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In Town of Salem, there are 11 alignments which serve to categorize all roles according to their abilities (killing, intel, protection, support). The Any role may be a random role of any alignment.

Town AlignmentsEdit

Alignment Name Roles
Town Investigative Investigator1, Lookout1, Sheriff1, Spy
Town Killing Jailor1, Vampire Hunter2, Veteran3, Vigilante3
Town Protective Bodyguard, Doctor1
Town Support Escort1, Mayor, Medium1, Retributionist, Transporter

1 Playable in Classic Mode.
2 Not playable in Classic Mode.
3 Playable in Classic Mode as Town Killing or Random Town.
All other roles are playable in Classic Mode as Random Town only.

Mafia AlignmentsEdit

Alignment Name Roles
Mafia Deception Framer4, Disguiser, Janitor, Forger
Mafia Killing Godfather4, Mafioso4
Mafia Support Blackmailer, Consigliere, Consort

4 Playable in Classic Mode.

Neutral AlignmentsEdit

Alignment Name Roles
Neutral Benign Amnesiac, Survivor
Neutral Chaos Vampire
Neutral Evil Executioner5, Jester5, Witch
Neutral Killing Arsonist, Serial Killer5, Werewolf

5 Playable in Classic Mode.

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