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This page explains how to get achievements and gives strategy and tips on how to accomplish them.

General Edit

The achievement Close Call is earned when you are acquitted by a tie vote. This is much simpler than it sounds.

  • Any late game scenario where there is one more Townie than Mafia and you are Town, in a scenario where you are Town and are voted up, convincing the last Townie to vote "innocent" on you will make sure you end up with this award.
  • You can also earn this achievement if NO ONE votes at all, so if you scare the Town into thinking you are a Jester, or simply post a very long Last Will very slowly will force people to think for a long time. Thus, making you have a good chance of succeeding, although this strategy may also end up getting you lynched.
  • If you are a confirmed Townie, or perhaps a Neutral Benign or successful Executioner who hasn't picked a side, you simply can ASK for the achievement. Then you can side with whoever gave it to you.
  • If you are a Jester in late game, and there are only 2 opposing sides left, each with one player, getting voted up and having both players cancel in the last second to not die from you can get this award, at least as consolation for not winning right then.

Town Edit

Jailor Edit

To get Flawless Executioner (execute 3 non-Town members in a game) try playing Rainbow Mode, since the role list has Jailor, Veteran, and Any as the only possible Town role slots. You cannot execute on Night 1, so you need to survive until Night 4 to get this achievement.

Lookout Edit

To get the It's a Party achievement, try playing All Any, Rainbow, or Custom.

  • Try selecting players who are suspicious, as they are most likely to be visited.
  • It is also easier to get this achievement earlier in the game because there are more players, so think fast.

Mayor Edit

To get the Incognito achievement, you have several ways to nab this achievement.

  • Dying without revealing but still having Town win will get you this achievement, so if you are killed at night early on, DON'T LEAVE!
  • If your role is asked, claiming some other Town Support role, such as Medium, and faking results can earn you this achievement if the Town decides to lynch other people first. If you are put on trial, simply reveal to not gamethrow. However, be wary of Jailors and Vigilantes.

To get the faith in the Town achievement, you also have several pathways to success

  • If you wish to start a Mayor game, ask to be voted up and to be voted innocent, to get this achievement and then reveal immediately after.
  • If you are voted to the stand, claim to be an important Town role, such as Retributionist (it is a Town Support role, so you will most likely not be counterclaimed, although it is possible to claim to be a Jailor or Doctor and hope you aren't counterclaimed). If it looks like you will be declared guilty around the 15 second left mark, reveal and try again later.

Spy Edit

To get "Big Ears", you must hear a whisper.

  • The easiest way to get this achievement is simply to whisper to someone else!

"Saw it coming!" requires you to die to Mafia, and not be role blocked the same night.

  • Playing modes where the Mafia are the primary killers, such as Ranked or Ranked Practice will increase the chances that your untimely death is caused by the Mafia.

"Too many Mafia" is a tricky Achievement to unlock, as it requires the presence of 4 visiting Mafia roles who all visit in one night.

Vampire Hunter Edit

The achievement "Constantine" is earned by killing two Vampires in one night.

  • First, you would have to identify someone as a Vampire without staking them. This could be done in many ways.
  • You would need to lure the Vampires into trying to bite you, while checking the suspected Vampire. For tips on luring others to you, use the Veteran page.
  • Alternatively, you could just use luck as coincidences do happen.
  • Keep in mind that staking the same Vampire twice will still get you the achievement.

Veteran Edit

The achievement "Massacre" is obtained when you killed 3 people in one night.

  • The most obvious and effective way is to bait people (especially the Mafia/Neutral role) and then go on alert the upcoming night.
    • You need to be careful, as spamming the chat might risk you to be reported for spamming, lynched by the Town, or executed by a Jailor. A Vigilante might shoot you and die because you are on alert, causing another Town drawback.
    • An additional drawback of hunting for this particular achievement is that you may kill an important Townie visiting you while you went on alert.

To get the achievement "Not Paranoid" (win without going on alert the entire game), you will need to not use your ability the entire game.

  • It might feel tempting, but as long as you were not targeted or died earlier in the game (without going on alert, of course). So if you died earlier, don't quit yet! The Town might win and you'll get the achievement!
    • Note: This will also allow you to unlock the achievement "Lucky Paranoia" (win without killing any Town Member while on alert.)

Vigilante Edit

The achievement "Why Won't They Die?" is earned by shooting 3 immune targets. This achievement can be earned in several manners. Most of the strategies of this achievement are similar to the strategies of "Perfect Shot" which is won by shooting 3 non-Town members. These 2 achievements are often earned together, because Perfect Shot does not require you to kill your target but only to shoot them.

  • Shoot anyone you know isn't Town. If there is a Survivor claim, shoot said person (it doesn't matter if they use their bullet proof vest or not, you will still rack up necessary kills). If someone seems to be a Jester or Executioner, shoot them. Play wisely and don't be afraid to waste bullets on roles with Night Immunity, if you need to.
  • If you find someone who is immune in any mode, shooting them 3 times in a row will earn you this achievement.
  • If you are lucky enough to be a Vigilante in Rainbow Mode, perhaps using a scroll and having a lot of patience, you can find immune targets extremely easily, assuming you survive until Night 4.

To get "Ouch" (shoot yourself at night), try playing Vigilantics, as some Witches make people target themselves.

Mafia Edit

The easiest of the three achievements that can be earned by winning a game in which none of your faction is killed at night or through lynching is considered to be the Sicilian Mafia.

Disguiser Edit

The achievement "Slippery Chameleon" is rather easy to get, and if you play your cards right you can get it with "Master of Deceit" through the same strategy.

  • Simply disguise every night, and avoid players that may seem to be a Veteran, or even targeted by a Werewolf, if you cannot reliably claim there isn't a Werewolf in the game. After three nights, you will have "Slippery Chameleon", and if you do happen to die afterwards, you will get "Master of Deceit".


For the "On Strike" achievement (win the game without cleaning any bodies), it is effective for you to still have the Mafia doing their business successfully.

  • It is also possible to get this achievement if you die early but the Mafia still win, so don't leave if you die!

"Impossible!" (cleaning yourself) can only be earned if there is a Witch or a Transporter and you accidentally attack yourself.

  • It may be tempting to ask a Witch to help you clean yourself, but note this is gamethrowing. This almost always is achieved accidentally.

Framer Edit

"That was pointless" (frame a member of the Mafia) and "Whoops" (frame yourself) are two hard achievements that are commonly earned together.

  • The only way to get these is using a Transporter or a Witch.
  • You'll only get "Whoops" if a Witch controlled you to frame yourself.

Neutral Edit

To earn Pacifist in Training (win with half of the Neutral roles) and Indifferent (win with all of the Neutral roles), try playing these modes:

Amnesiac Edit

"I Am Who I Am" is an achievement that is extremely difficult to earn in certain modes and extremely easy in others.

"Still Neutral" also depends on the role list.

"Taking Sides" should be earned at the right time, as if the Mafia have a majority or you feel like supporting them.

  • If there is only a Mafioso or Godfather dead, you can not get the achievement unless a Random Mafia dies, such as a Forger. The Godfather and Mafioso are unique, so you can't select them.
  • If you select a Random Mafia when all of the Mafia have died, you will remember yourself as a Mafioso since you are promoted, along with gaining the achievement.

Arsonist Edit

To get the "Disco Inferno" (igniting 5 or more people in one night) achievement, you'll need to douse 5 or more people before igniting them later.

  • Additionally, dead people who was doused earlier will still counted when you ignited, so don't worry if your target was dead the next day. Be patient and don't bring suspicion onto yourself!
  • Also be careful: a Lookout will see your visits, a Bodyguard will kill you if you were caught dousing people, so make sure to douse them first.

Getting achievement "It's Getting Hot in Here" (where you need to ignite yourself), you'll need to be doused by another Arsonist (All Any or Rainbow Mode.)

  • Afterwards, press the button next to your name to ignite all doused targets. You'll be ignited immediately and get the achievement. You will die, but hopefully the other Arsonist can save the win, allowing both of you to claim victory.
  • This also works when another Arsonist ignited you after you were doused.

Igniting a Serial Killer and the Godfather on the same night or on different nights will make you unlock the achievement "There Can Only be One".

  • You should play on Rainbow Mode/All Any to get this, then continue to douse people as usual before igniting them. Remember, if another Arsonist has already doused them, you could just ignite them immediately.

Executioner Edit

Getting "Quick Execution" (get your target lynched on day 2) is difficult, since many towns will dismiss such attempts as a bad Executioner.

Getting "Live once, die Twice" (get your target lynched twice) is also difficult, since your target will be a a confirmed Townie after being revived.

  • To get your target lynched the first time, use the normal Executioner strategies.
  • To get your target lynched the second time, try claiming that they have been turned into a Vampire. To make this claim believable, Vampire, Random Neutral, or Any must be on the role list. It helps if either a Vampire or a Vampire Hunter has died (Vampire Hunters only appear in game with at least one Vampire). Claiming to be a Lookout and saying that your target was visited by a confirmed Vampire might work, unless you have already claimed another role (possibly to get your target lynched the first time) or if players have concluded that you are an Executioner.
  • You may also hope that your target lives until a faction has the majority or that your target gets into a 1v1v1 situation, then ask the Mafia or other team to lynch your target to get the achievement.

Getting "Popular Target' requires you to be attacked five or more times in the game. To do that, you would need to lure the Mafia, Serial Killer, Vampires, and Vigilantes to you. For tips on luring people to your home, see the Veteran page.

  • Getting four people to attack you would only mean one more attack is needed. To do that, make the Jailor to jail and execute you, making up your fifth attack. For tips on that, see the Jester page.
    • However, people are probably going to say that you are immune. When this happens, say you were jailed. This will almost certainly lead to an execution by a Jailor. In that case, you would get the achievement.

Serial KillerEdit

Getting "Dexter Morgan" (kill the Jailor who jailed you) requires getting jailed and having the Jailor not choose to execute you, resulting in you killing the Jailor.

Getting "Psychopathic Pact" (win the game with another Serial Killer) is the easiest to get in Rainbow Mode (where there are two Serial Killers in the role list) and coin farming games.

Survivor Edit

To get "Trusting a Psycho" (win with a Serial Killer) and "Kevlar" (have your bulletproof vest save you from death), try playing Rainbow Mode

  • With the large quantity of killing roles, you are likely to get attacked if you used your bulletproof vest the first four nights. Winning with a Serial Killer is harder; try paying attention to player's role claims, players named as immune, and who claims to have been repeatedly controlled by a Witch.

To get "Not Afraid" (win without using a bulletproof vest), you should claim to be a Survivor on Day 1 and claim that you will not use your bulletproof vest the entire game.

  • There have been reports of bugs where a player chooses to use their bulletproof vest, then change their mind before the night is over (and the game registers it as not using a single bulletproof vest the rest of the game), but still do not earn this achievement. Attempt to avoid clicking the button to use your bulletproof vest unless you are sure that you should use your bulletproof vest.

"Kevlar" (have your bulletproof vest save you from death) can be earned simply by using your bulletproof vest when you think you may be attacked.

Werewolf Edit

To earn "Rampage", try playing a game mode with a lot of visiting roles, like Custom Mode, All Any, or Rainbow Mode (if you can manage to be a Werewolf in that mode, it is rather unlikely. If you want this achievement from Rainbow Mode, you will need scrolls for it be in a timely manner.)

  • Try visiting anyone who is suspicious and will be visited by a lot of Town roles, or someone who talks a lot or is helpful to the Town, as many evil roles will most likely visit them.

"Triple Threat" is rather complicated and requires a lot of decision making.

"Jailbreak" is also rather difficult, as you must be suspicious enough to be jailed, or simply randomly jailed, but not suspicious enough to be executed.

  • Obviously, you need a Jailor for this role to work, so Ranked, Ranked Practice, or Custom Mode are your best bet for this.
    • Having a Retributionist in game also helps as they are likely to revive the Jailor if they die early.
  • Make yourself appear on the Jailor's radar, either by not talking enough, talking too much, or some other action. Just get the Jailor to jail you above all else. Once jailed, make sure they do not execute you by delaying them or putting off their suspicion long enough for them to let you live.

Witch Edit

"Double-Edged Sword" requires a lot of Town roles and obviously a Veteran, so playing modes like Ranked, Ranked Practice, and most of all Custom Mode or Rapid Mode are your best bets.

  • Control people every night, and force people into others who seem to be Veteran-baiting. Control any confirmed Town you know as well.
  • Having a Retributionist in the game may help if the Veteran dies early.

"Directing the Blade" requires a Serial Killer to be controlled 5 times, so having a Serial Killer is essential, making things like Ranked and Ranked Practice not the best choice for this.

For "Two Birds, One Stone", play Vigilantics with a group of friends as it just consists of Vigilantes and Witches.

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