Roles may have attributes, altering the way how they are affected by other roles' abilities. Attributes are integral to gameplay. You can find a role's Attributes by looking at their card and reading the "Attributes" section.

Immunity Edit

Immunity refers to one of four types of special attributes held by many roles in the game. They will prevent certain abilities of having an effect. Each of these immunities is entirely beneficial to the character. The four kinds of immunities are Role-block Immunity, Control Immunity, Night Immunity (Defense) and Detection Immunity. The Godfather, Serial Killer, Werewolf, and many other Neutral roles have Detection and Night Immunity.

Role block ImmunityEdit

Roles with Role block immunity are unaffected by role blocking. The role being blocked will see a message notifying them that someone tried to role block them, an Escort or Consort will also see a message telling them that they were immune to being roleblocked.

When in jail, you are effectively role blocked. If a Consort or Escort tries to role block you while you are jailed, you will receive the message: Someone tried to role block you, but you were jailed!

Roles with Role block ImmunityEdit

If one of these roles are role blocked, they will receive the message: Someone tried to role block you but you are immune!

Roles partially unaffected by role blocks Edit

  • The Jailor will still jail their target, but will be unable to execute said target.
  • A Serial Killer or Werewolf will be forced to stay at home and instead kill their role blocker, receiving a message: "Someone role blocked you, so you attacked them!"
  • A Pirate will still duel and possibly plunder their target.
  • A Mayor can still reveal the next day.
  • A Medium will still talk to the dead that night

Basic DefenseEdit

Basic defense is a form of immunity which protects a character from being killed at night from a basic attack. Roles with Basic defense must be lynched during the day or killed at night by roles who have powerful or higher attack strength.

If you attack somebody with basic defense, you will get the message "Your target's defense was too strong to kill!" If they were healed, you get no message.

Roles With Basic Defense Edit

Death chart-1

Additionally, anyone who is healed by a Doctor/Potion Master/Guardian Angel, protected by a Crusader or Jailed will be given Powerful defense for the night. Bodyguards and Trappers give their targets Powerful defense for one attack.

If one of these roles is attacked with a Basic attack, they will receive a message, "Someone attacked you but your defense level is too high!"

Roles Who Ignore Basic DefenseEdit

  • Bodyguard - when killing your target's attacker.
  • Trapper - when killing an attacker with a trap.
  • Jailor - when executing a prisoner (ignores powerful defense).
  • Veteran - when visited while on alert.
  • Hex Master - when using the final hex (ignores powerful defense).
  • Poisoner - when the poison has already been inflicted.
    • Heals can stop it after the night of being poisoned if Poisoner didn't have Necronomicon.
    • Can still be blocked by basic defense the night being poisoned.
  • Medusa - when using a stone gaze on visitors or visiting someone if Medusa has the Necronomicon.
  • Arsonist - when igniting your doused targets (ignores powerful defense).
  • Juggernaut - when attacking.
  • Werewolf - when rampaging at a house during a Full Moon night.
  • Pestilence - when rampaging.
  • Pirate - when successfully plundering.
  • Jester - when haunting a guilty or abstaining voter (ignores powerful defense). If a target is not chosen, a guilty or abstaining voter will still die. 

Powerful DefenseEdit

Powerful Defense is an immunity which protects a player from being killed at night from a powerful or basic attack. Roles who are given powerful defense will have to be lynched during the day or attacked by someone with the unstoppable attack strength to be killed at night. 

If you attack somebody with powerful defense, you will get the message "Your target's defense was too strong to kill!" If a Doctor decides to heal someone with a powerful defense, it will have no effect, as a Doctor gives their target Powerful Defense. The Doctor will, however, recieve a message that their target was attacked if they were and the target will recieve a message if they were attacked.

Roles With Powerful DefenseEdit

There are no roles who have permanent powerful defense. However, some roles have the ability to give others powerful defense at night:

  • Doctor - Others: when healing their target; Self: when self healing (once).
  • Bodyguard - Others: when protecting their target.
  • Crusader - Others: when protecting their target.
  • Jailor - Others: when target is jailed.
  • Trapper - Others: when a trap is triggered by someone who intends to harm the target.
  • Guardian Angel - Others - when purging their target (twice).
  • Potion Master- Others: when using healing potion. Has a cooldown unless the Potion Master has the Necronomicon

Roles Who Ignore Powerful DefenseEdit

  • Jailor - when executing a prisoner.
  • Hex Master - when using the final hex.
  • Arsonist - when igniting your doused targets.
  • Juggernaut - when attacking/when rampaging(after third kill).
  • Jester- when haunting a guilty/abstained voter. 

Invincible DefenseEdit

The Invincible defense cannot be killed at night by any means. A Basic, Powerful, or Unstoppable attack will not bypass this defense. The only way to bypass this defense is by lynching said target during the day.

  • Currently, only one role, the Pestilence, has an Invincible defense. Pestilence can not be rolled, you have to roll Plaguebearer and infect every living person.

Detection ImmunityEdit

Detection Immunity is a kind of immunity of some roles opposing the Town who can't be detected by a Sheriff. The Sheriff will receive the message, "Your target is not suspicious." All other Town Investigative roles, the Consigliere, the Coven Leader and Witch are unaffected.

Roles With Detection ImmunityEdit

Roles that ignore Detection ImmunityEdit

  • Lookout - when watching over someone.
  • Tracker - when tracking someone.
  • Trapper - when trap is triggered.

By far, the best role who can find roles with Detection Immunity is a Lookout. Regardless of Detection Immunity, a Lookout can still see who visits their target at night, completely effective against roles with Detection Immunity.

Control ImmunityEdit

Control Immunity is a kind of immunity which lets a character be unaffected by a Witch/Coven Leader's attempt to control them. However, they may still be the secondary target.

Roles With Control ImmunityEdit

If one of these roles are controlled, they will receive the message: "A Witch tried to control you but you are immune."

Control Resistance Edit

  • The night abilities of certains roles (i.e. Mediums and Jesters) are unaffected by a Witch's control despite not being control immune. They will not be forced to visit a second target since they do not rely on visiting mechanics.
  • If an Amnesiac is controlled onto themselves, the game will announce that an Amnesiac has remembered being an Amnesiac, and the Amnesiac will gain the achievement for doing so if not already earned.
  • The Jailor will still jail their prisoner, but an execution will be prevented. If the Jailor is controlled onto the target they jailed, they will execute the target, unless it is the first night.


Priority determines which roles do their actions first in what order. Each role with a night ability has a priority labeled 1 through 6, with 1 being the highest priority, and 6 being the lowest. For example, if a Mafioso (which has a priority of 5) tries to kill a Veteran on alert (which has a priority of 1), the Veteran will kill the Mafioso before the Mafioso will kill the Veteran, because it has a higher priority. Note that abilities which take place during the day, or are selected in the day will have higher priority than priority 1. Other roles (such as Poisoner) have priorities yet to be determined because of how long it takes for their ability to take effect. Only one or a few roles (Such as Executioner) have no ability, and no priority.

Priority Roles
1 (Highest) Veteran
1 Medium

Coven Leader

3 (higher) Consigliere
3 Bodyguard


Hex Master




5 Jailor
Vampire Hunter
Serial Killer



6 Spy

Special Attributes Edit

There are few attributes which aren't immunities. Below is a list of current special attributes.

Role Name Special Attributes
Spy Can see who the Mafia and Coven visit at night.
Vigilante Commits suicide the following night after killing a Townie.
Medium Can speak with the dead at night.
Vampire Hunter Can read Vampire chat at night.
Will attack visiting Vampires.
Will become Vigilante with 1 bullet if all Vampires are dead.
Blackmailer Can read all whispers during the day.
Ambusher Will reveal name to all visitors of their target.
Mafioso Will become Godfather if the Godfather dies.
Any member of the Mafia except Mafioso and Godfather. Will become Mafioso if the last Mafia Killing role dies.
All members of the Mafia. Can read Mafia chat at night.
Executioner Will become a Jester if their target dies at night.
Guardian Angel Will become a Survivor with no vests if their target dies.
Serial Killer Will attack role blockers, and will attack Jailor when jailed if you aren't executed.
Werewolf (during Full Moon nights) Will attack role blockers, and will attack Jailor when jailed if you aren't executed.
Vampire Can read Vampire chat at night.
Pestilence Will attack visitors.
Plaguebearer Will become Pestilence when all other players are infected.
Juggernaut Powers up with each kill. There are 4 abilities that can be obtained.
All members of the Coven Can read Coven chat at night.

Can inherit the Necronomicon.

Coven Leader Gets the Necronomicon before every other Coven member.