It was a cold room, distant from the rest of the world. Cigar smoke abundant in the air, the translucent substance masking two figures sitting across from one another. "You seek me, and you have found me, what's more, before I could find you. I'm rather impressed." Vocalized an Italian man, puffing on a cigar, he drew it down to an ashtray, and relieved it of its duties. It had fulfilled its purpose; much like every goon and mafioso in the past had for him. "I was unsure to who else I could seek. Truth is," the figure smiles menacingly, "When I broke out, my urge to kill was too much for me to control. Who better than The Godfather?" Mused a raspy voice, the smile enduring through the comment.

Utter silence filled the room, and the smoke began to dissipate. The Godfather rolls his tongue around in his mouth before speaking rest assuringly, "Very well Mr. Serial Killer, I'm a family man. I'll take care of you, but in return I ask of one thing." The Serial Killer's smile widened, "Oh?" He asked faintly, "That you treat this family, as they are, family, more so than even your own, capisce?" Replied the man across from him, a serious look on his face. The Serial Killer shrugged, "My family died, I killed them, but I can assure you that won't happen. So long, you keep me... "Occupied."" Said the Serial Killer in return.

A grim smirk formed across The Godfather's face, and he leaned back in his chair, propping his feet on the table between the two; placing a cigar in his mouth, and lighting it, the male spoke, though gibberish in sounding, still audible, "I have the perfect place for you, my friend," he continued on, shifting the cigar away from his lips, "and I think you will fulfill its purpose rather well." The words echoed in the back of the Serial Killer's mind, as he leaped from the bushes tackling a nosy Lookout, digging his knife into the unsuspecting victims chest countless times. A crazed look filled the murderer's eyes, as he laughed admiring his victim's demise. The Godfather watched from afar, a satisfied grin on his face. "Only those who admire you from a distance will know, my sweet Ambusher."

Credit: [1]

Mechanics Edit

  • You can choose to lie in wait at someone's house each night. You will deal a Basic attack to a random visitor.
  • All visitors of your target will know your name, including the player you attacked.
  • When all other Mafia Killing roles die, you will be promoted to a Mafioso.

Strategy Edit

  • Ambush important confirmed Townies. The Town would likely protect them allowing you to be able to kill them. This will always help with big hindrances such as Lookouts and Town Protective roles.
    • Take note that if you choose a target protected by a Bodyguard, both of you will die.
  • You only kill one visitor to your target and you are revealed to all other visitors, so be careful who you ambush. Randomly choosing a target early on is not a good idea, as it reveals your presence and likely won't have a huge impact on the Town.
  • If you know that the Doctor is healing a Town role, visit the person that they are healing. You will kill the Doctor and leave the Townie vulnerable.
  • Try visiting a person who has been accused of "being suspicious". This will most likely guarantee a hit against a Town Investigative role but still be careful of those being extremely suspicious as they, most likely, will be visited by more than one person, giving away your role. Beware, because Werewolves also use this tactic.
  • Consider visiting the same person over and over again. You are more likely to hit someone if you stick to one player, as at some point, someone will probably decide to visit that player. Alternatively, this can be a bad idea, as you are more likely to be tagged by a Bodyguard if you continuously visit the target. This can also be a bad strategy if you think more than one person will be visiting your target.
  • Do not fall for bait! It may be tempting to want to go on someone who seems to be acting strange, but even if they aren't a Veteran or a Medusa, they are more likely to be visited by multiple people, and thus your identity may be revealed.

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