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Why i quit coven

I was playing coven during free coven weekend and I assumed all of the awful guys would be playing. And it was right. I was ret in coven all any, and jailor jailed me n1 and asked for my claim. i claimed ret. later on there was a proven necro in the game and i hadn't revived anyone. everybody was like just revive the dead trans to prove urself. we lynched the jester later on. GUESS WHAT THIS DUMBASS JAILOR DOES? He jails me and then since he killed a confirmed medium in jail he couldn't exe me. he just dropped f-bombs on me the entire time. then the jester haunts me and i die. next day entire town started talking about how dumb i was and i noticed the jailor was silent the entire day...... That is why I quit coven.

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Dracula’s Palace

I was playing Dracula’s Palace and I was retri but no towns died only evils. N4 I’m bitten by vamp and then we Lynch other vamp and my other vamp reports me for game throwing for lynching someone. People have 0 IQ.
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New coven player(not me) round

So I was plaugebearer(playing mafia returns) and I became pest around N4 and no one suspect me because the psychic didn't receive the vision about me yet so it came to me, jailor and jester we lynch the jester and next night I got jailed and exe me and the I said 'I won't die to your executions' the jailor respond 'the jester will kill you anyway' next day jailor died I won and jest SAID'HOW STRONG IS YOUR DEFENSE'i left after that because that was all my free time but that round is my first pest win and I teaches some new coven player so yeah I think this is too long I'm not trying to make in longer or anything
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Neutral evil

Attack: none

Defense: none (possibly basic for protection from cosnig mafia)


You are an evil spirit that causes chaos by possessing town members.

Goal:  have everyone die


Choose one person to possess on a full moon night.  All chat you do during the day will come from them, and they cannot chat(as if blackmailed).

You can use your day ability to move back to your body.  The person you possessed will then be silent for the rest of the day, as if blackmailed.  You cannot switch back after using your day ability.

The possessed cannot talk as long as you are possessing them.

You can use any chat related abilities of the person you possess, such as access to the mafia chat, or talking to the dead if you possess a medium.

you will not see names in the mafia or vampire chats.

You can vote as that person and as you during the day (first vote appears as them, second as you)

You will remain in possession of the person until they die, you die at night, you are jailed or roleblocked, or you activate your day ability.

If you possess a vampire, you will be able to vote on who to bite in the vampire chat

If you are converted to a vampire, you will lose possession.

You can only possess on full moon nights.

If you are lynched while possessing someone, you will remain in possession for 1 more day.

Your possession visit is ethereal.

you cannot possess a mayor once they reveal.

You can only possess a revealed mayor for three days.

You can win with the vampires, SK, witch, arso, plaguebearer/pestilence, survivor

witch control will make you possess the second target if you have not possessed anyone yet, regardless of moon state.

witching has no effect if you are already possessing a target, or you are targeted to a revealed mayor.

You can win when you are dead

You cannot possess anyone more than once.

Unsure of invest/sheriff/consig results. Sheriff result would depend on how easy spectre is to find and kill, in order to balance the role.


Win x number of games

A haunting presence: possess your first victim

Complete control: After possessing your victim, continue possession until the end of the game.

Unsuspected: win while still alive

I wanna be me: possess yourself (only possible through witch)

I wanna be the very best: possess a revealed mayor

Double Agent: possess a mafia, and have a mafia lynched within two days.

Welcome Back!: Be converted to a vampire while possessing a vampire

Commander of Gods: Possess pestilence

Hired spirit: Possess a jester, and get them lynched while possessing them.

This role might be too powerful, or to easy to find. tell me what you think!

just to be clear, you do not know the role of the person you possess.

I do like the idea of a NE role like this that cant kill directly, but still wants everyone to die.

It may seem a bit OP and annoying, but smart players will be able to recognize patterns over a few days in who is staying silent, who seems to want to be lynched, etc. calling out the spectre and either forcing them to unposess or be lynched. Even if they unposess, smart players will notice the formerly talkative player going silent. It is a powerful chat-based role that can be recognized by intelligent players.

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• 12/12/2018

Lover’s Mode D2 Win

So it was n1 and I was gf with town lover and 4 people died only 1 was evil then we Lynch a guy who was in psychic vision and he was evil then lover’s win.

Has this ever happened to any of you before?
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• 12/9/2018

The Warper

You are a corrupt Psychic who will warp the minds of players to cause chaos in the town.

Mafia: Support
Abilities: The Warper chooses someone to mind warp, making them receive incorrect feedback from their abilities, for example, A Sheriff checks someone to be suspicious, the target will appear not suspicious. Or if a Lookout watches someone who was killed by a mafia, a random townie that isn’t mafia will show up to visit that player.

The Backstory:

The Psychic was having trouble with her visions, she was beginning to lose her power she once had when she was young, her visions were no longer truthful, and she began experiencing changes in her powers, eventually the town grew angry at her for lynching the Doctor who had saved many patients, even the psychic. However, after the towns Doctor was lynched the town began to think that the psychic was evil. The psychic was put out of business and became homeless, at a bar, she only had a few bucks to get herself a drink, when a man in a dark coat approached her. The man said “Work for me, I know what the town has put you through, just like they have done with us”. The Psychic went to the mans hideout, to where she saw the Consigliere who grew famous in the news, who was being hunted down, and he had all the luxuries, and she thought of what she could accomplish being in the gang. A few days later the town was in chaos of the Warper, a sheriff found evidence as one to be a possible member of the mafia, but it was actually the towns Bodyguard, the sheriff was executed the next day but the town was filled with sorrow, wondering what is happening in the small town of theirs, the Warper began to chuckle saying, “If only they knew.”
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• 12/9/2018

Mirror Master(Coven)

Summary: You are a delusional magician who wants to protect himself and his Coven partners.

Alignment: Coven

Abilities: 3 times a game they can “perform a trick” and deflect the persons ability, who visits them or he can choose to protect his partners( also knowing the visitors role).

TI results:
Invest- escort,mirror master,Guardian Angle
Sherrif- suspicious
Consig: This person likes to deflect people’s abilities, they must be mirror master!

Also give tips on what to change
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• 12/8/2018


Summary:You are a Mechanic who builds better defences for other poeple

Alignment:Town (protective)

•build a defense on a players house that can stop powerfull attacks
•it will not kill anyone who visits the player

TI results:
Invest-BG,SK,GF or Mechanic
Sherrif-not suspicious
Consig:this person loves to build,he/she is the mechanic
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• 12/6/2018

Sheriff fix

With the new update sheriff was heavily nerfed showing (your target is suspicious) which just makes it far easier as nk. As an upside I propose that it is added that gf now shows as sus just to balance the not being able to see whether its maf,sk,or ww. Maybe even throw in arso as well. This was just an idea and by no means is the best fix or hell even a good one. Tell me what you think and possible changes to make sheriff actually fun
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• 12/5/2018

Developer Update from December 4th, 2018. SHERIFF CHANGE COMING SOON. Info in the link above and also in the wiki's main forums which can be found under the "EXPLORE" tab:
Town of Salem Game Forums • View topic - Dev Update 12/04/2018
Town of Salem Game Forums • View topic - Dev Update 12/04/2018
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• 12/5/2018



Summary: You are a fired military solider who will kill others with explosions

Neutral (Killing)

Attack: Powerful
Defense: Basic

- Place a bomb at someone’s house

- Bombs take 1 night to arm
- Select yourself to disarm the bomb

Sheriff: Your target is a bomber!

Consigliere: Your target uses bombs as a weapon. They must be a bomber

Goal: Kill everyone

Explanation: At night, you can place a bomb at someones house. The bomb takes a night to arm. The next night, the bomb will explode dealing a powerful attack to the target and the visitors. You can disarm the bomb by selecting yourself.

The bomb will still explode if you are role blocked or jailed.

Even if you die the night the bomb is placed, the bomb will still explode the next night.

Placing a bomb is visiting someone but the bomb exploding isn’t. However, placing a bomb does not mean that you are attacking your target. For example a bodyguard cannot attack you if you are placing the bomb.

That’s it...
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• 12/4/2018

The perfect exe game

How to let town win as exe. If ur target dies and all that's left is 1 townie a mafia and a surv let them lynch u. Then if any of the mafia members r still as ghosts they will tell u who the last member is. Then u haunt that memeber and it ge dies. The townie will die 2 but survivor wins
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• 12/4/2018



You are a master at puppeteering.


Coven Evil


Puppet someone each day.

Mimic them at night.


Puppet someone each day, so that you can mimic their role at night.


You puppet the doc, you can heal one person at night.

You puppet the veteran, you can go on alert at night.

You can only mimic at full moon nights.

You can only puppet 3 times.

You can Puppet at any day, the investigator/Consigliere or Sheriff will think you are the role you puppet.

With the necronomicon, you can Mimic all nights.

With the necronomicon, you can puppet unlimited times.

Investigator- Puppeteer, Doctor, BodyGuard, Trapper, Pirate

Consigliere- Your target owns a collection of puppets, they must be a Puppeteer!



Win 1 game

Who are you?

Win 5 games

Puppet Master

Win 10 games

Lord Puppet

Win 25 games


Puppet someone

Nothing to do

Puppet the Amnesiac


Mimic a role.


Mimic the Sheriff

Doctor Who?

Mimic the Doctor

Truly hopeless

Mimic the Jester

Stock Knowledge

Mimic the Spy, and see that the mafia visited a coven member.


Don't Mimic or Puppet at all

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• 12/4/2018


Summary: You are a comedian who pleases the entire town.


Town Support


Entertain the mafia members.


You roleblock all Mafia members.

You can only use it 3 times.

You can only use it on full moons.

If all Mafia Members are lynched/dead, you become the Survivor with only 1 vest.


Lynch all criminals and evildoers.

Inves- Escort, Consort, Comedian, BodyGuard. (Coven) Hypnotist, Juggernaut.

Consig- Your target makes people laugh, they must be a Comedian!

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• 12/1/2018
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• 12/1/2018

What is the point of Disguiser?

What’s the purpose?? It’s kind of useless if you ask me
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• 11/30/2018

The Devil

Description:you are the devil that threatens people into joining the mafia

Alignment:mafia support


•choose one player to join the mafia and become a mafiaso
•may only choose 3 players to join the mafia

Invest results

Investigator:Lookout,Forger,witch or The Devil

Sherrif:your target is the member of the mafia!

Its just a random idea.Tell me what you think.
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• 11/30/2018


[Ranked] I was Ret. I claim TP/LO on me and Jailor. Next day we hang the Exe. No TS claim whatsoever. I get jailed. I claim Ret. Jailor wants to exe me. I tell him he's an idiot and to at least wait for a TS cc. He changes his mind. And then he exes. I die. N2. Town loses the game. I am reeeeaaaalllllyyyyyy mad.

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• 11/30/2018

Can the ga protect from jest/pest kill

I always wanted to know if ga can protect against jest/pest/vigi committing suicide
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