Name : Wizard
Alignment : Neutral Killing
Summary : You are a wizard who use spells and mind tricks for a living.
Attack : Basic
Defense : Powerful
Abilities : Choose 1 person to attack at night.
Attributes :
- Your attack will increase to Powerful if you kill more than 2 person with Thunder Storm
- If Jailor decided to execute you, you will die but Jailor will be attack with a Basic attack.
- You can choose to use [Thunder Storm] at night once.
- You will be notice if you are visited by a member of Mafia, Coven.
Thunder Storm : Attack all your visitors with a Powerful attack the following night.
Mechanics :
- If you Thunder Stormed a Disguiser, his role will reveal instead of your role.
- If you Thunder Stormed a Coven Leader (with a Necronomicon), he will lose his Basic Defense the next following night.
- If you activate Thunder Storm but there's no one visit you, you will die.
Investigative Results
- Investigator : Your target can be Medium, Jaintor, Retributionist, Necromancer, Wizard or Trapper!
- Sheriff : Your target is not suspicious!
- Coven Leader/Consigliere : You target harms people with their spells and hypnosis.
Goal : Kill Everyone who stand on your ways.
Win Conditions :
- Win with those who win with everyone.
Must kill :
- Who stand in your way!
Notes : Game will end with a draw if others Neutral Killing, Neutral Chaos can't kill you and vice versa.