind of mafia moved in"

    "You sure? I think so too"

    "Well, i got to go now, getting dark"


    Adam sighed with relief as Jacob closed the door, he heard footsteps draw on until they stopped, he looked at his badge, with the words "Mayor of Salem"  inscribed on it, why didn't the election reveal their results? Adam just pinned it on, 

    "Not too shabby"

    He took it off, went upstairs and collapsed with exhaustion on his bed, as he went to sleep, a shot was heard in the distance.


    But no one heard the town doing things in the night, no on…

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  • SilverStar2003

    Town of Mario Party

    September 26, 2017 by SilverStar2003

    In this Mario Party version of Town of Salem, your goal is, to have the most roles! You play this game with 3-6 players.


    All players get assigned 4 roles that they can use. Everyone will know how many roles everyone has, and there will be a leaderboard ofcourse with: 1st: Karp. 2nd: Rubik. 3th: yami. (That was an example xD)

    The Phases each round has:

    Night Phase

    In this phase, you may use all roles to do something!

    Voting Phase

    In this phase, you may use all your roles to vote on someone. If you have like 3 roles, you may vote 3 times! The person with the most votes, needs to kill 2 of his roles! The person that used to most votes on the losing person, gets 1 of that 2 roles.

    Casino Phase

    All players get a random role.

    Chest Phase

    There are s…

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  • SilverStar2003

    Roles ToS Arso Attack

    September 25, 2017 by SilverStar2003

    Hey! SilverStar2003 here, and I first wanted to make this a RP on DanganRonpa thing wikia, but since RP's are still allowed on this wiki, will make it on this one :p.

    On this page I post the roles of the new game I'm going to make: Town of Salem: The attack of the Arsonists.

    Town Roles:


    A good deduction: Check someone each night and get a lead for their role.

    A good cop: Start with a base gun with 1 bullet.


    A good spy: Watch someone's house each night and see their visitors and what they did to your target.

    A good cop: Start with a base gun with 1 bullet.


    Stalking's their job: Every night, you may stalk someone and see who they visit.

    A good cop: Start with a base gun with 1 bullet.


    The secret knowledge: Every odd nigh…

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  • Vertroyer

    I'm staying in Live Chat for some time. Come join me, friend.

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  • Lucid~Spark

    I win

    September 23, 2017 by Lucid~Spark

    -1 losses

    aren't i special

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  • Charliep2

    Modern Town of Salem

    September 23, 2017 by Charliep2

    So, here it is (W.I.P)

    There aren't many roles in the game, There is , , Town Member, Mafia member, Neutral Kind (need better name) Neutral Evil, Neutral Independent and Thug member.

    The  is the leader of the town. The Is revealed at the start of the game

    The protects the and see's if anyone attacks them, if they do, the will attack them. (The starts with a Powerful gun and 3 bullets)

    The Town Member has nothing, it will be explained later

    The Mafia Member has 2 basic guns, 8 basic bullets, can talk with other mafia members

    The Thug Member is a faction, thugs will have more players then the Mafia, the thugs are less skilled at things in life then the mafia (I will get to that later)

    Neutral Kind is a , but without vests... nothing else to a…

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  • DaDeadGuy

    The Random Blog

    September 9, 2017 by DaDeadGuy


    Pizza tastes great, with chicken, and memes, dank spicy bonless pizza memes, and the dough, is crusty, crusty as boogers, boogers in yur nose, and my granny eats em, which is random, and i love to do nothing about my granny, full of grannyness and i has vry god speling, and has grammar goood now, so i go to the store, and i order a packet of..... a packet of food, and i give him cash made out of cash in my sock stash which loves to explode like the big bang and the timeline goes to the big crunch which is the end, of this blog and the ending is so great

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  • GhostyFlareEruption

    So I'm pretty sure y'all know the Spy got a change. It can not only see who the Mafia and Coven visit last night, but can 'bug' a house, seeing what effects happened to them last night (e.g., they were attacked but healed, they were role blocked, they died protecting someone).

    If you were to purely focus on the bug ability, you were to realize that it's a changed Lookout. Think about it. You can see if your was role blocked. That's basically a lookout that can find out which roles exist. My personal pet peeve of the 'bug' is that you can literally figure out which roles exist, because it blatantly says 'This guy died of SK, Mafia, etc.' but then you see they don't die. Congradulations, you know which killer is on the loose and someone is im…

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  • DesertStorm11

    "Alright, guys." Ghosty said, glancing at the clock as the chatter in the room ceased. The clock read 11:58. "We're gonna start the meeting soon."

    Ghosty looked around the room. The old town hall of Salem was meant for three times as many people as were currently in the room, even when everyone was here.

    "Hey, Ghosty," a voice in the crowd said, "Why do you always start the meetings?" A few chuckles could be heard.

    "Because no one else does." Ghosty countered, searching for who was talking.

    "What if I wanted to?" The voice said back.

    Ghosty smirked. "We all know how that would go, Spicy." More laughter came from the group.

    Spicy opened his mouth to say something, but Ghosty continued as he looked out to the crowd again. "Is anyone not here?"


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  • Дарниель


    August 20, 2017 by Дарниель
    1. At N1 the main target of mafia (for some unknown reason) Is guy №2. Just №2 in the list. If you are BG, you can try to protect him. In 86% of times I killed mafioso that way.
    2. If you are Forger or Janitor, DON'T USE YOUR ABILITY AT N1. You know nothing about your target and your target know nothing about you. That will probably will be empty or "N1-Bob- ", which gives Town no information at all, except for "Bob was visited".
    3. Foreign language. For now it doesn't break the rules (exept for Turkish). In 90% guy, who speaks in foreign language, is Jester. Yes, it can be strange, but its really easy to get lynched if you start talking on russian/ukranian/polish/etc.
    4. RANDOM LYNCH IS BAD! Why everyone keep doing that? First guy, who voted someone up,…
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  • Zerodoxi

    Making a story about TOS

    August 19, 2017 by Zerodoxi

    Hello, this is my first post. I am currently creating a story that's about an Amnesiac that has forgot about her past. Without knowing what she had done in the past, she had made a contract with the Coven. This contract ended up causing her and countless other people in the town into a endless loop that goes on. The story we start off on is when Nyx, the Amnesiac wakes up on the 1st day on the loop. In this story, as she goes into the loops, her and Raelyn, her Guardian Angel the only one who knows about the loops, face many troubles to find the Coven to fix time. Nyx would eventually go crazy as she had made friends with the others in the countless loops she's been in, and slowly remembers. Dying many times to see the whole town die over …

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  • EclipsaButterfly

    thank you

    August 19, 2017 by EclipsaButterfly

    thank you everyone on this wiki for being great,my life would be so different if it wasn't for you all

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  • Verinrii Dovah Mirodahiik

    I'm new when it comes to posting on this wiki, but I love Town of Salem. I also love writing.

    I'm sure others have thought of/tried this before, but I'm going to try and write a ToS-themed story that combines the roles and gameplay of Classic mode while also having interesting events/drama. I'm not sure if anyone will see this post, but if you do and have an idea, feel free to leave it in the comments.


    Example of my writing: 

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  • Phealan1


    August 17, 2017 by Phealan1

    Hey so this is my first blog post here.

    I decided to come back to the wiki. Most of you are gonna probably think:"Who's this guy, was he even here before?"

    I was but I decided to leave after some people (not gonna name names) were acting...rather unpleasantly and in one case I got the idea they were jeering at me. I'm putting that behind me and coming back. Hope I give you a better impression this time.

    (NOTE:Some of you may think of this as an attention seeking sob story, that's your opinion. Don't go wild in the comments with "OH MY GOD YOU ATTENTION SEEKING (something or other) THIS IS OBVIOUSLY JUST FOR ATTENTION.")

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  • Jmskilz

    You know you are a wiki veteran if

    You remember Addfire with the horse avatar.

    You know you are a wiki veteran if

    Yo'u remember URN when he had no profile pic/Earth profile pic

    You know you are a wiki veteran if

    You remember when Live!Chat was a thing

    You know you are a wiki veteran

    You participated in the first  Describe the above user's avatar and know who made it

    You know you are a wiki veteran if

    You remember when people like Venera/Didnt like URN

    You know you are a wiki veteran

    You were around when YIS was called Vertroyers Boyfriend.

    Comment if you are a wiki veteran!

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  • Unrealname123

    Bored ? Read this.

    August 15, 2017 by Unrealname123

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  • ImKurama

    today i did stuff

    August 13, 2017 by ImKurama


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  • Jmskilz

    Send me your Ideas

    August 10, 2017 by Jmskilz

    I am thinking of starting a Danganronpa shipping oneshot story on Wattpad.

    But I would like your help! If you have any ideas, leave them here or PM me on Discord and I will give credit.

    It can be ships or a plot or well.. Anything! Im open to try anything you guys can throw at me!


    Ya boi

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  • Akitsune Lune

    First Post

    August 7, 2017 by Akitsune Lune

    I have joined the Town of Salem wikia! Fascinating, I know.


    If I ever have another post, it's likely to be more interesting than this one.

    Here's an idea for you. If you've ever made your own Town of Salem role, and you want someone mildly okay at writing to type up a little story (like the ones found on the Town of Salem role pages) for that role, HIPPEDY HOP ON OVER TO MY MESSAGE WALL. Drop a link to an explanation of the role and, if you'd like, give me some pointers on where you want me to start with the blurb.

    It's cool if you've got no idea and just want a random, cool little backstory for your role. I'll write up a blog post titled with your role and the contents of said post will be... the blurb.


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  • Yami riku


    August 6, 2017 by Yami riku

    Since I'm departing, here are some things to keep in mind.

    Town_of_Salem_Wiki:Sandbox - If people want to practice editing, go here. Be sure to revert the changes after.

    is a template which shows users how they can get their account back in the event that it's suspended or banned. Click here to view the template.

    Link to the subreddit:

    For Admins:
    User_blog:Yami_riku/Wiki_-_Admin_guide_to_updating_flairs - How to change flairs

    MediaWiki:Common.js - Go here to edit who the current Townie of the Month is. All you have to do is edit the username in one spot and save your edit. Then be sure to submit your edit for review so Fandom staff can approve of the edit. This can take a few days, so be patient. If you …

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  • GhostyFlareEruption

    Ghosty and Desert talk about football in the castle, with Hawaiian and Addfire playing a racing game, and a few other things going on. Randomly, outside, Vert and Shadow are driving a car, and then Shadow accidentally drives into the river and flattens a dolphin.

    Vert: I know what I'm having for dinner.

    Spicy: I have a question. What's everyone's favorite alignment. I'm--

    Ghosty and Desert: Neutral

    Add and Sondz: Mafia

    Rex and Zed: Town

    Everyone starts eyeballing each other fiercely. Spicy gets worried.

    Spicy: Guys, don't start anymore dr--


    Spicy: (Y U gotta be so rood ;-;)

    Hawaiian and Sondz get on separate tanks. Hawaiian gets in first. Sondz gets on the tank, and gets hit off by Hawaiian m…

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  • Cupcakeaj2


    Cop-You start with handcuffs and a gun. You may choose someone to arrest during the day phase. Until the next day phase, the target will only be able to talk to you. You may choose to kill them or release them. If you kill them and they are good, you'll commit suicide and drop your handcuffs and gun to be picked up. Goal-Get all evildoers.

    Bird Watcher-During the exploration phase, you may catch a bird. You will know what that bird can do. (Spying, watching, annoying, distracting, etc.) During the day phase, you may send one of your birds to a player or kill a bird that is out. You can only have 3 birds. During each night phase, you have to guess who is the Murderer and Cook. You won't be informed if your guesses are correct or not. Yo…

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  • EclipsaButterfly

    I'm sorry.

    July 25, 2017 by EclipsaButterfly


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  • GhostyFlareEruption

    I'm pretty sure we all did this once. Wanted to see me talk about peeing? Well, URINE luck. (Pun meter has risen by 1). Didn't like the joke? That PISSES me off (Pun meter is at 2). Okay, I'm done.

    We all did this once, we go to sleep when we were little and then you would mysteriously wake up in the middle of the night, and feel your pants and bed wet, and smell what you know you've done. And you're like "Oh s**t"

    I used to have an accident when i was in the first grade. I asked my teacher to used the bathroom, and she said "No". Like, really. When a kid raises their hand to use the bathroom, they're not asking you to go, they're WARNING you they need to go.

    And you can guess how I solved my bladder problem in class...

    You think that's the wo…

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  • MrDDodo

    New Bug

    July 7, 2017 by MrDDodo

    i wanted a normal town of salem game but this happened

    i cant see anything but last wills, and chats

    dont play town of salem if your internet was broken 15 seconds before you insert your name

    or this will happen

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  • Vertroyer

    Random stuff

    July 6, 2017 by Vertroyer

    Now that I have looked back on my "The Dark War" story, which was the most half-assed story I have ever written... I feel like trash.

    I barely put any effort in there, no good plot, no good character development, no deep meanings, no value in literature at all, it's pure rubbish.

    I wasn't even trying to make it a good story, I just made some cliche story for the sake of epic fights =P

    As a result, whenever I get inspired, I'll post a short story here. Each short story will be about some specific topic (bonus points to you if you know it) and they will be stories that I actually put the hardest of my effort into, just so I can show people what my real literature skills actually look like. Short story as in the whole story is covered in one blo…

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  • GhostyFlareEruption

    I am going to offend Jm and Spicy horribly, so if you two are reading this, get out. NOW!

    Anyway, we had independence day and such (America, fuck yeah! Comin' again to save the mother fuckin' day yeah!). HAPPY 4TH OF JULY WANKERS...Well, it's July 5th today here, so ._.

    Welp, on to the point. British had some damn fancy clothing, obsession of tea, and other sterotypes.

    Friend: Hey Alex, what are the things that come to mind when I say "British'?" 

    Me: Fancy wankers, pinkys, tea, biscuits, America whopping their ass.

    Hey, England. Too bad, my mom is from Greece. We have NO connention with you well just ignore the fact I talk to Spicy and Jm. I mean, sure. Not all British people are like that, like DanTDM, Ali-A, and other dudes like them. DAN, F…

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  • SpicyJusticeLass

    These are excerpts from the original, so please, remember to check out on Wattpad! Make an account and support, thanks! Vote here, comment, spread the word :D!

    It was a beautiful day.

    Flowers were blooming, red, white, all colours over Town, and a certain citizen smiled with happiness.

    His name was Jim Holden.

    "Brother, you ought to stop foolin' around and start doing actual work, you know."

    "Nah, Octo. I know what I can handle." Jim was standing on his house's balcony, and looked out towards the town. It was small, and not a lot of people lived here. Secluded from the rest of England, Salem was certainly an odd place.

    But it was also a place filled with magic and power. Five years ago, Jim and his brother's father had died, and the two sons had…

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  • DuckGamer123


                            Chapter 1:

                         Toriel's Horror

    Flowey immediately meets the human, and the human kills them right away. Toriel sees this, and, in horror, runs from the Ruins into Snowdin town. She immmediatly bump into Sans, and she tells him what happened. Sans jokingly shows appreciation to the human for killing Flowey, but he knows that he has to warn Papyrus. He tells Papyrus, and he says that this is a very serious situation, and that he should not try to stop the human. Papyrus decides to believe Sans, and he goes to Undyne to see if she can stop the human. Sans comes with him, and tells them both about the determination of the human. They both know that they cannot defeat the human with the power…

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  • HAWAIIANpikachu

    Wow, it's almost been a month from the last chapter, sorry about that, time flies, but here's the 9th chapter!

    Addfire and I are sitting at the mafia’s hideout in silence, Vertroyer had to work with Zed to do some kind of “peace mission”, apparently. Can I say it’s the most creepiest thing when there is nothing but a clock ticking to fill the dead silence in the room. I mean, it’s clear Addfire was shocked from witnessing those three murders, but man. I would prefer complete silence over the sound of a clock ticking.  

    Eventually I decided to peace out due to me being tired, and just being so confused about what was happening anymore. 3 murders in one damn area… I’ll check on that tomorrow.

    BOOM!   Vertroyer reloaded his shotgun mop as anothe…

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  • Jmskilz

    welp, that didnt work. So just praise the image and whatnot

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  • GhostyFlareEruption

    Desert gets out his wand and Playful manipulates her shadow to make a longsword. Novellla examines the two girls more, and Cooper is attempting to run out of the door, which is blocked by a wall. Lisia waves her wand at Playful. "Teeheeria. Get this girl. I'm taking on the blonde one and the wizard." Lisia uses a snow spell and sends Playful at the wall. Lisia flies to Novella and Desert. Novella quickly takes out a book and reads a page. "That's a Joke Spirit. These spirits from ancient times endured the cold." "What am I suppoused to do?" Desert asks. "I never even tried a fire spell." Lisia sends a snowball fury at the two. Desert and Novella use reflexes and dodge and Deserts bats one back at her. " guys are annoying." she say…

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  • GhostyFlareEruption

    Ghosty and his team sit at a table, going to get some food. They were famished after their experiences, and Kirby really wanted something to eat. A waiter then gets to them. "Hi. I'm Kumayuri. I'll be taking care of you all tonight." she says. "What can I get you for now?" she says. "I'll have a Coke." Ghosty says. Eclipsa shrugs. "Sprite" Spicy looks at the menu, then says "Water." for his drink. Kirby: Poyo. The waiter looks confused. "Oh. He wants a Crush." Ghosty says, answering for Kirby. The waiter writes it down. "Okay. I'll go back to you. Think of what you want." she says, leaving. When everyone gets ready for their decisions, Spicy starts to speak. "First thing's first. We get some sleep, find Playful and Desert, have their help …

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  • Addfire

    ToSWiki!Tale Part 6

    June 26, 2017 by Addfire

    I'm honestly so sorry for the delay, my summer schedule is really hectic. I'm kinda excited to be wrapping this up, to be honest, so.. let the story begin!

    Eclipsa was lounging in her living room. It was a sparsely decorated place, quite spartan. The walls were an olive green, with nothing adorning them save her vast collection of spears. She was reclined on a couch, navy blue. She didn't really like it that much, but the last time she tried redecorating her kitchen was set on fire. So she just rolled with i

    This was her second house. After she met Spicy, she had decided to leave the Waterfalls (she had never liked it anyhow, 3DD13 lived a couple doors down and sung non-stop) and move to Snowtown. Which she honestly loved. A simple life with…

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  • GhostyFlareEruption

    Kirby is sitting at a seat, saving it for his team. Kirby decides to look around. There were lots of strangers out there sitting in a seat. Kirby also noticed some fighters sitting, and noticed one in particular, with a black shirt, red vest, shorts, kneeguards and shinguards. He was also blonde and had a pixie, and blue eyes. What caught Kirby's attention the most is that he had a funny sword. All Kirby did was stare at him as he would find a place to sit and eat his popcorn. The guy then slips. "WOAH!" he says. Kirby swiftly catches it, and gives it back. "Thanks, lad. That was a close call." he says. "Name's Shulk. I'm a swordfighter brawler." he says. "Are you gonna be fighting in the stadium?" "(I'll be fighting.)" Kirby replies. "Oka…

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  • Sondz1911

    Fun Facts 3 (Finally)

    June 23, 2017 by Sondz1911

    oh damn what did you expect it's ya boi Sondz back with the long-awaited fun facts.

    This time featuring submitted facts.

    (might be inaccurate)

    Fun Fact #1: The first thread on the Forum was Made by HAWAIIANpikachu and Called "canon stories". It was made in the Fun and games board on June 1st, 2016 (submitted by Jmskillz)

    Fun Fact #2: PlayfulTrickster101 joined exactly a year after MattBab4. (submitted by ShadowxCookie)

    Fun Fact #3: There are 4,481 registered users (the ones that aren't anons) as of right now, but only 2,632 of them made at least an edit.

    Fun Fact #4: Most mainspace awards:

    1st Place: Ulithemuli (1453 mainspace edits)    

    2nd Place: Yami riku (1339 mainspace edits)

    3rd Place: TurdPile (553 mainspace edits)

    Fun Fact #5: Almost 30% of …

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  • GhostyFlareEruption

    "(Ok, Ghosty. You can open your eyes now.)" Kirby said to him. Ghosty opened his eyes. He saw a big stadium down below, with a verticle slash near the left and a horizontal slash near the bottom. Ghosty was all high up in a airplane. "Holy crap. You're in the Smash Tournament?" Ghosty said in a surprised expression. "(Best part? You get to brawl if you want, too. We have teams and stuff and--)." "Hell yeah I wanna brawl. It's always been my dream. YEEEEEEEE--" Spicy snapped his fingers. "Can you keep it down. Eclipsa is--" Spicy then realizes what Ghosty was talking about after looking out the window. "--HOOOOOOOOOLY CRAP!" he says in excitment. Eclipsa wakes up. "Spicy, can you try to keep it down, please. I was slee--HOOOOOOOOOOOOOLY CRA…

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  • GhostyFlareEruption

    Ghosty woke up from his sleep. "Syndicate gonna come at me." he thinks. He opens his room door, and sees a lot of people. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" they say.

    (Did you really think I was gonna write a new story?)

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  • GhostyFlareEruption

    (No more color. I'm tired of constatnly switching color)

    It was damp in the people prison cell. There was just a few people held captive and always a guard. Jally, Chengsha, Addfire, Jm, and Hawaiian wanted out. The only stuff they had was a toilet stall, a sink, bread, and water. The floor was hard as brick adn there was a little puddle of water infected with bacteria. It was just like some dungeon. A waddle dee guard approaches the one watching the prisoners. "Tom, my shift now. You want some money for snacks?" "No thanks, man. I appreciate it, though." They switch shifts.

    Jm telepathically communicates with Addfire. We need to get out of here now. Addfire can't do that, so all she can do is whisper. "How are we gonna do that? Each damn ho…

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  • BenjaminFreeLife - New Roles - TG

    (P.S Drug Dealer was an idea that is now renamed as Hypnotist)

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  • DesertStorm11

    The sun rose, like it always did. Birds chirped and the cock crowed, waking everyone up. The town grew in activity as everyone went about their daily routines.

    Eclipsa woke up at nine on that sunny Tuesday morning, ready to start the day. She showered and ate breakfast, getting ready to go to the town hall later. That's where the daily meetings were held, typically just used to talk about future events in the town.

    She opened her door to leave, and nearly stepped on a yellow envelope that sat on her doorstep. Picking it up, she saw that it was completely blank. She looked out to the street, and thought she saw a shadow around the corner, quickly moving away. Eclipsa closed the door, heading back into her kitchen to open the letter.

    A single p…

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  • Addfire

    ToSWiki!Tale Part 5

    June 19, 2017 by Addfire

    Rubik was awake, gasping for breath, drowning in a plush lavender silk bed. He flung the covers off of his sweaty body and promptly fell onto the ground. Desert. The psychopathic, insane, death-dealing... Rubik wasn't going back to sleep. Hastily, he put back on his normal clothes (Cheng had put him in purple pajamas) and made his way quietly out of the room.

    Sondz was sitting on a bench in the hallway outside, and Rubik thought from his face that Sondz hadn't noticed him. Rubik attempted to tiptoe past the sleeping king...

    "I had three children, once," Sondz rumbled. His voice was tired. "Haw, the golden light of my life. Thoughtful Rex, always there for me. Shadow, the quiet peacekeeper.

    "One day, Rex died. My wife then, Playful (it had bee…

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  • Addfire

    Part One:

    Part Two:

    Part Three:

    Part Four:

    Part Five:


    Ghosty, a new recruit who is learning the ropes

    Desert, a Mormon who wins every fight ever

    Chengsha, Desert's girlfriend and an amazing fighter

    Playful, an ex-friend of Cheng's and a part-time preacher

    Yami, the leader of a group

    Jmskilz, the group's tactician and a philosopher

    Addfire, a shapeshifting subordinate

    Spicy, a trainer of new recruits


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  • Kurtpat0906

    Day 2 Win?

    June 18, 2017 by Kurtpat0906

    VIP dies from medusa's stone gaze on N1

    Look at the chat, Everyone was going crazy!

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  • HAWAIIANpikachu,_deadly_life_investigation.

    Ultimate: No ultimate, is the headmaster

    Status: Alive

    FA: None, Pikakuma is the headmaster

    Ultimate: Author

    Status: Alive


    Ultimate: Doppelganger

    Status: Alive


    Ultimate: Impressionist

    Status: Alive


    Ultimate: Doll

    Status: Alive


    Ultimate: Card Trick

    Status: Alive


    Ultimate: Actor

    Status: Alive


    Ultimate: Gymnast

    Status: Alive


    Ultimate: Brainiac

    Status: Alive


    Ultimate: Soldier

    Status: Alive


    Ultimate: Logic…

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  • Jallybwan

    Chapter 1

    The studio was silent, the occupants trying to comprehend the Anon’s words.


    All heads turned to the voice in the corner, where Chengsha was shaking. “W-We won’t do it! You can’t make us!”

    The Anon chuckled and raised his hand. Cheng rose into the air, choking and clutching at her throat. Felicia snarled and rushed the grey figure, trying to find a way to make it stop. It simply tutted and vanished, dropping Cheng down to the ground. She coughed violently, trying to restore air to her lungs. Spicy and Jally were crouched by her side, helping her up.

    The Anon reappeared in a different location. “Are we ready to play nice? Next time I won’t be so… lenient.”

    Everyone grudgingly nodded. The Anon smiled and faded away, becoming a voi…

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  • GhostyFlareEruption

    (This chapter is short because I'm feeling stressed out.)

    "...and that's why we're here." Luigi says to Playful, explaining everything. "You guys here are so different from our land." Playful says. "Well you guys ARE foreign. Your place looks like they lynch people." "We do." Luigi stares in a bland stare, shocked. He does it to end the conversation.

    Desert looks at a picture of him and Chengsha. He feels a bit sad. "You feeling alright?" Mario "Well, I just miss someone who is taken hostage." Desert says. "I'd do anything to save her, even if it means swearing the first time in public." "I know that feel, too. You aren't alone."

    Ghosty crashes down through the higher floors, the golem breaking apart. Desert and Spicy rush to him, Spicy ready to use any…

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  • Addfire

    ToSWiki!Tale Part 4

    June 15, 2017 by Addfire

    Rubik felt like he'd been walking forever. Hotlands stretched on and on, and it sure didn't help that he was avoiding sleep at all costs. He never again wanted to see Desert with his insane grin and bloodstained coat. He passed one building. Another. He had already checked to see if Venera could ferry him to the city, but the giant was gone. 3DD13 had offered to carry Rubik, but when he tried to turn on his rocket jets Rubik learned that Eddie's entire metallic body warmed up. And not in a pleasant way.

    Another building. His feet began to drag. Another building. Was it getting colder, or was it just him? Another building, the street was paved. He stumbled, the jolt shaking him back into a state of full consciousness. He had made it to the C…

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  • Jallybwan

    All was dark in the studio. All the wiki-goers had finished a hard day of edit racking work and were ready to sleep. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop, although how that pin would drop without anyone awake is up for debate. Some would claim ghosts, but Ghosty was in bed. The most likely explanation would be anons, for their sleep patterns were not catalogued.

    However, in this particular instance, there was one person up. One with… interesting plans in mind. One who was never truly asleep, who watched over one specific person to keep them safe from harm. This person was Jally. The chubby, cheeky bugger with a heart of fat gold and eyes the same colour. The one whose insignia was OBVIOUSLY A PHOENIX, NOT A DRAGON.

    The narrator coughed as h…

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