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Town of Salem as it is now

I remember when this game first game out and I was super obsessed, all I wanted to do was create a simple wikia for it and now here we are. So happy for this game and hope the mobile version is just as fun!

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First Mobile Game

So I played my first mobile game and I got Medium. I went into classic so that I got used to the controls. TK is Vet, RT is Vig. (Vig shot Jailor for some odd reason, instead of a confirmed Mafia via dead Sheriff.) GF claimed Sheriff when it wasn't possible, Mafioso was the only innocent on GF and gave up + left after GF was lynched. It was me, Escort, Vet, and SK. The SK decides to push on the confirmed Escort and Vet instead of the one with the suspicious claim, aka me.

😇 My logic is on point.
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There is a glitch.

In Coven, if the Potion Master decides to investigate someone, he can end up killing his target. Please send this to BMG, I don't know how.

P.S. I know because I just returned from a game where I was Medusa (We won!).

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So ToS-mobile...

ToS-mobile has new amazing 3D animations and new graphips, but I think it's bad because there's so many people who uses "personal notes" instead of will, also when you type you can't read chat; the new features how you attack or choose what to do at night are cool, if your phone is too old it lags, but overall I think it's 8/10 thx if you read my full review xD
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I got flagged

Is this Ligit?
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Jugg, Vamp and Ambusher

I got Jugg for first time ever, N1: I got bitten by vamp, vamp died to ambush and ambusher died to mafia (because trans). So town won and my jugg game was ruined
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Soul Harvester

Description: you are a mysterious man with a strange hobby...collecting souls


Abilities: you can choose one soul harvest each night

Attributes: when you harvest one’s soul,they can not do anything for the night.When you harvest a person’s soul you can inspect it and check their role.While you have a persons role,they can not be attacked.After one night you return the person’s soul.



GOAL:help the Coven win.

Wins with:Coven

Must kill:everyone else

your target is not suspicious
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Dumbest invest claim

something really funny happened today lol... long story short, i was playing ranked, there was only 1 maf left in the game (Jonathan Corvan) and he claimed TI (didn't precise what role specifically). there were 3 townies and a WW against him. they put him on stand, he claims invest and gives his will. that's when we read 'n4 - jonathan bg/gf'. HE WAS THE ONLY JONATHAN IN THE GAME. HE CLAIMS TO HAVE INVESTED HIMSELF. the dead chat was on fire, and town quickly picked up on that and lynched him haha. It was hilarious. Anyway town got the win! :)

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Namestealing-from lobby-to game

This should have been fixed in due time.
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Description: Let full town know who visits who
Abilities: Select who you want to set alarm system on.
Town investigative
Atributes: It takes 1 night to build system, but full town will know who visits your target
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Description: You are a true believer in justice who will defend the good.

Town Support

Abilities: When someone is voted up by the town you get a third option to “Defend” witch means all votes are cancelled and the person that the town voted up is automatically safe.

Attributes:You can only defend two times per cannot defend the same person can not defend yourself.


Goal:help the town win


die from the person you defended

defend two mafia members

defend the person that voted for you the previous day

defend two townies then kill a mafia member the next day

defend a townie,then the townie must survive to get this award
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Werewolf Hunter

Description: You are an excellent hunter who wants the werewolf dead.

Neutral Killing

Abilities: You can place a bear trap outside of a player’s door each night.

Attributes:You have unlimited bear traps.The bear trap only sets off if the werewolf visits whoever’s house you placed a trap bye.Once you kill the werewolf you win.If the werewolf dies another way,you become a normal townie.

Defense: none
Attack: strong

Wins with:N/A
Must kill:Werewolf

Goals:Kill the werewolf with a bear trap.


get killed by the werewolf

kill the werewolf the same night that you die

kill the werewolf after he/she voted for you the previous day

put a bear trap by a mafia member or serial killer’s house and kill the werewolf

get killed by the person that you put a bear trap by
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Coven role-neutral chaos

İnfect one person at night,undead can’t infect undead Hunter.
Undead can’t infect Werewolf.
Undead can’t infect plaguebearer.
Undead can’t infect pestilence.
İf roleblocked undead infects escort.
Sherrif will See ü:Susp,
İnvest will see:undead,vampire,sherrif,veteran.
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Could mafioso change to RM (Random Mafia)

I think it would be better if there was 3 random mafs, one of them could be mafioso ofc, but I think it would balance the game
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So I was playing a classic game because why not. Got jailor and was pretty happy. Bad start for town. Only town was dying but I got two maf exes and vet killed jest. There were only 4 people left at the end. Me, the GF, the SK, and an exe with a win. They have me voted up. I say to inno because if I’m alive I can jail their opponent. So THEY INNOED ME. Then the stupid GF pushes on the SK who gets voted up. We lynch the SK I jail and exe the GF who finally realized he lost and I got a crazy and lucky win as the only town left with 4 people. Most dead townies had left the game already lol.

Thanks if you read all of this.
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