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Role Idea : Wizard

Name : Wizard
Alignment : Neutral Killing
Summary : You are a wizard who use spells and mind tricks for a living.
Attack : Basic
Defense : Powerful
Abilities : Choose 1 person to attack at night.
Attributes :
- Your attack will increase to Powerful if you kill more than 2 person with Thunder Storm
- If Jailor decided to execute you, you will die but Jailor will be attack with a Basic attack.
- You can choose to use [Thunder Storm] at night once.
- You will be notice if you are visited by a member of Mafia, Coven.
Thunder Storm : Attack all your visitors with a Powerful attack the following night.
Mechanics :
- If you Thunder Stormed a Disguiser, his role will reveal instead of your role.
- If you Thunder Stormed a Coven Leader (with a Necronomicon), he will lose his Basic Defense the next following night.
- If you activate Thunder Storm but there's no one visit you, you will die.
Investigative Results
- Investigator : Your target can be Medium, Jaintor, Retributionist, Necromancer, Wizard or Trapper!
- Sheriff : Your target is not suspicious!
- Coven Leader/Consigliere : You target harms people with their spells and hypnosis.
Goal : Kill Everyone who stand on your ways.
Win Conditions :
- Win with those who win with everyone.
Must kill :
- Who stand in your way!
Notes : Game will end with a draw if others Neutral Killing, Neutral Chaos can't kill you and vice versa.
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Waaay to op
It doesn't seem too balanced or make a lot of sense to fit in to the game. If you actually knew the history of the town Salem, then a wizard isn't really going to fit in. Most roles don't necessarily fit exactly in (like survivor has vests) but that are inspired by the town and made to balance then game.
^ Dude 'wizardry' was a common practice back then so there isn't anything wrongnwith the role name

However this role has too many abilities and could win quite easily. Also, an NK being able to kill itself is kinda unusual.
i don't know the word wizardry in the first thing
and this role idea, are inspired by Gandolf (sort of)
Its completely fine to have the role called the wizard. It dod exist back then, contrary to what the other dude was saying
Its completely fine to have the role called the wizard. It dod exist back then, contrary to what the other dude was saying
I'm not sure about wizardry as it was mostly the women who were killed for witchcraft. :l
Stupid mistake on my part I guess
^ There was still wizadry, just not the whole 'harness the energy of fire, lightning, and ice' type. Magic was used to tell the future, mix oils and potions, and protect people from harm. While not really 'magic', it was still considered as such. Perhaps they couldn't perform it in public, but people still considered it to exist. So you're half right on this one, as am I because I'm sure I just got something wrong in this paragraph.
I guess so, what you said makes sense. And now that I think about it, it doesn't really have to fit in, as half of the evil roles don't really fit in either
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